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People quickly identify us for the work we do is good to grow in popularity. 5 Choose a target audience and work on. Think about who is going to see it before making a video is important, since point to all sides does not usually give good result. Put in the place of the user will do you offer better content. 6 Vary and be dynamic. We cannot always do the same type of video or in the same way. Be original and creative is a plus point. 7.

Become partner of Youtube. You will have to meet several requirements but you’ll get benefits in visibility of your videos, you leave a link which explains how to get to become a Partner on Youtube. 8 Interact with other Youtube users and seek partnerships. It is never easy to do with vloggers with many followers, especially if we have spent little time creating content. Either way, if we know we will get make us a name on Youtube. Surround ourselves with a community to our surrounding is something very important to create virality of our videos and channel. 9 Care descriptions, titles and tags on our videos.

Upload a video to Youtube has the double work of preparing it to make it easy to find by any user. All descriptive text that we can add will be indexed and will people find you easily. 10 Read, listen and respond to your audience. Comments are important to learn and correct errors. technology investor shines more light on the discussion. It should also be considered that Youtube is a social network itself, interact in it is important for us to become a popular user.

Making Money Online

How to make money on the internet the first $ 1000, how much is real? I think a lot of asking myself this question. Imagine such a picture, you do not go to work, sit at home behind a computer and receive every month a thousand dollars. Is it not just a dream? But most interesting is that there is nothing fantastic, for some people it has long become a reality, as earlier had been a monthly advance and pay for the firm. The only thing that lies between that reality, which I painted and one in which you are now, it's time. Time, knowledge and a great desire, that's what is thereby connecting bridge at the intersection of the worlds – people, computers and more money. At Naveen Selvadurai you will find additional information. Look around the globe, like a spider's web, shrouded world global network.

Huge rivers, streams and storm flows of money change hands every minute, transferred from one computer to another. People make money online they have discovered a new source of income, and the name of that source – the Internet. If you do not have your electronic purse payment system Webmoney, then immediately open it (download the video tutorial "How to create a purse Webmoney '). Electronic money for the user of the Internet, it became as natural as an ordinary wallet in the pocket of your clothing. That Webmoney, is ubiquitous payment system on the network, it is on every site that accepts payments. You can buy software, books, CDs, pay for hosting, domain, internet connection, replenish mobile phone account and even pay utility bills and cable television, and all this without even getting up from a chair front of your computer.

The First Step Toward Freelancing

If you have lost their jobs or just tired of stupid leaders. If you believe that it is time to start working for yourself, it is time you become a freelancer. Who are also the freelancers? Freelancer – an employee who works remotely. In this kind of activity has its own advantages and drawbacks. On the positive side can be ranked no need to go to work every day at the office, listening to stupid suggestions leaders participate in office intrigues.

As for dignity, they are fairly conventional. For example, a minus or a plus is the lack of a permanent wage? Rather it is a plus, because in this case, you hope only for myself and generally become more demanding of itself, but it is a very good effect on your self-esteem. Following conditional negative – the lack of formal work experience, which in turn is displayed on your pension. But let's a sober look at the pensions of ordinary citizens who worked all his life, only for pensions, it is quite clear that this was not a significant loss. While working freelance, you can pretty safely invest their free money purchase pension and dividends are not bad. In order to begin to work remotely you will need a very strong desire to become independent and successful. Special programs for freelance help you in your work. On Today's most popular professions in freelancing are: optimizers, photographers, copywriters, translators, programmers, web designers, designers. And this list is not complete. Every job that performed remotely, certainly falls into this list.

Kazan Web Studios

Advertise on paper today is no longer working. After all, we have rarely read informational ads in newspapers and on billboards. For ads on television channels require large cash expenditures, who can afford not everyone. For information increasingly use the Internet services. Therefore, by any kind of business, it is very important to have everything well-advertised website.

To increase the flow visitors and customers is essential to optimization and promotion web resource, thereby improving the promotion of search engine Rambler, Yandex, Google. Undoubtedly, the promotion of a site with a global network – the the best and affordable way to advertise any business activity. In this case it is good to have this resource to advance to top positions in search engines. Naveen Selvadurai understood the implications. To attract customers real useful to promotion in the region. Accordingly, the most acceptable solution – promotion of sites of Kazan. The site must not only attend regular users, but also need to make to attract potential customers who subsequently acquire your product.

Consequently, an important role should take comfortable navigation through the site. Web site promotion can be internal or external. These works are necessary for quick search information through search engines. In the interior work is carried out audit of competitive sites and compare them with yours, then determined the appropriate keywords and the correct selection of topics. Particular attention should be paid texts, while placing some interesting information, keyword stuffing. A clear site structure, clean code, meta tags properly filled out – all this forms the basis of optimizing your site, which allows search engines to better understand its structure and, therefore, to move to the top ranks. External works include prostanovku links to your site on other sites and make up the bulk of its promotion. Also, enough high-quality way of promotion the site is writing articles about your company. This labor-intensive process produces excellent results. Well, when placing ads in directories can significant rise in the leading position, bringing with information to more users. Go to the advancement and promotion of a site should be treated professionally and responsibly. Therefore, companies offering instant promotion, and may not meet the original goals. Only experienced professionals are able to promote your business to new levels.


