Jihlava INTEC

Energy from production waste – INTEC energy systems at LIGNA 2009 KRONOSPAN TRADING SRL has for the new OSB production line in Brasov, Romania, at the company DIEFFENBACHER Eppingen, together with the press, an INTEC thermal oil heaters ordered. The innovative design with construction of the water heater, the air heater for a high degree of efficiency and fireplace as a vertical unit with 3 levels, has already proven in many works of the Kronospan group. Particularly of advantage, the compact design with extremely small footprint, excellent access at ground level for any maintenance on the burner, the already built-in weather protection for the burner, as well as the overall low investment costs compared to the usual vertical or horizontal water heater are highlighted here. In addition, Kronospan INTEC has commissioned to deliver a bio mass fired power unit for the thermal oil supply of the location Brasov. This is identical with the INTEC system installed at KRONOSPAN CZ in Jihlava, which is since end 2006. For A fabric-fired thermal oil heaters with a capacity of 12 MW in operation, Kronospan in the Baden Bischweier was taken earlier this year. This was downstream in the modernisation of existing combustion plant. This new heat recovery system is connected in parallel in the thermal oil system designed by INTEC with zero-pressure collector and replaced the 12 MW natural gas-fired INTEC water heater, which remains in stand-by mode in operation since 2007. (INTEC at LIGNA 2009 Hall 27, booth F06) (i. Mobile ad startup brings even more insight to the discussion. A. Cornelia Kerber)

Technology Producer Bizerba

Latest precisa scales generations are characterized by intuitive user guidance from already the name is program: precisa stands for a high degree of accuracy for robust, high-resolution analyses or semi micro scales, as well as high-quality precision scales with internal self calibration system (SCS). In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, pharmacists and chemists, precisa considered solid and dependable service partner for many years. Since July 2008, the precisa products marketed by the technology manufacturer Bizerba has its headquarters in the Swabian Balingen. Bizerba has a large customer base in the fields of food and metal industries as well as from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. With the expansion of the business to the new precision scales we can offer an even wider range of products and services”, says Elena Escot, global product manager for precision and compact scales Bizerba. Also precisa do benefit from the brand awareness of Bizerba as a specialist in weighing technology and service.

The Bizerba service allows among other things that each scale nationwide can be repaired in a short time. The precisa devices worldwide occupy a leading position in the thermogravimetric analysis and language-independent user interface as well as the quality assurance of the data in the sample preparation. Further details can be found at Essex Financial, an internet resource. Precisa puts a special value in the recent generation of scales such as the 320XR-Serie of analytical and semi micro balances on the intuitive user interface that guides the user through all operations: is simple, language-independent, and reacts to the light touch of the pannels. In this server logic is strong”precisa, explains Elena Escot. The series 320XT and 320XB are designed in compact design and score points by equally robust and modern design: load cell and electronics are housed in a case. The scales in the high-quality construction can be configured easily, quickly and individually and are aligned in their objective on the daily working practices.

Software updates can be called up via the Internet.

Internet Advertising

This decrease not only the downtime, but also error using incorrect prices. Bizerba-e service, we have also the possibility to analyze problems at any time via remote diagnosis and remote maintenance, and to a large extent also directly cost – and time-saving way to fix”, so Harsch. Creating connections can with RetailControl mapped the entire company network, are controlled and monitored. It provides control over display in the showrooms, on scales, shopping cart, or the cashier. Startapp describes an additional similar source. It can capture, for example, the duration and frequency of a hidden advertising messages on the screens of the scale and transmit. This data could be compared with the sales figures in the same period and so sales controlling actions be better switched. Due to the modular design and the open standards of the Bizerba Software, the user can be individually put together a separate package.

