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Air suspension has become a familiar part of the chassis of trucks. Once it was exotic – and were heated debates that need it in principle or not. But all these contradictions in the past. Air suspension can dramatically change the driving experience. Driving performance improves truck if not in order, then although it is palpable. Not less impact on air suspension has a cross-along with manageability. How strongly I feel? Pretty much – for example, is greatly reduced roll when cornering, and almost imperceptibly so-called "peck" when braking. Additional information is available at Gwyneth Paltrow.

And that compensates for the inertia of the multi-ton air suspension truck. Air suspension helps to overcome the very poor quality roads, bordering Russian man so familiar a concept as "off road" when the road map as it is, but in reality, asphalt and gravel has long been left to local managers, clerk to purchase a new Lexus. Despite the fact that often pneumosuspension set in "paltsegnutye" Jeep SUVs, this part of the car may well serve, and more serious people who appreciate comfort and reliability. What is a truck driver refuses to improvements which will provide him and the iron horse better handling and greater safety on rough roads? But for suspension parts need to be vigilant. If you leave this part of the truck unattended, it is possible that a nasty surprise will be waiting when you need it to be the least. And that is why you should always know exactly what kind of life calculated air suspension parts, and in time to change them. Modern technology does not stand still, constantly being improved parts and materials. But still life air suspensions kept at the level of hundreds of thousands of kilometers. And then better podremontirovat and change worn parts.

Management Systems

– Charging batteries – on computer stand, or while working with the supplied in a set of connecting cables. – The latest database of cars in Europe, North America, Asia, and Japan (including the right-hand drive), Russia, etc. More than 22 000 vehicles in the database, to create own base. By purchasing even the most inexpensive of the produced models Techno 2000 Techno Vector or Vector Infra you get a complete set of optional: Registration and customer support regardless of place of purchase Stand 'Techno Vector' You can become a registered user. This entitles you to receive free annual updates to the database of cars and software. Course 'video lectures on how to use' Specially designed 'course video lectures Techno Vector' will allow your specialist familiar with the work bench, before installation of the stand (on CD) and to receive timely information during operation (see 'Background system 'program).

The voice-guided '(' The speaker stand ') When the stand directs the actions of the operator. Particularly useful during the training of new specialists. Possibility to choose between voice or just sound accompaniment. Enhanced Help system Help system contains detailed information on the launch, operation and maintenance of the stand, video on how to use and equipment, theory and etc. Information Management System chosen model when selecting an operator the opportunity to get acquainted not only with the factory settings (wheel alignment, tire pressure regulations), but also with control features of the car. Drawings, photographs, explanations, three-dimensional animation.

Database of more than 22 000 cars. Calibration device (in base) Allows control and calibration readings of their own. Step by step procedure, an integrated program guides the operator. Remote control (in the base) allows you to confidently manage a computer on distance of 10 m Guarantee service Constant presence of all components in stock, the company can reduce the term of any repairs up to 1 day. Established system express – delivery of regional distributors. The warranty period is increased to 2 years. Additional features implemented in the basic function of measuring the angle of inclination of the longitudinal pin (Caster) in real time. Has a function to adjust the 'similarity collapse' in vehicles with low bumper (spoiler). The mode of adjusting the car with the wheels posted.

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Automotive clutch friction is an important mechanism in the car. His story begins with the adhesion of the XIX century, when for the first time to transfer torque from the engine to the transmission using a belt drive. In modern cars are widely used friction clutch whose torque is transmitted from the leading part in the slave part by the frictional force acting on the contact surface these parts. The main task of coupling is the transfer of engine torque on the chain. Hence, it must withstand the force exceeds the maximum torque. The main requirements for bonding are: * smooth accession to the weight of the vehicle engine, the power interruption * flow between the engine and transmission during a stop, * unlocking the power flow during gear changes, vibration damping * * overload protection. Strength is an element of the drive system, which is due to the friction most strongly feels the vibration, the forces compression, the centrifugal force and high temperatures. The dimensions and weight of the clutch to be slight.

The main components of the coupling point is: * a flywheel, clutch disc * * Shopping Cart clutch release bearing *. Flywheel. Is a massive disk is designed to transmit torque through the clutch from the engine to the transmission. Read more from technology investor to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Clutch. Her job is to transmission of the pressure plate, clutch disc over, the engine torque to input shaft gear.

Clutch disc. Designed to absorb vibration of the engine and thereby reduce the noise from the box transmission, requiring complex torsional vibration dampers. The smoothness of the start of motion is improved through the use of flat springs pads. Friction should provide a high degree of durability. Release Bearing. Serves as a transfer device between the clutch and drive system. Situated in the center of the rotation axis diaphragm spring, is fitted with a self-centering. To activate the clutch and may have a considerable length without loss of rigidity. * Automatic drive – it has no clutch pedal, which allows you to bring the work of a manual transmission to automatic. The design of the drive requires a large amount of electronics. The main reason for failure is the adhesion failure of the drive, and in particular the release bearing. One of the major conditions of the bearing it is proper lubrication. Lack of lubricant or wrong choice inevitably leads to premature wear of bearings and shorten its life. Grease determines Bearing life is no less than that of its parts. Especially the role of lubrication in the following cases: * When the voltage of the release bearing friction, * with increasing the frequency of rotation bearing * during intermittent operation, * at high loads, such as temperature – the most significant factor in the durability of the lubricant. The main criterion for selecting a lubricant for the bearing of a high load capacity.


When forming the film features the master limited ability of this type of film to change shape – the greater the metallized film, the more layers in it than the thicker, the less susceptible it is forming. Molding is usually on the outside of the glass. Then, ready molded pattern is glued to the inside glass with special tools for toning. Particular attention should be paid to Kant template. It should not be twisted, have nicks, in all its length must be the same, the optimum width of 1 mm edge. Along the lower edge of the glass film should not go back to back with a seal, because Operating film will cling to it when lifting / lowering of the glass and early or later will flake off.

Therefore, when installation of dubbing films on the glass side door to slip under the edge of the film seal, lining inside the door is usually on the upper otschelkivaetsya cannon, complete dismantling of the door casing is required only on sophisticated models of cars. Once the film is set on the glass, start to forcing out of her water and continued her packing. The final stage of installation is the elimination of minor errors, the final quality check and dried with Melt. Most small inaccuracies can be mounted subsequently corrected, but overall toning involves ensuring the most accurate installation of the film immediately, as it has in consequence can not be moved. There are only dotonirovanie or peretonirovka implying application of the new film. Process Installation dubbing of the film on the glass on the average car takes about 2-3 hours in the work of one master. However, in terms of completion of the toning of glasses, it occurs when the polymerization occurs adhesive layer, it proihodit, usually within three days. Full and final installation of the film on the glass is 30 (!) Days depending on weather conditions. Immediately after the installation of the film is considered normal appearance of a small number of small water bubbles and possible turbidity and divorces resulting from activation of the adhesive system, all these 'defects' disappear after complete installation of the film (up to 30 days!). After drying, the film smoothly and firmly snaps into the glass.