Online Booking System

vioma press: hotels, always important in the competition strong booking system guests benefit from clearing station – online booking system and hoteliers offer an online booking facility on the website now more and more nearer to the advantage of his guests and to save themselves costs. Because as long as a hotel exclusively via online booking portals such as HRS, and so on are available, commissions fall for it every time. No costs for the Agency are an important argument to choose an online booking Manager in time of the necessary pricing. What can still make a booking line integrated into your own website, demonstrates a sophisticated tool of Offenburg online specialists vioma: the vioma clearing station. Customized solution for hotels this powerful booking system is adapted to the needs of the hotel operation: the clearing station depicts flexibly each pricing system.

Its user-friendly interface is used to collect all data centrally. It is neutral Interface to the hotel’s front office software and also connects to the Internet world. Thus, it is also an ideal marketing tool: one click, and all listings are distributed on the integrated partner portals. More pluses: she is multilingual, that is usable in any language you want,. Rooms and programs can be summarised to attractive tourist packages. In addition, it allows comfortable managing the online coupon Verkaufs. Visit Hillary Clinton for more clarity on the issue.

And most importantly: when all these services is free of Commission. Neutral online booking Manager how does this tool? An interface is also the clearing station as the clearing places”the operators of credit card on the Internet, to transfer the data of the buyer to the seller. As invisible, neutral mediator”, she makes a transaction without complicated contact. Central and controllable from any point, she distributed further validated and enhanced data to any desired point. User friendly and powerful the clearing Station distinguished by functionality: the surface rooms, prices, can be centrally capture programs and packages and compare with the hotel software. The hotelier directly via the system whereby an availability check prevents uberbelegungen receives guest requests and bookings. Thanks to its multilinguality is the booking engine for use throughout Europe and is currently used by more than 100 wellness hotels in Austria, Italy and Germany. Best proven in practice Nina Strasser, receptionist from the Sport Hotel stock in Finkenberg, enthusiastic user. And is sure that especially the inquiry and booking line has convinced the jurors on the Hotel Web site to capture the prestigious spa hotel with the coveted hogast Internet Award: with the vioma booking system, we use a tool with which we quickly and customer-friendly process enquiries and reservations. The requesting client receives the exact price for his holiday with just a few clicks and can equate a request to our hotel or optionally individual packages book directly online. In practical use, the CST brings us many advantages: the data are easy to maintain, the user interface of the CST is open and it really get bookings. And of course the great timesaver when you edit the online requests is worth money! ” The reservation system was developed in 2002 by vioma GmbH, an Offenburg company that specializes in online marketing and Internet solutions for the hospitality industry. Is optimized for the needs of the hospitality industry, the clearing station has since then successfully proven in use.

Internet Getestet

Large performance differences in space and co. +++ from Google only on third place +++ English knowledge for creation of advantage +++ HAMBURG, July 26, 2011 –, the portal for cross-industry tests in the Internet, has compared five free blog systems. has a “very good” judgement test winner. Google landed behind only in third place. The space, both in the number of designs the top two finishers more than the Google portal in addition to the services offer different also the user-friendliness of the provider. While knowledge of HTML at the creation were almost never necessary, good knowledge of English proved important. With the exception of, it was possible to create a simple blog ten minutes and to bring online on all platforms. Short messages, videos or links can be quickly and easily share on social networks.

Who operates his who has however to say more than the most limited character numbers give away, own blog. This goes in the blink of an eye and is free. Where you should look for when selecting a suitable Blogsystems, found International Bloggernetzwerk WordPress 1.5 (“very good”) reached the best test result. A blog is free and easy to set up, the space is huge with 3 GB and it is looked after the Setup from the spam management to security to all. However, the creation without good knowledge of English is not easy.

The only completely German-speaking service ranked two (1.9), in which however ample advertising will be integrated into free blogs. (2,3), (2.8) and (3,1) placed themselves behind it. Conclusion: The decision for one or the other blog service will primarily depend on how fast and how well the (future) blogger in the respective system of the provider find your way. Which in turn depends on what individual technical knowledge will be brought and whether sufficient English language skills. No matter,. who makes the race to the end: A blog is created in any case less than five minutes and immediately online capable. News can be sent out in lightning speed in the world. Readers are quite fast because Google is already a few days after you create the blogs. Also, the Blogsystems offer various networking opportunities for its own content. So, all services serve their purpose. Detailed information about the test here: blog provider-comparison / company description on the independent test Portal is since 2009 online and belongs to the site portfolio of Internet GmbH. Every week a new online supplier comparative test will be published on In this test, consumers learn what portal in Internet performance, value for money and customer service delivers the best performance. Pro test up to ten of a comparable service providers are thoroughly examined and evaluated individually. A team of professional, experienced journalists runs your tests through. Overall, already more comparative than 400 individual tests conducted on the Internet GmbH is a joint company of the media entrepreneur Jens Kunath and the Media Ventures GmbH, which belongs to the portfolio of Dirk Stroer. company contact: Internet GmbH Elena Frateantonio Stresemann road 29 22769 Hamburg Tel: 040890663344 E-Mail: Web:

Article Exchange: Own Quickly Released

Press releases, publications and articles barter for marketing with a maximum range of blogs are very popular on the Internet. The number of those who write every day about the Internet a sort of diary and share with, is getting bigger. To be communicated so that your own blog is the perfect business. Who but not regularly writes and would perhaps have no own account or blog, who can write also known as guest articles. Bloggers admit the writing at this point, even if the user is not logged in, and has no own account. This has advantages but also some disadvantages.

Writing falls might be easier without having to log on, and the motivation is more likely. Of course, such articles can be abused by companies, advertising is the key word here. But the Internet thrives on articles barter and the cross-cutting communication in general communication, which together. Pages where you without registering his opinion and things, just to dealing with a paper or can bring to the screen, there are very many. A good article directory on the Internet has for example thousands entries by guest authors and the number of those are growing. It is therefore not necessary that you always logs on, that results in a personal blog and maintains it.

Smaller companies and companies that want to share with, have the opportunity to proclaim their concern in a press directory and openly about to report, what is especially important and that just moves the company or what might be also of interest. To communicate opportunities, offers the Internet almost without end, there are limits here no. It pays attention to the morality and stops then it is to share with a few little rules, in many form, just quickly and easily which can write, which just moved. XaanoMedia – Internet marketing contact: Thomas Farrell