Purchase any goods in shops in the west – a usual thing. The familiar point that many prefer to just shop online. Internet-shops in Ukraine in general and in Kharkiv in particular, though been in existence for several years, however, can not boast such a demand. Deal with the fact that both are in the market in our region, let's try in this material. Read this reading matter in the first place will be helpful to potential customers of online stores, but all the other participants of this market, owners directly online stores, those who have just decided to do this business, and all simple Internet users, this article may also be interested. To date, online shops in Kharkov, there are about two dozen. To count the exact number of work very difficult, since that specifically call the online store to determine at times impossible.

So, for example, can be considered an online store everyone who offers through its web site to buy something from him, or both that is steeper, offering goods on the Internet without their own web site. With this approach, you can really count fifty Kharkov good online stores. But let's leave the mass of home-grown Internet marketers and go to those who by virtue of the presence of nizheoboznachennyh reason is, in my opinion, an online store that deserves your attention. So, try to list these determinants in order Importance: Own the web site. Catalog. It is desirable to clearly structured, with required fields filled in 'description', 'price' and 'presence' for each item.

Free Forum Hosting Web

How to create a forum for free? Perhaps you already have a website or you're just going to create it and are looking for a suitable solution. In all cases, should consider establishing a forum. The Forum is a very effective and interesting tool for Web communication, and can complement an existing site or be completely separate and independent project. Moreover, that modern technology now allow everyone to create a forum free and based on a simple design, while leaving the user almost unlimited possibilities pesonalizatsii all settings – from exterior finishing and any subtleties functioning. Thus, the service offers free forums Forum2x2.ru all categories of users to create a forum for free, quickly and with maximum efficiency. Determined to create a forum for free at Forum2x2.ru, you can:>> New Forum having a complete standard set of features and is constantly expanding its capabilities through regular updates. >> Build a professional acting forum without resorting to programming and the use of codes – from I'm not owning up to web design>> With the help of advanced tools to monitor the development of the Forum and its promotion to the possibility of some forums Forum2x2:>> Unlimited space for the forum>> + 3000 free styles index on an international platform for the exchange of copyrighted styles>> More than 100 case free domains to host the forum>> personal domain name and personal email>> chat, gallery, portal, calendar, RPG, Blogs A graphic and intuitive user interface makes managing the Admin forum accessible to absolutely all categories of users.


Of course, the logo is not always necessary: in general, it is included in the web-pages just in case, if the site has commercial focus. The bulk of the document is the so-called text box – the area where located and semantic content page informative informative text and illustrations. These elements are called con-tent (from English, content – the content). Placement of the text field depends primarily on how the web-designer to place the remaining elements of the document. Another necessary component part web-page are navigation elements – hyperlinks, linking the document to other sections of the site.

Navigation items can be fulfilled in the form of lines of text, graphics, buttons, ie, either active components, for example Java-applets. The latter are the same buttons, which, unlike their traditional sisters know how to react to mouse movements, performing when you hover the mouse over them any easy steps (Inclusion of light, creating the effect of depression, change shape, etc.). As I mentioned in the General section, 'postulates' web-design, the navigation should be placed so that they were always in sight, close at hand, the is such that the user does not have to wind off a page back, if the text box height is more physical screens, after which the long search for links to other topics. The most well-established approach is the placement of navigation elements at the left of the page. At the bottom of the document taken to publish information about the developers of the site and e-mail address of the resource on which visitors can send owners page your feedback, and suggestions. If the web-page is the starting document in the bottom of the well placed hit counter – a little script that invokes on the server-CGI-script which records each opening of the document in a browser, users, changing the value of the indicator meter. Through this web-master to easily determine the number of visitors, to visit his page for any time.

Restaurants Management

Restalo presents its exclusive system of reserves for restaurants first management were free dinners!, then the application for the iPhone with more than 6,000 restaurants and now a booking for restaurants management system. Restalo works to always be at the forefront of technology. Its management system allows manage all restaurant reservations instantly, swiftly, with a simple and modern design. Without prior installation, this software will allow you to manage all online reservations and phone a restaurant, its availability, customers and much more. A revolutionary method that will ease the work and can get the most out of free reserves. Anytime, from any computer, access to the management of the reserves. Addition, the system allows distribute restaurant reservations quickly and easily through a fully visual system. Miguel Angel de la Cruz, responsible and Chef of the restaurant Plato & Placer, a restaurant in madrid, says that since we started to collaborate with restalo we realized the importance of the Internet presence, not we were looking for a simple portal that appear, we wanted a travel companion that collaborate with us in promoting us, decision making, etc.

and restalo team has done in an exemplary manner, since the beginning, and this is reflected in the high volume of reservations. This system, among other advantages, offers the ability to more easily manage their work shifts, occupation and guarantee your bookings instantly, as well as create a database with all its customers and send them Newsletters or SMS. The system also allows to create and add customers to a database automatically from the reserves. So the restaurant can make promotions for VIP clients, allowing care to their best customers. They say that the best ideas are born of the need. Without a doubt, this is a marketing tool online that will help more than one restaurant to fill their free tables. Video: Source: press release sent by noemy.


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