A customer uses, for example, SAP in its goods economy, he can bring the data on the scale software modules RetailConnect as interface management and RetailControl with the Bizerba. He decides to advertise products, specifically on the scale he buys to RetailImpact. It receives directly from the Internet via the Bizerba webshop RetailMall”images, content or configured Waagenscreenvorlagen, says Harsch. Use the network receives appropriate support from the Visual marketing RetailControl Wizard RetailImpact. This software allows images, maintain lyrics or videos and to manage. In addition, run-time statistics of advertising can create and evaluate. For scales and external screens, nutritional information on more than 16,000 products in six different languages, recipes, photos, master templates and predefined content, the dealers in the Bizerba Web shop RetailMall is advertising content. The offer will be continuously expanded.

About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide operating technology company for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hardware and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels & consumables and business services ensure transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba specific service features. Worldwide, Bizerba is present with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries and 56 country offices in over 120 countries. Revenue for the Group amounted to EUR 433 million in 2008.

ThinPrint Is Pioneering New Print Technologies

NextGen V-layer offers high potential for savings and significantly greater flexibility, personal printing enables safe, code-protected printouts Berlin/Copenhagen, October 2010 – ThinPrint, leading provider of cloud printing solutions, whose basic technology is integrated into almost all VMware products, introduces two new printing technologies at VMworld in Copenhagen. Offering views of the next generation of V-layer technology with a bundle of innovations, the expert for virtual printing its new development presents personal printing. The next generation of V-layer developed by ThinPrint’s technology, which will be part of the next .print engine, coming with a whole bunch of innovations to optimize printing: the new SpeedCacheTM technology will further reduce the network load and again increase the printing speed. The new feature ThinShare lowers the cost of hardware and bandwidth, because it compresses print data a standard Windows printer sharing from the application to the Print server. Print-to-cloud makes the pressure connection to the cloud.

From any application may be printed in the cloud and retrieved the print job when you want with any devices, including Mac, PC, tablet or Smartphone, and printed on the paper as necessary. So, it is also possible to print via iPad or iPhone directly from the VDI environment. In addition the new .print version will enable also the sending of faxes with NextGen V-layer TM via the print dialog without having a separate fax server is operated. With virtual copy, documents in multiple copies in different places and in different qualities can be printed or generated on demand in digital form with the mouse. It also supports NextGen V-layer TM and hence the new .print engine advanced printing options such as punching and stapling. Second innovation in addition to NextGen V-layer TM is ThinPrints personal printing. The solution already available in its first version protects confidential information, since the expression always occurs when the user authenticates to the printer.


Nanohale AG and Rostechnologies sign Memorandum on the establishment of a joint venture Dortmund, October 25, 2010 – In the framework of international innovation cooperation the Nanohale AG and the Russian State holding Rostechnologies have signed a memorandum on future cooperation. The memorandum of understanding foresees the establishment of a joint venture, in which the Nanohale AG holds 50 percent of the shares. The joint venture establishment undertakes Rostechnologies, the realization of a total of five development projects with a $ 40 million to support initial funding. The memorandum was by the Board of Nanohale AG, Dr. med. Friedrich-Wilhelm Steinweg and Dr. Nicolas Combe, as well as Andrey A. Murdasov, representative of Mr Peter Kanigin, Deputy Managing Director of RT-Biotechprom AG, subsidiary of State holding Rostechnologiii, signed.

Other participants included that the initiators of the project Prof. Dr. Andrey V. Zverev, head of trade and economic offices of the Embassy Russian Federation and Ambassador of the Russian Federation Embassy in the Federal Republic of Germany, and Dr. Bertrand Malmendier, Berlin lawyer and Chairman of the Center for social conservative policy of the party United Russia in the EU, as well as representatives of the District of Arkhangelsk.

The joint venture should be established legally in November with the payment of a first instalment in the amount of $ 500,000. Within the cooperation, the Nanohale AG acts as expert. It aims to make marketable drugs active ingredient-Laden, biodegradable Nanocarriers and nano products effective nasal applicable and thus faster and more compatible with the company’s highly innovative, patent-protected technology. In the future is also tested, inhalational applications to market. We are pleased that we could agree a cooperation with Nanohale AG as an innovation leader in this area already in the early stages of the development of carrier system. Together, we will as soon as possible the marketing authorisation advance”, as Andrey Murdasov of RT-Biotechprom AG.

