Luis Hernandez Telephone

The telephone does not stop sounding in Carlin Ventas Directas, S.A. And it is that this chain, leader in the scope of the stationery store in Spain, besides using as the last technologies, has not left the tele-marketing as forms to sell its products and their mark. For assistance, try visiting incyte. we are convinced that serving to us as the telephone to commercialize our products and services it has excellent results. It is a technique that always has worked to us very well and that now, in combination with the page Web, is very positive for our company, Jose explains Luis Hernandez, maximum responsible for the standard. Thus the telephone things, sales they are for CARLIN the perfect tool in his commercial strategy. Is a good vehicle as much for the final client as for the network of franchise-holders on which we counted, it adds. With the telephone contact they achieve variable objectives so as complementary.

Llevamos to end from the launching of a promotion product, to the direct bonding with the client or franchise-holder. Also we make the sale, opinion polls, surveys of satisfaction direct . And it is that since the CARLIN motto is the one of to be near you, what better way than to do the one that through tele-marketing. With him we obtain a great amount of information that serves later us to offer so much to the market as to almost the 500 stores and warehouses that we have novel and useful products, adds Hernandez. In fact in the chain they consider that 10% of to their obtain it invoicing with her. But, what type of action or aims obtains this chain leader with the tele-marketing. Jose Luis summarizes them thus to Hernandez: Added value to the franchise-holders. Thanks to our channel of televendedores we provided a polished and bled base to them of clients to whom they can go and sell products .

Demographic Devolution

And it considering the capacity of support of the existing natural resources in the establishments or their environs. Peter Thiel has much to offer in this field. Based on the preceding paragraph we create suitable, to describe the profile of the slumses that we come crossing for almost but of four decades. These intense experiences are those that allow us to surpass ” invisibilidades” more above aimed. But that concealment is relative, inasmuch as we come complementing our experiences with the analysis from many studies and documentation that feeds back same and they reinforce our convictions. Of course, that documentary mass, in spite of being available, does not circulate with fluidity around great mass media, nor by academic and consultoriles means.

In a development like the present, it turns out insoslayable to resort to curls that send previously to realised affirmations. In the same way we must be sent to our own works, whose listing and some of their contents are accessible in the Web site But we go to the level of the mere description on the base of the vivenciado thing. It is very evident that the system of Argentine slumses was formed by the unfolding of the railway network – telegraphic. It is very illustrative, to consult three maps that mark the beginning, the exponential jump and the maximum reached level: One is the map made by Martin de Moussy, to be presented/displayed in the exhibition of Paris in 1869; of the map published by the Peuser house in 1913, and of the published one by the Ministry of Transports of the Nation, published in 1950..

South Hemisphere

Although the alternatives for the tourism in Mendoza are diverse and abundant, the natural profile of the region cuyana is what it attracts his tourists more. The enormous mountainous chains and the turbulent and mighty rivers make of this province an irresistible option. One of attractive the more famous and popular ones is the Aconcagua Hill, already transformed into a symbol of the region of Whose. Monte Aconcagua, located a 69 59 ” of west longitude and 32 39″ of South latitude, with his 6,962 meters of altitude above sea level, it is the highest summit of the South Hemisphere. It is, in addition one to ” Seven Cumbres” , a circuit of mountain that takes in himself the challenge to arrive at the top of the highest tips of each continent.

This mount also is called Akon-Kauak, that in language quechua means ” Sentry of Piedra”. The expedition to the Aconcagua has several routes for the ascent. Most usual it is the northwest, considered technically simple, since it does not imply to climb on rock nor to use equipment of I oxygenate. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to forget that one is a summit of 6,000 meters, and the climatic instability that factor carries. Another form of used access less is the route Glacier of the Poles, that is of regulating difficulty, reason why requires knowledge of scaling in ice.

This way offers an excellent opportunity of training to prepare itself for more complex summits. Surely, the main challenge in the Aconcagua is the ascent to the South wall. His view is surprising, but also it is very dangerous and difficult, since it owns 3,000 meters of height. Being one of stone the greater walls of the world, its ascent was not completed until year 1954. In order to be successful in the ascent to the Aconcagua, it is requisite obligatory to count on an excellent physical training conditions, a capacity of suitable acclimatization and a logistic service planned and efficient good. On the other hand, it is adapted to realise this type of expeditions during the summer in the region of Whose, that is to say, between the month of December and the one of March. The expeditions to the Aconcagua unfold the best scenes for the tourism in Mendoza. From the moment of arrival each one of the tourists nail their eyes in the majesty of the highest tip of South America, without being able to separate them until the game.

