New Worldwide Order

Since the great navigations and oprincipio of our history hears to speak and if necessity has umagrande to join the nations of maneiraeconomica, cultural there that is of that the globalization forms for that definitivamentederrubou all the borders of the planet and all had its inciomais marcante in the decade of 70 with the development datecnologia. Although let us know of basic the importnciado paper of the great advance of the technology what proporcionoupara the people to be knowing almost that instantaneously detodas the notice that happen in any I sing doplaneta. Great favours enovaesdo century XX; the Internet and the development dastelecomunicaes, this with certainty was decisivopara to be able to take off for a multi-polarizaomundial without limits, bringing benefit emalefcios for all the global village, Mudandodefinitivamente the relation between all the sereshumanos, transforming the life of billions of pessoasdiariamente. Word-key: Globalization; Technologies; Benefit and Curses.To the long one since trabalhoveremoso how much it is important for us how much professors, for the pupils who future we will go to lecionar to be well informed how much atudoqueacontece to our redor being issohojemaisfcil that the 20 years behind. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Peter Thiel.

Muitasvezes we do not give importance when a economy emergenteentra in collapse of the other side of planete or when happens at the same time one has paraded of fashions emSo Pablo and outroemParis and Another one in Tkio. An earthquake in the Phillipino and so on. Poisdiretamentetodos these acontecimentosvai to influence direct or indiretamentenavida of bilhe of inhabitants to redordo globe. Direct Estligao or indirectly, does not want to say that we go to dress estaou another clothes, that the climate goes to move, we will queficaremos without wage not of a form or of another one we will be influenced in the hour or in the long run or the short one, average in end goes to be the result of a globalizado world that is the effect borboletaumaborboleta beats pacific asano happens an Atlantic coastal tempestadeno..

Karl Marx System

The fact of the State not to assure measured that they collaborate with the equitable distribution of the profits of the work with its workers, it brings for the proper system, very serious problems, in the level of economic, politics, ideological e, over all social importance, since the disparidades in the distribution of the income generate revolts between the workers who for consequncia express themselves strong social conflicts. From there the idea of Karl Marx on the dialtico historical materialism, of that the capitalism creates its proper end, therefore such materialistic system, that is, that it thinks the world of the point of view of the substance, the production, the profit in its proper history produces contradictions itself, that is, Marx affirms that the capitalism is a contradictory system, because this system instigates the workers to fight for its rights for the fact to place them in the situation of the extreme misery, therefore the worker that ' ' perder&#039 does not have nothing; ' , it will go to rebel itself against the capitalism and to defeat it since this constitutes its main base of exploration that as been Marx these organized possess total capacity stops to knock down the capitalist system. The great problems faced for the public power today are practically all they created by the perversity of the capitalism that for generating social inaqualities, generates poverty, disordered occupations of workers in slum quarters, what it accents crime, the traffic of drugs and all this social chaos installed in the society contemporary. the abandonment of the workers with respect to laws and labor laws that does not guarantee they an adequate condition of work making with that they adoeam and they do not have more conditions to work, where will have of being supported by Social welfare e, therefore generates public expenses. It is clearly then that the capitalist system does not allow a society that is sustainable in none of its directions, therefore its contradictions generates its problems that the system does not have as to decide them.