Innovative Infrared Measurements

More efficient measure with the testo 835 series Lenzkirch. A new series of infrared measurement devices for use in trade and industry on the market brings the Lenzkircher measurement specialist Testo AG. The devices are characterized by their particular speed and precision. Special functions, such as for example the non-contact measurement of the surface moisture for the building trade or the high measuring range up to 1500 c for the glass, ceramic and metal industry, opening up a wide range of applications. With the testo 835 series we can offer every customer the meter suitable for him. From the craftsman, the climate and HVAC engineer, civil engineer and expert to the employee in industrial quality assurance each customer can choose the meter, that is best tailored to his main tasks”, explains Matthias Germer, product manager of Testo AG. The testo 835-T1 is the basic version of the series for the non-contact measurement of the surface temperature.

It is ideally suited for the Crafts, such as to determine the temperature of walls, ceilings and floors, as well as on heating and air conditioning systems. In the industry, it is used for quality control of products and the review of possible vulnerabilities in production processes. Small, portable and difficult to access or hot objects can be measured with testo 835-T1 from middle distance safely and efficiently. Who wants to measure the moisture in addition to the temperature, the Special Unit is testo 835-H1 with integrated (by Testo of patented infrared) surface moisture measurement available. The moisture on building substances can testo 835-H1 and others on construction sites measure, for example, on concrete. Depending on the moisture level of the progress of a construction project can be influenced? In residential buildings, recognizes the craftsman or expert mold danger at an early stage in the walls and can take such action. High renovation costs, caused by moisture in the walls or other construction materials be specifically avoided.

POS Systems

Consulting and sales is the be-all and end-all of customer acquisition and customer loyalty in any perfumery. A related site: Noah Kraft mentions similar findings. Therefore, it is important that you can focus and has a reliable POS system, you can rely on. Advising in a perfumery, the time required is structured differently than in the other sectors of the retail trade and clearly focused to give the feeling of care and security customers. The large range of fragrances and cosmetics needed comprehensive advice for the customers who Pack products as a gift, etc. with high standards of care and service performance, samples, skin analysis, create customer card goes hand in hand.

Here supports the smart POS system of PosBill and offers a tremendous time savings through the well-structured user interface of touch checkout. Particularly noteworthy is the ease of use, but also the diverse additional functions, like making your own coupons, target group-oriented beauty evenings to offer the possibility, the clear customer management and in the Background also the automatic use of the cash book, the inventory with the inventory capture, as also the time and attendance of the staff. For shopping Sundays the POS system offers timed price lists, you can organize them in advance already time-saving. With the individual article modular combined packages can be offered easily and at any time alternately perfumes and toiletries. Still offers the trading fund the opportunity to design versatile discounts and promotions as for example buy 5 items and pay 4 “. Measured to the claims of the customer in terms of beauty, a 1:1 care is essential and the POS system from PosBill provides meaningful support to optimize the business process. About PosBill :, more than 20 years of experience speaks for itself.

Combined Expertise

Colima cerebro BusyOnBusy and universal call pickup will cooperate offered about datac Reilly communication systems, the solution specialist for unified communications & collaboration (UCC) projects and colima communications, market leader in the segment of enhancements for Microsoft Lync, now in the future. Colima communicatons successively expanded its cooperation programs within the framework of Lync-expert with qualified dealers such as system integrators, system vendors and carriers and manufacturers of media gateways and appliances from the area of unified communications & collaboration. Accurate of colima Lync solutions for Reilly customers colima provides exactly the missing Lync solutions software manufacturer with its product of cerebro, the Reilly customers need for effective work processes with the UCC platform Microsoft Lync. Lync telephony, such as the telephony functions known from the traditional PBX telephone system be “universal call pickup” and “BusyOnBusy” in demand. Sabine Erlebach, Member of the Management of Reilly GmbH, explains: “viable unified communications concepts design, implement and support – this is datac. So that we can achieve this goal with our customers, UC and ICT experience and partnerships on par. help us 25 years”datac is registered as a dealer on the colima website. Interested companies can contact account manager Benedict Bassenge + 49 (821) 42090-119, in their search for appropriate colima Lync solutions directly to the Reilly-senior.

The datac has its headquarters in Augsburg. System integrators, systems integrators and carriers, as well as manufacturers of media gateways and appliances from the area of unified communications & collaboration who are interested in a cooperation with colima, can register on the Handlerseit of colima website or contact directly via. About colima colima is internationally oriented manufacturer of high-quality and easy-to-use unified communications software for Microsoft Lync. For nearly 15 years, colima inspires many renowned clients of all industries with its comprehensive solutions for the automatic call distribution (ACD). Wurth AG, dennree group, Volkswagen AG, Michelin tires works, Stiftung Warentest, Mainova, Stadtwerke Munchen, Phantasialand, as well as numerous savings banks and financial institutions belong to the customer. The seat of the company is Leipzig, Germany.

