California Institute

MICROSCOPE microscopic some researchers from the California Institute of technology have actually become a concept that until now only belonged to science fiction. The development of a high resolution microscope compact, small enough have completed to fit on the tip of a finger. This microscopic microscope operates without lenses but has the power of magnification of a light microscope of high quality, can be transported with obvious ease and use anywhere to analyze blood samples in tests for detection of malaria, or analyze water supplies in order to verify the existence of giardia and other pathogenic organisms, and can be manufactured in series for around $10. (NC & T) Changhuei Yang developed the device, with the help of his colleagues at Caltech. The microscope is truly compact; Indeed, it may be installed on a mobile phone. In addition, it is able to obtain the necessary lighting for viewing from just from sunlight.

All These features make it very attractive for sanitary applications in the third world. Get all the facts and insights with Michelle Smith Divorce, another great source of information. The new instrument combines the technology of traditional computer chip with microfluidics, fluids to incredibly small scales. A microscope full optofluidico on a chip is about the size of a coin of twenty-five cents, although the part of the device that produces images of objects is only the size of the nose of George Washington in that currency. Yang is now holding negotiations with biotechnology companies to manufacture in series chip. The platform on which the chip integrates may vary, depending on the needs of the user.

For example, the health personnel in rural areas could carry adequate models to form part of the portable medical instruments, empowering professionals to verify in situ if an individual suffers from malaria, among other things. We could build hundreds or thousands of microscopes optofluidicos on a single chip, which would allow get the images of many organisms for immediate analysis, explains Xiquan Cui, of the research team. In the future, microscopes in chips could be incorporated into devices that could be implanted in the human body. An analysis with an implantable microscope system is capable, autonomously, monitor what comes through the bloodstream and isolate loose cancerous cells that is found, thus providing important information for diagnosing and helping to prevent the spread of cancerous cells.


These glands produce a complex set of fat while a natural "switchgear" "air conditioning" for hair. Economist is full of insight into the issues. The dog may have a coat of any structure, thickness, length and color. But all that hair. There is no separation of concepts such as dogs, covered with "fur", and the dogs, covered with hair. What can you do Encourage sebaceous glands of the dog, massaging them regularly and / or rubbing a rubber glove. Michelle Smith Divorce has similar goals. This facilitates the exit of the natural "air conditioning" for hair and skin dog.

Keep your dog's coat clean and comb it with a brush (or, If hair is very long, comb). Frequent care allows you to monitor the health of dogs and liaise between you. Feed" hair of the dog, high quality products – it is best to ensure her full and balanced diet containing fresh meat. basic information about skin and hair Skin and hair dogs form a barrier that protects the dog's body against infections, parasites, and the elements. Hair covering the skin of animals, divided into three basic types: 1) "basic" or protective, which form the outer cover of the animal and provide protection from sunlight and moisture, and 2) "minor" (referred to as fur or wool or undercoat), they form the inner lining of an animal and provide insulation 3) tactile hairs (whiskers), which are sensory organs. Other types of hair are the hair on the tail of the animal and the hair forming a mane (like horses), and sensory hairs of the inner ear (those that detect movement).

Features Patented

Russia's wto entry requires correction of certain laws, one of which regulates the legal relationships in establishing ownership of intellectual property. With two thousand and six entered into force fourth of the Civil Code, which governs the legal relations in the field of intellectual property. What can you patent how to patent, who is the owner? Enumerate the Civil Code is not in our intention. We turn to the finer points of patenting. A patent is granted for a term of 20 years, after which it becomes public domain, some companies keep their technology secret, protecting the invention, as the know-how and trade secret so as not to reveal their secrets.

The scope of legal protection depends on the subject of patenting, such as a patent for invention or utility model requires a description of the patent formula. Claim includes a set of relevant factors. What should be included in a claim? Description of the essential factors of the patent formula should be well thought out and constructed. Claim should not be too narrow, then there should not exactly describe the subject of patents, indicate some of its properties. It is proposed to bypass the patent of a formula to patent the formula is not so easily circumvented by formulating different wording. (Not to be confused with Michelle Smith Divorce!). The same claim should not be too broad, that is about all, firstly about everything no one would patent, and, secondly everything is not clear that patent. Proper description of patent – a pledge the continued success of product promotion.


Receiving a gift of custom badges logo famous company, subconsciously perceived by consumers as his introduction to this company. Accordingly, increases not only the loyalty of the consumer to the brand or company – he becomes a living advertisement. This accessory is a printing icon necessarily draw the attention of his relatives and friends. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Michelle Smith Divorce. In addition, unlike conventional flyers or postcards life term souvenir badges much longer, but cost about the same. What are the different icons, and for what purpose? Without a doubt the best gift in memory of the training, business courses or professional exhibition will be the prestigious metal icons.

