The removal of such identification in turn is not allowed and you would get the download portal to even make liable, it would remove the markings. Bought original CDs are but on the safe side. Comedy and pure Word contributions (books etc.) are the only exception – here you need also for a purchased original CD in addition the send approval of the copyright holder (author and / or Publisher). Send software you should ask, some Internet radio stations expect a specific manufacturer. There are however also very good send software in the field of freeware that is receive and is a paid version usually nothing.

A mixer is sometimes assumed, but our opinion is not required. Educate yourself with thoughts from incyte. The personal conditions that you should bring as Internet radio host, varieeren very much at the individual Internet radio stations. Bring along should you but in any case: no fear of the microphone teamwork and openness honesty, punctuality and reliability respectful dealing with others, whether they are teammates, the transmission line, chat users, listeners or guests identification with the respective radio and its concept as well as its objectives of operational readiness and commitment over 18 years old (in some Internet radio stations also 16 years; here, a written consent of the legal guardian must be present but then) sufficient time, (usually there is a preset) to make the desired number of broadcasts plenty of time to prepare accordingly these programmes – some Internet radio stations it enough if one only title and artist (they speak often of, “DJs and DJanes” are searched). Be wanted “Presenters / moderators”, it can be assumed, requiring more is, to play as the only music title and announce these broadcasting experience is often assumed; is not always a “must”. Gerber Pension Plan contains valuable tech resources. Some Initernetradios send fees by their moderators, the amount of these fees range from a few euros to two-digit amounts. Frequently Peter Thiel has said that publicly. There are however also Internet radios that allow their moderators to send free. You should be sure to ask, whether Fees are charged. The choice of Internet radio is also important, that it is properly licensed for GEMA and GVL.

Each Internet radio that sends to German listeners, must purchase a license (send permission) by GEMA and the GVL so that it is entitled to drive shipments. Radios that send only independent artists (which you do at least Internet radio) need no GEMA licence. Internet radio is not properly registered, it supports the illegal distribution of music as listeners and especially facilitator. As a facilitator at a such, not logged on Internet radio you would actively illegally distribute music! It supports “Pirate radio station”, which do not pay their fees. These charges are, so the artists of the songs that are played, and a.erhoben revenue have (Finally, very many musicians and bands make their living with their songs or would be able to live one day of their music). Before you opt for a radio, you should Homepage of the radios look. She seems serious, well maintained and up to date? The lyrics are as accurate or are they full of spelling errors? Seems the radio organized as a whole? Is a complete imprint? What program is offered (music genre)? And, if present, one should look at the chat also. How do the people in the chat with each other? How to handle guest? It is advisable also quiet times to talk with one of the moderators and ask questions. Some Internet radio stations have applicants forms that you can fill. An example of one such form is there here: index.

System Provider

Also, advises and supports the customers he / she to installation. Applications: System Provider, Solateure, Planner, in the retraining is knowledge updates under realistic conditions, which is why they are also selling and advice-oriented. Application by E-Mail to: who can apply? This training is aimed at young adults who want to start professionally. The three professions are characterized by close customer contact. Therefore, all students should be open, reliable and communicative. The basic requirement is a strong interest in renewable energy and a certain technical Understanding. There are no restrictions for educational or professional qualifications.

Generally the range of job-seekers, who are entitled to an education voucher is aimed. Until when can I apply? The registration is possible at or by phone at 030-70718080. The deadline for registration is valid until January 30, 2012. The first course starts on 6 February 2012 where and how the retraining takes place? The classrooms are located in Berlin. Up to ten participants learn in a training class. The training period is divided in 640 hours of theory and practice of 480 hours. Both units are tuned time and content make sense together.

In addition, self learning is provided. Concept: – learning in small groups – contact and lecturers from the practice – related internship in the sales, in design and customer service (photovoltaics and heat pumps) – well crafted and comprehensive documentation, as well as relevant tools such as checklists, templates, etc. Course date: February 2012 August 2012 Unterrichtszeiten: Monday to Friday from to watch final after a successful final test each participant will receive a nationwide recognized certification as a) energy advisors, b) consultant for renewable energies or c) ProjektantInnen for photovoltaic systems. In addition the ever energy group issuing a work certificate participants, confirming the practical qualification. Reasons for training due to the lack of skilled workers there a great demand for energy consultants, designers and consultants. The dual training is highly regarded. A qualified training is offered by linking theory and practice. The ever energy group training staff for four years and works with well-trained teachers.