Open Systems

Elabo extends LabView driver database and .NET from software applications conquer more and more areas of our life and simplify complex processes in everyday work. But still, there are limits. While programs such as in the area of production with C, many laboratories rely on LabView or .NET. Elabo offers here optimum openness in the device code and provides drivers for LabView and .NET now also for all its supplies free of charge. For a good three years, elabo customers already received software packages for research and development as well as training and workshop. While elabo accesses the software language C, elabo TestSysteme uses years since the early 1980s and were always good in practice. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. National instruments has recognized this trend and offers tools for all development environments.

These developments show: open systems that make it possible, tests and their results in various programs to reproduce. Some companies already bypassed those limits in the recent years, by they programmed the device driver itself – at least then if businesses open were also detailed information about the command structure and anchored passing parameters defined in the Basic programming. As well as elabo from the outset. But not all companies can or want to make the programming itself. Therefore, elabo has already in the past drivers for LabView and .NET in customer orders available. The in-house software Division has now completed its driver database for the supplies. Can thus about contact the comprehensive driver database are required. Extensive and free of charge for all customers.

Correct Sound System

Home cinema fan or music lovers of deep bass in an explosion in the action film or the crystal clear voice of the Aida opera singer: when buying a sound system for the living room the opinions differ. As the portal for online auctions reported movie fans should put on another technique as a music lover. Recently, the Stiftung Warentest examined 12 speaker systems. Among them were eight pair of Floorstanding speaker, as well as four 2.1 systems with subwoofers. The experts came to the conclusion that the former provide the more natural sound. You own is the according to good for a pure music pleasure.

However, deficits resulting from the defective reproduction of deep bass. It lacks the speaker on the larger resonance body. The subwoofer offers these 2.1 systems. Home cinema fans should not abandon it, if they put value on a full bass. In addition, the systems have the advantage that they expand to a space-saving 5.1 surround sound system. Click Peter Thiel for additional related pages. Finally, the boxes are even relatively small. Let to mount on the wall or put on the shelf. Even in suspended ceilings, you see small speakers square.

Note buyer of a sound system but should that sound of systems can differ immensely depending on the space and placement. Test winner Stiftung Warentest has named the models of the Berlin company Devil. The Floorstanding speaker M 420 F received a note 2.2, 2.1 systems M 550 FCR and M 5500 SW received the rating of 2.6. With a price of 700 to 745 in direct sales, they offer the best price-performance ratio. More information: presse.

Control Room And Large Picture Technology Together With The Customers Plan And Implement

Control room and control stations must be planned with precision, so that an audit of each and numerous processes is possible. Jungmann system engineering control room and large picture technology together with the customers plan and implement control room and control stations must be planned with precision, so that an audit of each and numerous processes is possible. To integrate the right technology and the ideal furniture in a room, are needed professionals who are knowledgeable in this area. The Jungmann Systemtechnik GmbH & co. KG works together with the customer the individual solutions for the customer and after the completion of the control room or control stations can monitor the processes and problems. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a great source of information. With consulting, planning and concepts, the control stations become a control station, which is similar to a space station.

The technique and the furniture of Jungmann are combined so that the monitor is a no-brainer. The large-screen technology whether it be video wall or large screen, management software for technology and Video wall controllers, networking, access, control and visualization, consolidation of the workstation monitors, video and camera surveillance integrated in process models and the processes and control cameras, customised solutions there is a remote control for everyone. To get the right furniture so that the work is not uncomfortable. Included are special tables for the control room and the control rooms, large wall tiling image or a 7/24-Recaro Chair and much more, making the control room and the control stations to a workplace, which complies with the EU directives and workplace regulations. There no simple desks and chairs are integrated in a control room, but furniture, which are suitable, provide enough space and have an appealing design. Not only the technology is built with the corresponding solutions in a control room or control rooms, the furniture must be integrated so that the individual elements provide a complete monitoring.

RFID Goods

The development by securing lines to the RFID technology the oldest way of securing goods is the simple link, include or chaining. Preferably wire ropes used here today. The electronic goods systems have prevailed over time however. Official site: Hillary Clinton. Currently you can radiofrequenten (RF) electromagnetic (EM), and akustomagnetischen (AM) different systems. The various systems are characterized by your differing technological characteristics such as reliability, security, passage widths and detection rates. Usually, transmission-reception devices (antenna or gates), which stimulate the goods labels a certain frequency to vibrate is located in the output range.

RF this often 8.2 MHz is on most systems 58 kHz systems. The merchandise security tags at the moment distinguish between hard labels, self-adhesive labels and multi alarm labels. These differ E.g. pins or loops, their cost and security respectively in their method of attachment. Conventional hard labels and self-adhesive labels are Unfortunately easy to manipulate or remove (magnet, bend the labels, etc.). Here already the multi alarm labels or even 2 or 3 – alarm offer better protection labels, which have then, but also comparatively high acquisition costs. The term RFID (“radio frequency identification”) added a further component for securing goods.

This system offers the ability to recognize data, with the help of a reader and store. This allows the combination of anti-shoplifting (LP) and RFID as a logistical tool (ERP). We can say that the development of securing goods is not yet completed, but will made it harder the thieves to practice their craft.