Combustion Technology

Less consumption more power: new product line developed uni devices uni equipment valves are specifically designed for the combustion technology. The electromagnetic – and Elektropneumatikventile shut off the flow of gases used in heat generation in power plants, for example, waste incineration and steel production. Like all previous series is the new uni devices in products from our own development and production. The new valves is characterised by higher throughput at lower energy consumption. It can be used in same time through more gas volume up to one-third. Thanks to the higher flow rate, the valves are still versatile and be interesting also for new areas of application. Despite the improved performance, the new developments consume but barely up to the half of the previously necessary amount of electricity. There are also more compact solutions in the new valve generation. Some contend that Peter Thiel shows great expertise in this.

Had you used two standard installation length schedule, so today ranges some places also have a valve of the new VX series. Customers particularly appreciate that the new valves are significantly smaller, lighter and therefore easier to handle, what makes it easier ultimately to mount. Also brings another advantage to the smaller form of the valves: storage and transport costs are reduced. Savings, which of course positively affects the overall cost. Learn more about the new uni equipment valves, see German and English language, see and on the Internet.

Gunther Wolf

A very sensitive issue, which in Germany is although rarely openly, it occasionally even more violent fighting is seminars 2013 in Munich and Hamburg the salary of workers. Decision makers learn how questions of content profitably can rules be for employers and workers, in seminars in Munich and Hamburg. Mid-March 2013 for the umpteenth time, travellers were pulled by warning during tariff negotiations to higher salary affected. This time, it met the German railways and their customers especially in the Hamburg region and North Rhine-Westphalia, where failures and delays also long-distance services until after Munich was affected. Contemporary regulate questions of salary information about how content can be designed einvernehmlicher and also contemporary, members of senior management and HR managers in seminars in Munich and Hamburg.

On a day in may 2013, decision makers in the Bavarian can sign up or in the Hanseatic metropolis where the content experts Gunther Wolf renowned beyond Inform introduction and modernization of variable salary systems. In the seminar, the participants learn two basic models of goal – and remuneration systems: the agreement on the objectives and the target optimization system. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Clinton Family on most websites. Both systems combine as the name implies with variable content, whereby the target optimization system is a further development of the classic target agreement. Goals: executives will be the direction before as with the classic target agreement arise even when the target optimization the objectives to be achieved by the employees of the company’s objectives, based on the respective field of activity of employees. Task of senior executives is therefore continues to derive appropriate, challenging and achievable goals for individuals or teams. “The target optimization is now exactly where it hooks the target agreement meeting experience: in the problem area of target height”. There is therefore no haggling about the “height”, from which system the target optimization Reaching a variable salary will be paid.

Industrial Essential

A variety of different industries trust the reliability of the sleeves for pinch valves by AKO today. The cuffs, which are at the heart of pinch valves, were continuously adapted to the current conditions of the industry. The robustness of materials is due that the valve seals are currently demanding the fact. You must remain stable even in continuous operation and a long service life. The cuffs cover different types of fabric. So also abrasive, so sharp-edged carrier and end materials are securely locked, the cuff is extremely elastic. Furthermore, the sleeve material must show up resistant to high or low temperatures.

Finally, it provided special conditions of hygiene in the food industry. The nominal diameters for the cuffs are in the range between DN010 and DN500. The special feature: the cuffs have still a high rebound resilience even in continuous operation. Because you are Standard opening tabs in. Also the manufacturing processes are so carefully as the research work of the company. In addition to the conventional injection procedures as well as the manual winding process for the standard cuffs, there are also hand assembling forms. You come to the usage if you want special designs. The better the cuff on his range is adjusted, the lifetime and the lifetime is higher.