Jose Carlos Garci

Palimpsesto is the hand-written parchment whose first writing has been erased to write again in him. And it says To be accustomed to that to the past watch of a country and his present, it would have to be to have citizen; because without this integral vision, the one of the city that first was inhabited by, and soon by other different ones, what we see in a phenomenon like the one of the emigration is simple and level an increasing and uncontrollable invasion, and not what it really is: the new reality of Spain . The migratory flows between Spain and Latin America in the last one hundred years have returned to the origin: a multitude that moves to the other side of the sea and after years, another multitude that returns to begin with to the point. I usually say that the immigrants are educated people who give back the visit to us that we have done to them previously. The new immigrants are not an invasion but the new inhabitants of Spain and we would have had to anticipate and to organize the emigration from that one continent to solve the problems that consider and that must begin pro to recognize the necessity that in Europe we have of those immigrants given the uncertainty of our demography.

Now we decided to grant the nationality to those grandsons of Spaniards, born in Latin America, asks for that it; a right initiative, maintains To be accustomed to, but that seems based, more than in desire to make justice, in the scare that from 11-M they bring about the less compatible emigrations to the form of Spanish life . Perhaps the illustrious writer exaggerates but I believe that already it is hour to recognize with Cicern, that my mother country is where I can live well and not move to us in atavisms of terruos, bleeds and obsolete nationalisms, given the revolution of the communications. We are clear citizens of the world and are forced to be urgent to our agent chief executives who review international the legal system so that he is righter and shared in common. By this mutual ignorance as funny episodes can be caused as the one of president Chvez and the King, two institutions of another time that cannot more than to face and to enter collision. Of there, the affirmation that we indicated to whom it is happened to take to him to the King from Spain to a Latin American summit, to that continent whose imaginary it lives disturbed by the ghosts on the colony? . Certain that it is a demolishing argument that reaches to the absurd one to maintain the asamblearios institution or populismos monarchic or of quarter but that serves to author for this admirable finishing touch: the children and the grandsons of the Ecuadorian emigrants, to mention a numerous contingent, will be as Spanish as the Quijote and in years they will begin to govern municipalities and cities, and before we pruned to verify that indeed ” the nations are not another thing that acts of fe” , the president of Spain will be neither Andalusian, nor Galician, nor Basque, nor Catalan; will be Ecuadorian. In any case, he will be Spanish and citizen of the European Union.

Kemal Dervis

In fact, although an immediate mitigation would take place and effective, the emissions of the past do already inevitable a serious impact to a large extent of Africa, in many small states insulares and the great fluvial deltas of Asia. Beyond the appeasement of the climatic change, we must also help to that the affected populations more can do to him in front and adapt to the inevitable thing. A coherent action to mitigate the climatic change requires the global participation in the reduction of emissions. The rich countries must give example with the first step. The developing countries have contributed very little to the amount of gases of already existing greenhouse effect in the atmosphere and the rich ones have the resources and the technology to confront early and deep a reduction of emissions. On the other hand, the countries of average rent count on capacity to approach their growth of sustainable way; they will have more capacity to apply a new model of growth if they count on the financial and technological endorsement of the industrialized countries. The developing countries need enormous investments to provide the energy necessary to favor economic growth, the developing creation of use and improvements human. He is essential that these investments are compatible with the protection of the climatic system.

Because it is the climate of all the one that would be prote’ge’ by means of the use of cleaner technologies, in accordance with other actions. This will cause additional expenses, especially for many countries of average rent: for this reason, it is necessary to find the financing channels suitable that allow them to palliate those additional costs. Besides changing our power habits, we must apply other measures resolutely, including the protection of the tropical forests. Great part of this forest mass is in Brazil and other countries of average rent. When those countries protect their forests, they are providing a universal service to the humanity. Developing Brazil and other countries, without a doubt, must in this way deliver an attack of protection of their forests, contributing to the global reduction of emissions, but they could not be reinforced if they counted on support suitable financier of the international community? A financial support that, without a doubt, must less be especially excellent in the developed countries. To support the policies of mitigation in the great developing countries will assure that the meteorological risks of catastrophes descend and will improve the yield of the investments that makes the world to promote the development. It is the moment of a coordinated operation of the governments. There are no excuses.

