Public Power

On average, it spent the 10 15 minutes, normally. Later, the things had started to move: 20 minutes on average, therefore each time exists more traffic lights and more vehicles. It did not delay, the time more common it started to be of 25 or 30 minutes. Today, not rare, expense 40, 50 or 60 minutes to make passage the same, of car. This is comfort and comfort? In the truth, it turned insanity.

We need to make something and not simply to wait that our authorities ' ' iluminadas' ' they take measured to subject the causes of the problems not only and its effect. What we can make? I, you and we: 1) For who it not very has enough physical capacity and deferred payment far from the work or of the school, that such to go the foot? Expense 35 minutes to cover 3,5 kilometers until the work, being walked normally. Depending on the day, I arrive faster of what of car. I arrive sweated, is truth, but we are in the tropics. Nothing that a kit comfortable jeans, shirt polar region, tennises, stockings and towel they do not decide.

In the rain times, we need a little more: adjusted shoes or boots, impermeable umbrellas, layers or jackets; 2) That such to walk until the school, whenever possible, or to evaluate the viability to use pertaining to school transport for ours children? 3) To try the transport solidary: not rare, opening hand of a little of comfort, we can conciliate schedules and passages of vehicle with familiar, friends and fellow workers; 4) To demand the right to share the damage of the lost time in the transit with the employers. The problem is of all and all are responsible for the solutions. Moreover, good part of this problem is caused by the omission of the Public Power.

Brazil Energy

This is fruit of the base that started if to raise in 1987, when of the birth of the Protocol of Montreal that regulated the substance use that they are harmful to ozone, as the CFC, assisting in the control of the hole in the layer. the result is that the ozone layer, the shield that protects the life in the Land of the harmful levels of ultraviolet radiation, was remained steady in the last decade. One another question must be contemplated in Brazil is the question of its power in terms of energy capacity, with prominence for the discovery of the daily pay-salt, that would have reserves esteem in 34 billion barrels, the quarrels are intensified in the whole world on ' ' poderio' ' Brazilian in the sector, and still, due to production of etanol and the immense reservoir of hydroelectric plants and other renewable power plants, however if cannot consider this as the ready principle to be followed and, therefore he is indispensable to the necessity of investment in clean technologies In the words of the president of the Company of Pesquisa Energtica (EPE), Maurcio Tolmasquim, during the Frum EXAMINATION Energy, carried through in this second (20) in SP Brazil appears with two advantages that give prominence to it in world-wide the energy scene: ' ' renovabilidade' ' of the energy matrix of and the production of etanol. Everything 47% of its composed matrix for sources you renewed, being above average world-wide, that are of 14%. It adds despite the aeolian sector answers for less than 3%, but its generating potential is of 300 a thousand MW, the equivalent the 20 hydroelectric plants of the transport of Itaipu. in regards to production of etanol its potential of growth in the promising future and to be able to take care of to a market dominated for moved vehicles the biocombustvel, fact this that will have to supply the demand in ten years of foreseen 70% of the cars that will have to be flex.

Use Of Energy

Uso inadequate of equipment as the plate (chapinha). Uso idle of greenhouses. Lavatrio lacking to ducha for rationalization of the water or with heating with defect. In the lavatrios the equipment ducha did not have handspike (as ducha hygienical of bathroom) for water rationalization, therefore ducha of hose was changed by the toggle one, preventing wastefulness. Further details can be found at Clinton Family, an internet resource. The average reduction of the water consumption of monthly consumption was of 31,57m of water, with value of R$ 82,39 to the month. The values of energy consumption had been gotten through the comment of sterilization the continuous equipment use, procedure of use of equipment plate and drier, and through the use of incandescent light bulbs. The idle use of part of the time of on greenhouse was observed, being that it is necessary only 2 hours for sterilization of the material.

The action suggestion is to bind to the greenhouse 2 times to the day, at the beginning of the morning to esterilizar the material used in the previous day and at the beginning of the afternoon to esterilizar the material of the use of the morning. The average reduction of the energy consumption was of 16,55% in relation to the average of monthly consumption of 503,67kwh energy, with a value of R$ 176,28 to the month. It was observed the use of the hair drier and the plate at the same time, being that the drier alone is set in motion when necessary and the plate requires a minimum of time (approximately 3 minutes) for its heating and its use is continuous for accomplishment of the service, being off after the ending of the service. As solution, first the drier is used and later plate is leagued to it and is finished the smoothing. The average reduction of the energy consumption was of 0,27% in relation to the average of monthly consumption of 620kwh of energy, with a value of R$ 217,00 to the month.