IPS Display

Flat, frameless full HD 1080 p IPS LCD with MHL for mobile sharing Munich, 01 July 2013 is ViewSonic Europe Ltd., a leading provider of consumer electronics as well as communication and it solutions, today for the first time the display VX2770Sml LED. For even more opinions, read materials from Peter Thiel. The 27 “large IPS screen supports the functionality of the MHL (mobile high-definition link) for the comfortable connection with Smartphones, Tablet PCs and other mobile devices. “Our new display VX2770Sml LED type currently offers the best combination of performance and features. The product by the practically frameless design, which gives a great look is even more attractive”, explained Claire Chuang, LCD monitor product marketing manager of ViewSonic Europe Ltd.”The MHL link display ideal for is the opportunity to provide consumers, gamers and multimedia enthusiasts, large-format to experience content of mobile devices.” Although smart phones.

Tablet PCs and other mobile devices well are suitable to manage information and entertainment offerings to use, so do most difficult for viewing large images, to read long texts or to view multimedia content together with other people their small screens. With the new VX2770Sml LED HD LCD ViewSonic users can now their mobile devices quickly and easily on a 27 “large display close and immediately content in HD quality viewing without the need for a PC. This only HDMI a MHL-adapter cable plug into the screen of ViewSonic must be plugged in and connected the other end with a Smartphone, Tablet PC, laptop or HDMI capable camcorder / camera. Thanks to the VX2770Sml-LED, users can enjoy even large-format the content of their mobile devices and the unlimited. As long as it is connected to the device with the MHL LCD ViewSonic, as long the user do worry about the battery life. Users can thus safely at any time multimedia in brilliant HD quality enjoy VX2770Sml LED serves as the ideal second display.

Managing Director

TomTom business solutions, a leading provider of fleet management solutions, and DAKO Hamburg, 25.04.2013. TomTom business solutions, a leading provider of fleet management solutions, and DAKO, provider of solutions for compliance with working time on the basis of tachographs, enter into a strategic partnership. TomTom expands its services, thereby expanding its position in the transport and logistics industry. In the future we the remote readout speedometer data part of WEBFLEET offer from TomTom business solutions? Central part is that Fahrzeug-On on-board unit TomTom LINK routine is that the legal regulations of work and journey times in Europe have an ever-increasing role; predictably, and possibly also on the commercial use of vans and small trucks extended”, says Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of TomTom business solutions. Our goal is to help companies to take into account legal requirements cost-efficiently and without that the daily operation will be disturbed. Our solutions help customers better manage their vehicles and to comply at the same time national or Europe-wide regulations.

In the future we offer fleet efficiency and compliance from a single source.” In the framework of the partnership, both companies, to combine fleet management with tachograph services work. At the same time, both companies will continue to develop their own products. TomTom will integrate the new features in his ISO27001 certified WEBFLEET platform. In the course of the year, bringing to market a product is planned, a remote download the tacho data, their long-term archiving and analyzing law allows. With this partnership two market leaders join, which show that there is no contradiction, to comply with legal requirements and efficiently to control a fleet”, as Thomas Becker, CEO of DAKO company group. Currently, more than 20,000 business customers manage more than 250,000 vehicles with TomTom WEBFLEET.

WEDA Feeding

The WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH from Ammar bought her feeding machine 4PX”new and useful features of the program: with the current version, WEDA in particular sows holders are tools, which make the entire stable management even more efficient. The extensive software update enables a continuous data exchange and synchronization between the stable segments of deck area, waiting area and farrowing area. This data transfer is carried out via the network interface ISOagriNET. Absolutely new on the market: the sows now available as individual animals in the Group on the feed valve can be identified based on the new software architecture. This is, compared a technical innovation with previous versions, because the animals are no longer anonymous to the feeding trough. Also an external computer, how about the polling station “4PX SowComp” is thus the Flussigfutterungs computer via serial port read data.

This important data in the main computer are stored as the number of pig, the Respondernummer or the day of the cycle. The sow must only be be assigned to the corresponding feed valve. The all-in one solution by WEDA is thus a stable management system that simplifies the entire animal management and optimized: by registering in the computer system it is possible to control the movements of individual animals within the plant. Additional applications complete the WEDA program: Exchange data with a mobile data entry (MDE: offline solution for pigs with ear tag readers) will be much easier. The search function using the MDE is handy for keeping sows that the mobile device is connected to the work plan of the excellent computer. To show about the sows which significantly below their feeding set, the farmer about scanning the ear tags can identify easily the animals concerned. The concerned animal, the unit acknowledged the scan of the eartag with an acoustic alarm signal. The views of the display reveals the reason for the alarm the farmer promptly by displaying the data.

Also a supplement of amounts of feed may vary depending on the number of piglets the sows or Discount will be given. Finally, there is the system to admit an animal-individual amount of water at the valve through the inclusion of the water curve for each sow feed curve. As an online solution, it is also possible to control the processes with the W-mobile. All important data of the feeding are via Smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices to see and change all over the world or in the stable.