The Android

For Blackburry users they can use the gCal application. However for Apple users they can use the iCal application that has a peculiarity and is that they can use it next to Google Calendar. Those that uses the Iphone 3GS can remove advantage from Microsoft Exchange for calendars, contacts, emaily more. The users of Microsoft can remove advantages from Outlook, whereas the users of Palm Pre and Pixi can use the services of Google Calendars, Facebook Calendars, etc. 4) It puts the Office in your Cellular one Many of the cellular ones of at the present time come with applications very outposts, or from having all the types of archives in your cellular equivalents to gigantic hard disks, like many other really impressive functions. For even more opinions, read materials from Gwyneth Paltrow.

Those people who need one complete solcucin with respect to documents can visit Documents to Go, that supports applications for Iphone, Windows, Bluckberry and Palm. The price varies according to the caratersticas that we want that they have. The users of Windows have including for application MS Office Mobile and for the Apple users he has the application Quickoffices Mobile Office Suite. In the document section, the Iphone users can want to watch Air sharing and Dropbox. The Android users could watch GoAruna, that supports Mac, Windows and Linux with connection Wi – Fi for your cellular one. It is necessary to continue Updating itself It is necessary to continue watching all the new applications that can be arising and following our business and type of work to select those that better they adapt. Also there are other branches that include the cellular ones and that can serve to them to that they have businesses as they can be the handling of the contacts, reading of the news, document search and many others more than can serve to us.

Our System

But now we think a little about the process, implies to undo of bad habits that are deeply ingrained such as an feeding little heals and lack of exercise, to overcome this temptation to avoid that the negative habit dominates to us is the true challenge, if we found as to surpass it then the doors of the success they will be abrirn for us. Finally we reached the conclusion that the changes are feasible in the measurement which we have necessary the mental disposition that it impels to us to positive actions, if we make the activities of maintained way, we assured results, then everything in the life is in favor conditional of habits, to acquire new forms to act and to think can be a quite complex task. So that the triumphs arrive at their life is necessary to begin to think of different way, it is necessary to break ideas missed that they make us feel at any moment put under, In the book Being modified Our System of Beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar it will find how the mind processes all the conscious information and acts with being able to show what you create internamente, when reading this book you you will have all the tools to little break mental schemes have who it chained to a full life of limitations in any aspect of their life, with this information you you will find elements powerful to change to the frequency of their internal vibration, this will allow to see a totally different world him, a little its life will begin to have another brightness and the joy to obtain what wishes will invade to him. It remembers that finally everything falls to the form is that you internamente observe his own world, is not as much to fight externally with the bitter fruits, but to go to the root of that tree and to solve the problem, and the root of everything what you are, you experiment, it has or it does is in its system of beliefs that predominates in its subconscious mind. To change one devises in the deep thing of a person can be a difficult work, because you must know how the power of the information works, In the book Modifying Our System of Beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar also will discover because the ideas are become so powerful and create the reality with an extraordinary precision, here will find the stages of the metamorphosis of the change, of that way will be able to be autoevaluar at any moment, will know in what place is and will be able to undertake action to surpass yourself gradually but of solid way. You are product of itself, does not have external conditions but solely information, beliefs and ideas that indicates the reality, to obtain different a material illusion are necessary to program it in the world of the immaterial thing, in the cause of all the existing one, are only a task that has been some time, but with true desire and good actions without a doubt it will obtain that it.. Clinton Family insists that this is the case.