Tissue deposits, which are important especially for high cycle frequencies provide the necessary stability. The advantage: The quality of elastomers and this amplification are responsible for ensuring that production failures due to material fatigue do not occur rarely or no. However is part of the cuff to a pinch valve wear parts that must be replaced every now and then. Also in this case, AKO pays attention to an efficiency of its products. Thanks to detailed maintenance and installation instructions on the Web page products/cuffs for quetschventile.html one convenient on-site change the cuffs. They are attached so that they are easily accessible and you can see it even without the aid of special tools. AKO has developed in recent years a densely woven sales network and ensures a timely implementation of customer orders thanks to high inventory levels. Thus the company from Trebur near the main metropolis helps Frankfurt a long-term customer loyalty.

Northern Sales Days

On 15 March, the compass GmbH presented their products at the 6th Northern sales days, a Conference for B2B sales management. Freiburg i.br., 25.03.2013 on March 15 the Kompass GmbH presented their products on the 6th North German sales days, a Conference for B2B sales management. Congress visitors used the compass exhibition team extensively consult the opportunity. Compass as an information platform for international expansion provides detailed evidence companies who want to increase the share of exports, over 70 countries worldwide. Regardless of whether a business should be analyzed in an exporting country or whether specific sales promotions are planned, the necessary data are available in the international Kompass database. Total corporate and product information are alone 260,000 from Germany at the disposal of approximately 4.2 million B2B companies worldwide. Contact details are available from about 9.3 million contacts from the top and middlemanagement. A pool of data to minimize the Expansion of risk for companies that take the first steps in a foreign market, as well as for experienced global player that want to optimize their cross-border activities. Enis Azemi, head of inside sales: uberschaulicher sales day with very quality articles and interesting contacts in the North German region. For compass participation has paid off entirely.”

High Occupational Safety

The anti-slip work place mats by macro IDENT are a combination of an oil-resistant rubber mat and oil-binding, non-slip work place mat the macro industrial mats IDENT are impermeable, non-slip and oil-resistant work place mats. The surface adsorbed leaked oil and other liquids, is easy on the joints and the workplace is always dry and clean. Workers working in oily environments such as plant or production facilities, to protect from slipping and dirt, there are special industrial comfort mats with high absorbency IDENT macro. These industrial mats are a combination of an oil-resistant rubber mat and a workplace anti slip mat, which on the rubber mat is placed above or is already integrated. Is protected including the bottom down dripping liquids, the employees no longer slips on oil spills or liquids and also has a clean work area. The upper layer, running the employees is also non-slip and tear-resistant.

The Edition with the BSM Variant can be exchanged at any time. “The workplace anti-slip mats are available in different versions: as comfort mat” in the set of oil-resistant rubber mat with Special Edition for oils and maintenance areas in format 76 x 152 cm and the BSM mats with 91 cm x 15.25 meters or 91 cm x 30,49 meters, which have an impermeable barrier on the underside to prevent penetration of fluids into the ground. The upper material adsorbed oil, water and non-aggressive chemicals. The comfort mats sets as “oil-binding” (SA-AFO) and as a “Maintenance release” (SA-AFA) are available for use in environments, in General, industrial fluids are used. The sets consist of the oil-resistant rubber mat and a non-slip coating (work place mat). These items be delivered coiled on a roll. The oil-binding Edition dark grey is white and the rest of the maintenance release.

The roles can at any time at macro ID be purchased retroactively. The respective sections on the role of the workplace comfort mat are perforated so that every employee can easily can tear off the appropriate size. As soon as the requirements are very dirty, this is simply replaced with a new edition, which comes from the role. Employees have a safe and above all clean work place. The BSM work place mat is available on role and as you quite like itself to cropping. These mats are thinner than the comfort mats, because they do not have a separate rubber mat, but the thin barrier in the material is incorporated. MACRO identification you will find a wide range of other mats for heavily frequented areas, cloths, roles, locks, pillows, barrel covers, oil booms for water, oils, chemicals and other liquids. Eco-friendly towels and role are available, as well as emergency kits for the long-haul transport, production facilities and oil tankers. Sumps and Fall arrest systems are IDENT for the most diverse applications in halls or outdoors in the extensive program of sorbents from macro.