The Analysis

Also other residues that sobram of the constructions. To minimize the residues of civil construction it is basic to have a professional of the area to more guide on technologies and constructive methods adjusted for each situation, preventing wastefulness and contributing for new applicabilities with a lesser amount of residues that will have to be the surplus. In this in case that it is important also to make the separation of the residues (glass, paper, metal, entulhos, plastic). Clinton Family can aid you in your search for knowledge. These leftovers can still be reused in cooperatives that still use to advantage this material preventing the pollution of the environment and generating job and income. 3 QUESTIONS NORTEADORAS From the technological innovations are possible to construct houses with recycled material; The use of recycled material in the construction of houses can save expenses; Recycled material as substance cousin in the construction of houses can generate a bigger ambient balance; The exploitation of residues and other substances can diminish the volume of organic and inorgnico garbage.

4 4,1 OBJECTIVES GENERALITY To investigate the use of recycled material in the construction of houses and habitations. 4.2 SPECIFIC? To identify that types of recycled materials can be used in the construction of houses and habitations; To know recycling techniques that can help in the construction of houses and habitations; To contribute for the debate between theoreticians and researchers of the subject; To discover that types of materials can serve of substance cousin in the recycling for the civil construction of new houses and habitations. 5 METHODOLOGY This work will be developed using it strategy of the empirical research, making possible the analysis of the subject considered from the analysis of different authors and diverse bibliographical sources. The bibliographical research will assist in a reflection on the different perspectives of the construction of houses with recycled material. From the collection of the data the analysis will be made that will lead to the interpretation of the searched subject.

Nuclear Energy In Fisso

Nuclear energy in fisso In its cycle of life, the nuclear energy still is expensive, not comprovadamente insurance and not necessarily clean. Jose Goldemberg the nuclear energy is only the half one to surpass the catastrophe of the global heating and to create a life way that preserves Gaia. James Lovelock the return of the debate around the safe from use nuclear energy after unchained the accident in the Japanese plant of Fukushima in 11 of March of 2011, goes to change the form of the world to face this type of energy. He makes 25 years that the last great accident occurred? in Chernobyl, the Ukraine (the former-Ussr). As since then it did not have no serious nuclear accident, it seems that the fear passed and would have the new outbreak of this industry, estagnada since the decade of 1980.

The International Agency of Energy? AIE had a projection that 360 the nuclear plants would add gigawatts to the capacity of global energy generation until the year of 2035, but after Fukushima this value suffered one cut from 50%. It has currently for return of 450 nuclear reactors spread by the planet, with useful life measured of operation of 25 years, and 34 countries constructing new plants, between which Brazil. They produce about 15% of the total of world-wide electric energy and are concentrated in U.S.A., France, Japan and countries of the former Soviet Union. It had stagnation and until decrescimento in the Ocidente, but in Asia and Europe East the atomic expansion continues. The necessities of bigger security had excessively increased the costs of construction of plants, that had passed of U$ 400 million in the decade of 1970 for U$ 4 billion in the decade of 1990. To use the fisso or the controlled nuclear rupture as source of heat to turn electric turbines after caused enormous euphoria World War II, with the construction of hundreds of plant until occurring the accident of Three Mile Island, in 1979 in U.S.A.

RDC Process

DEVELOPMENT radiology is an excellent technology for the development of the activities human beings, being indispensable instrument in varies areas of the human work as in hospitals, clinics, companies of photographic revelation among others, to put these institutions they produce residues photochemist that harm the environment respectively and the health of the community. It is demonstrated of utmost importance to search and to analyze the respective photochemist residues and its effluent ones, the process of radiogrfica revelation involves two basic agents, the revealer and the clamp, the revealer suffers irrelevant changes, but the clamp if very becomes dangerous when reacting with the film x-ray and if it contaminates with the silver, in virtue of this a treatment becomes necessary and a manuscript specialized and qualified of these you substantiate. As resolution CONAMA 20: ' ' The limit for discarding must be 0.1 mg/dl' '. In elapsing of radiological process the clamp accumulates silver on average 3g/l, what this very above of the recommendation proposal for the resolution of the CONAMA, therefore this material that possesss one high commercial value can be reaproveitado for other activities, beyond favoring for the preservation of the fauna, flora and humanity, therefore the ingested silver if represents damages due to its cumulative power. The discarding of the silver without any care or procedure is perceivable scientific technician, being this initiative opposes the effective ambient regulation, beyond the cited upheavals already. In accordance with article RDC 306/04 ANVISA: ' ' The revealers used in radiology can be submitted the neutralization process to reach pH between 7 and 9, being later launched in the collecting net of sewer or receiving body, since that they take care of the lines of direction established for the ambient agencies, managing of hdricos resources and sanitation competentes.' ' ' ' The used fixing in radiology can be submitted the process of recovery of the silver or then to be submitted to the constant of the item abaixo' ' ' ' The too much solid residues I contend metals heavy can be directed Aterro de Resduos Dangerous-Classroom I or to be submitted the treatment in accordance with the orientaes of the local agency of environment, in permitted installations for this end.