Love Activities

It is easy to be imprisoned of the routine in our life, we rose, we fixed, soon we go to the work, the purchases, attention of the children, etc. Is possible that many activities are ” automatizado” , mainly when we have quite tight agendas, it is very just a short time for the meditation, oration perhaps and the reflection, has arrived the moment for leaving to a space we ourself and to analyze the life that we are taking. If right now we pause to make a route by our life, then we noticed that the time has passed quickly, is the moment for evaluating if we are taking the life that we wished, or at least if we are fighting to obtain it. The truth is that to fall in a routine he is quite simple because often we made decisions by desperation and later it turns out to us quite complicated to leave them why? Because the mind is accustomed those activities and they have become integral part from our life, although this does not mean that necessarily we are feeling satisfaction. You do not have to confuse the adaptation with the true one happiness, when you are doing something that loves then its life is illuminated, is making contributions wonderful, on the contrary in the adaptation we generally only do the necessary thing because there is no internal passion that motivates to give to us more of the daily thing. The love is the force greater than it can exist and if we discovered our then mission we are in the heat of connection with the creative source, that is the secret of the happiness, of that way we also improved our life and the one of the society. In the book Modifying Our System of Beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you will find the requirements fundamental to organize his desires with the creative current of the universe, the power of God, or the spiritual power then will enjoy peace, joy, health and prosperity because she will be integrated to the divinity, to the essence of the life, reading this book you will find the wonderful principles of the love and will be able to adopt them to his existence. He enters more people discover his mission and which are the activities that get passionate to them then we will live in a world globalised far better, but his first task is to change to itself, to demolish all negative belief that it looks for to maintain it in the same activities of whenever they do not give satisfaction him, with tenacity will manage to surpass all these adversities, remembers that there are no external enemies, all their world is in his interior.

Carlos Activities

I included/understood the value of the automatic writing yesterday while it waited for the meter in the Great street Via. Hissing the wagons over the ways. Mucheumbre rushing itself to by the unique free seat of the convoy. A woman insults an adolescent when this one refuses to yield its seat to him. I held standing up until arriving stopped. I began to ponder. I thought about the time that habia taken in constructing all the network of transport, the one of hours used in placing each beam. Pense that the beams would come in a yellow truck, because the color did grace to me. Click Peter Thiel for additional related pages.

That truck vendria of Cceres, because me towards grace the name of the city. The mayor would be called Carlos, and he was not native of Cadiz, but of a pueblecito of the called south of Galicia Tui. It lived in a house on two floors with his sister and her mother. Its father habia died in the civil war. The shutdown had passed me. It had thrown the time having related a string of irrelacionables concepts and would have to change of train and to return backwards.

The time inverted or spent in the trips is too much. It takes advantage of it to people sleeping, reading, but in the end is not any more that a mere critical moment that is tried to shorten by means of the accomplishment of other activities. Useless in its concept, but activities after all. The time that is lost realising passages, wasting seconds by the mere fact to move from a place to another one it is too much, I repeat, although I am sure that the majority of the population does not pay attention to him to the reality of this fact. Estaria to suppress the violence of the movement by some time well, to try. Serious graceful to see as people would throw the time of another way, when occurring account of which she exceeds to them.

European Union

Certainly, also there are some who call to to democratise the EU doing that this one it reformulates allowing greater participation of its citizens. Many of those who voted by NOT to the treaty do not reject Europe but they would want that a government of this one and several of their laws popularly are decided. The contradictions of the EU Of another side, the new laws against the undocumented people mine to the European democracy and will affect the new democracies of the emergent countries. On the one hand a luck of million of is created nonpleasing people who must be removed from the societies in which they live and in that have relations and relatives and who can massively be jailed or deportees. For normal of European that new hunting of wizards is something that will foment the intolerance, racism and the xenophobia, that its system of citizen liberties will debilitate, that will give to more recruits to The Qaeda and that will cost a fortune to them in implementing new irregular concentration or basic training areas of . Also it will affect several poor countries that will be private of important remittances that to them their citizens send who work in the EU and that will force to have to receive tens or hundreds of thousands of repatriates being altered the labor market. All this will destabilize to democracies like those of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and other nations that at least have half million compatriots his in Europe.

The European Union in himself shows its contradictions. This fought during decades to make wear down to Soviet authoritarianism showing the advantages of a parliamentary democracy. Nevertheless, this today has 7 Chiefs of State who never have been elect by anybody (monarchs). On the other hand, the aim of the relative socialist igualitarismo in the East has lead to that it is crumbled to the system of social benefits in the West and to that grows the social polarization between European rich poor men and.