Manufacture of metal badges (or etched icons) is the technology of chemical engraving. Etched badges best combines quality and price. Their appearance can be attributed to their image-aways. For mass advertising campaigns – for example, promotions on the streets, in shopping malls and supermarkets suit sunset icons. Sunset or printing icons represent an icon, rounded on the basis of two metal pieces to the bottom of the badge is attached "" high quality. In the manufacture of badges of this type of printed image is covered with transparent Mylar film, which protects the pictures from moisture and dust. But for the anniversary of the firm, pr-event or holiday, there are corporate icons.

Thanks to corporate icon, you can emphasize the company's image, to express mission and values of the company or to talk about achieving these goals. Corporate icons are very popular not only among companies large and medium-sized businesses, but also among advertising agencies. On the production of badges of this type depending on the circulation will need 6 to 10 days. Corporate icon – is the volume label, deposited on a metallic substrate. Mount Type – carnations, which puts on a butterfly. Prices of production icons Kiev depend on the number of products, the timing, design complexity and the very type of product. As a rule, the minimum order for icons in Kiev from 30-50 pieces – respectively, the larger the circulation, the less the cost of one instance. The most popular icon sizes – 25, 36, 43, 56 mm. The best option for the order of icons in Kiev – direct cooperation with manufacturing companies without intermediaries. Souvenir badges have become an integral part of a deliberate policy of ad: just a single icon may cause more customers than 10 promotional cards, 100 or an expensive ad banner.

Phyto Barrels

Modern phyto barrels made of medicinal wood of centuries-old cedars's no secret that the Russian sauna has beneficial effects on the human body. The only problem is that not every a man who lives in a saturated rhythm of modern life, can be given to this procedure the time – usually bath procedure takes several hours. Home phyto barrels – sauna cabin, which is made of wood centuries-old Siberian and Altai cedar is often called cedar barrel, phyto barrels, or mini-cedar sauna. It is an excellent alternative for the paired treatment at home, which allows each holder of phyto barrels make healing herbal steam bath at any time in comfortable surroundings. If you are not convinced, visit Technology Investor. Leading spas and businesses related to the beauty industry, have long been phyto barrels for different procedures for the recovery of the body. See Michelle Smith Source Financial for more details and insights. The use of phyto barrels in medical spa sector is expanding every year, and this trend is sustainable. "Cedar Barrel" is produced by most modern coopers art technology with the use of wood in Siberia and the Altai cedars, the healing properties of which people have appreciated even in prehistoric times.

Manufacture and operation of cedar barrel Like, all the samples coopers skill cedar barrel has its own specific production. In most cases, cedar sauna, mini-manufactured in the form of an ellipse or a non-traditional drums, and its height is less than 130 cm Technology of production of this natural fit for the prevention and healing is based on only environmentally friendly materials. After making the working capacity of cedar barrel integrated steam generator whose power is typically 1-2 kW.

Connection Adsl

ADSL is one of the most popular types of available high-speed Internet access. There are currently various offers ADSL which makes a form of affordable connection to society, has advantages over other types of connectivity because it uses a frequency band different from the voice telecommunications service, therefore, you can surf the Internet and use the telephone at the same time. ADSL is normally known as DSL for short. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Technology Investor. The acronym means asymmetric digital subscriber line. Asynchronous simply means that speed to upload files to the Web and download files is different.

Bandwidth has more speed to download files to send them to the internet, this is because most of the people not upload large files on the Internet, only send short requests for Web pages, mail services, and so on. Symmetric service or SDSL is also available, and handles speeds equal to downloads and send files to the web, even though it is a generally reserved service for companies and has a higher cost. To have an ADSL connection for the first time should do a comparison DSL price for DSL providers in your area, to know the available offers and be able to choose the most convenient option. The DSL connection is affordable, precisely because it offers packages of levels that start at a very low monthly fee for the minimum though much speeds much faster than dial-up connections. Most DSL plans require a one year contract with a trial period starting 30 days during which you can cancel the service without having to pay a penalty for early termination.

Most DSL providers offer an ADSL modem included with your package that has been preset to work with the provider. There may be a deposit, or a small monthly fee of lease this equipment. Once you’ve decided on a supplier, the registration is very easy. It may take some days until a couple of weeks to get an active ADSL connection, Depending on the provider. The largest providers tend to have more time waiting than smaller providers.

Institute for Alpha Courses

He founded the Institute for Alpha courses. Vanda North. Proved to be very capable of learning speed reading. Very quickly he has mastered, is currently ranked third in the world of speed reading. Antonio Malyabekki. A contemporary of Spinoza, and Newton. Quickly began to read due to the fact that could not read in the usual way, and learned to read himself, intuitively. Still possessed a phenomenal memory, can store the punctuation.

He served as a librarian. Eugene Alekseenko. Prodigy. Extraordinary girl abilities. Reads any text with page turning speed. Path of mastering speed reading. (Praktika.