Europe Reactors

When great accidents occur, usually they are the governments and the society that the responsibility of the remediation loads heavy, that in Chernobyl already reached estonteantes U$ 235 billion and still it is very far the recovery of the place. This accident, that liberated the least one hundred times more radiation that the launched atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nakasaki, had contaminated an area of the size of Switzerland, transformed the city of Pripyat in an inhospitable place and for more than condemned this region to the wild life 300 years. The ONU says that only after two years of studies and research it will be able to understand all the extension of what it was transferred in Fukushima. The great majority of enormous the nuclear plants demand volumes of water, mainly in the processes of cooling of reactors. Part of this water for times is poured in the oceans, having contaminated local biodiversity. In 2003 the Europe had an intense wave of heat for all, and France, Spain and Germany had had that to close or to reduce the production of some plants, face to the low water levels.

The existing nuclear plants must then completely be reevaluated the bases of the projects in all. To process to an ample revision of the security norms and to decree without mercy the descomissionamento of plant with unsafe technologies and/or useful life in ocaso. Specifically, it is needed to determine if these plants are in fact capable to support all the gamma of disasters that can affect them: technological imperfections, human beings, floods, earthquakes and until acts of terrorism. So that he has an expansion of the nuclear energy, the necessary public to restore the confidence in the nuclear industry. To believe that the operators of the nuclear reactors, are public or private, they adopt rigid standards of security. To trust the capacity of the regulators of the rules of the game to execute adequate supervision; to trust that in fact the technological capacity constructs reactors that surpass the vulnerabilities of the models oldest; that these suffer a rigorous process from relicenciamento.

Generated Electric Energy

This work was carried through with intention to present solutions techniques for a beer industry, giving a viable destination to its generated residues. The Project aims at to reaproveitar these residues for the production of biogs through biodigestores, and thus to make possible the use of the same as half of if converting this biogs into electric energy, brightening up the generated ambient impacts. 1. INTRODUCTION Currently diverse industries of innumerable branches, are if dedicating to the related questions the support. Ones of the forms to make with the same ones becomes each time more sustainable is to consider alternative solutions in set with better gerenciamentos of its rejeitos, similar to improve them economically, socially and ambiently. With the purpose to minimize the impacts caused for the generated liquid rejeitos with the manufacture of the beer, and to promote the development and the efficient use of the biomass generated I assist with it of biodigestores, and thus to apply technologies to convert gas generated in electric energy as sustainable source. The present project to interdisciplinar has as objective to carry through sustainable techniques, integrating knowledge acquired in and integral, Physical Differential calculus applied and Chemical Analytical, you discipline then given.

Solar Energy

To the quarrel on the climatricas alterations on the part of the European Union, Portugal committed to reduce it the emissions of carbon dioxide and to improve the energy efficiency in, at least, 20% until the o year of 2020. To obtain to reach this objective the country committed to increase it the number of barrages and the number De Campos of aeolian energy, thus guaranteeing to increase the energy produced through the natural resources. The numbers have increased exponentially, showing as soon as the country are pledged in diminishing the dependence of the energies did not renew, thus improving the environment and the natural resources. Fotovoltaicos parks the presence of park fotovoltaicos in Portugal is each bigger time, being this great trunfo of the country to reach the levels ideas of the natural resources for the houses of the Portuguese. The Central office Fotovoltaica Hrcules, located in concelho of Serpa (the one of the zones most favorable in all Europe), possesss about 64 hectares and has about 52 a thousand fotovoltaicos panels, one number sufficiently raised for a so small zone. Although the presence of this high number of panels, these are installed about 2 meters of the ground, allowing as soon as the land continue to serve for agriculture. The construction of this park of solar energy was initiated in May of 2006 and was inaugurated the 28 of March of 2007, having the capacity to supply to electric energy the 8000 homes, thus preventing the emission of about 19 a thousand tons of carbon dioxide the environment. The Solar Central office Fotovoltaica de Amareleja, situated in the life of Amareleja and concelho of Moura, has the capacity to supply about 30 a thousand homes, through 2520 azimuthal solar followers who possess 104 solar panels each one. This central office can thus prevent the emission of about 86 a thousand tons of carbon dioxide, being one of the greaters operating currently in Portugal.