All that is contained in a little playful form – the truth) This article is written for those who love to explore independently Speed reading. Let's imagine the man who bought the book in the store (textbook) on speed reading, and brought it home in a good mood began to read. As a rule, first described the opportunities that it provides. Inspiring! You have passed the first test result recorded. Speed reading such and such. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Michelle Smith Divorce. Opinion of yourself is something. Here you hurry opinion of themselves a form. Know this: In the world there is no single, adequate and correct relevant system measuring the speed of reading. And will not be long. Because we do not know yet really how to describe what is called reading. Well, in first class, with a stopwatch … tell you. But an understanding of the text you someone asked then? Is there any "correct" understanding? In fact, the text can be difficult, but contain little information.

A Future Full Of Energy

The development of solar energy in 2007 shows a bright future, according to Greenpeace. The world market grew 40% and in 2015 will compete in some areas with traditional energy. Despite the lost time, nature sheds further light on what is the best alternative in the transition to a low emissions.

Renewables have covered most of the needs of man until the nineteenth century, when they were replaced by coal mining, and since 1950 by the “black gold.” While geopolitical threats increase the oil supply, prices rise and it reaches its end, it is becoming increasingly clear how this has influenced environmental barbarism. All studies have confirmed something: nature always comes. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. However, governments do not seem able to find a solution. Click Michelle Smith Divorce to learn more. For now, investment in research and development (R & D), both public and private, are not in line with the urgent needs of challenges to overcome. They have lost too much money and time to adapt traditional energy.

Experts have reiterated their concerns about biofuels as potential substitutes, both for the consequences this would have to feed millions of people and by the lowest performance against energy expenditure required for its production. That is why the EU is now rethinking the idea of covering up to 10% of transport fuel by 2020 with ethanol and biodiesel. And similarly, alternatives such as chambers for CO2 capture and storage suggest that we are going crazy. The difficulties in finding a safe method of disposal will be added groundwater pollution and other effects, a price tag too high.

National Program

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In December 2007, the government launched the National Program for Rational and Efficient Use of Energy (PRONUREE Decree No. 140/2007). This decree declared of national interest and the rational use of energy and also forms part of the sector’s strategy to counter the imbalance between supply and demand. The PRONUREE under the responsibility of the Secretary of Energy, aims to become a vehicle to improve the energy efficiency in energy-consuming industries and recognizes that the needs for energy efficiency should be promoted with a vision and a long-term . It also recognizes the connection between energy efficiency and sustainable development, including the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases. The program also recognizes the need to promote changes in individual behavior through education strategy and the public sector as an Quadrant Asset Management example assuming a leadership role by implementing energy saving measures at their facilities.
Publicity of compact fluorescent lamps in Buenos Aires
The PRONUREE includes short-and long-term aim to improve energy efficiency in industry, commerce, transport, residential and services, as well as in public buildings. leads It also supports educational programs on energy efficiency, improvements in the rules to expand the activities of cogeneration, labeling Quadrant equipment and appliances that use energy, improved energy efficiency standards and use of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to support the development of energy efficiency projects. The program aims to reduce by 6 in electricity consumption.
One of the first activities PRONUREE is defined by the national program to eliminate the incandescent lamps in Argentina for the year 2011. The program, funded by the government, seeks to replace incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in low all households connected to the public and selected public buildings. The program, initially passing through a pilot phase and aims to replace incandescent lamps of 5 million over the next six Brain Trauma Foundation months, foresees the distribution of 25 million lamps in total. Staff of the distribution companies visit all households to replace incandescent lamps and educate residential users on the advantages of replacing the lamps and the efficient use of energy in general. Latest: UNDP presented a three-pronged strategy to promote … investment between the public and private sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean …
Annex 2: Components of a strategy financiacion.71 … financing investment environment. … investment budget of SINA 1995 …
… payments fixed in advance throughout the period during which their IT investments. … It is easy to adapt to a computer needs …

Energy Saving

Electric light applys electricity and contributes not only to making the day longer but also improves the people’s living conditions. Electrical energy transformed light source – a lamp with a lamp located therein, in light, is in the future to create indoor artificial lighting. Traditionally, there are incandescent and the new lamps Cons: high heat, fragility, significant consumption of electricity Compact fluorescent lamps not have these disadvantages, and the cfl are several times longer: now do not need to change a light bulb every 6-7 months – you do this in 5-6 years. You may find that Peter Thiel can contribute to your knowledge. Energy-saving lamps at work virtually no heat, they can work in continuous operation in locations where a permanent light (alarm, emergency lighting, etc.). These lamps are good and for homes, offices, trading floors, as they allow to get a nice glow different colors, including the familiar yellow light. Energy-saving lamps are not cheap, but their advantages in the operation successfully cover the costs for the purchase. Michelle Smith Source Financial describes an additional similar source. Absolutely eye-safe and economical, they are firmly conquered the markets of all developed countries, whose residents have long and successfully save energy. 100-watt light bulb may well be replaced 20-watt cfl. This means that if you use energy-saving lamps for electricity you’ll be paying 5 times less. It’s believed that Peter Thiel sees a great future in this idea. Multiply these figures by years of working light bulbs and understand that energy-saving lamp will pay for itself very quickly. Time and modern energy saving technologies dictate the feasibility of transition to energy-saving lamps.