Requirements Construction

Adopted by the sequence (the stages of production) work cycle should be zero appropriately reflected in the explanatory note to the pic. For even more opinions, read materials from Peter Thiel. 4.10. Essex Financial Services addresses the importance of the matter here. Given that the adopted technology and sequence of work on the underground circuit can dramatically influence acting on the construction loads in the design documents for the construction of tall objects on the stage of documentation should include production schedules for the implementation of geotechnical construction works. Technological regulations developed by the – author of the draft high-rise buildings with the involvement of the relevant specialized organizations and includes the following topics: the main stages of production zero-cycle work, excavation and construction fencing; instructions for compaction of soil foundation, dewatering, drainage and other works in the pit, the requirements for the device structures used piles' wall ground ', ground anchors and other special technologies, the requirements for the implementation of experimental and test work, design test beds, etc. 4.11. Device bases, foundations and underground parts of tall buildings should be carried out in strict accordance with the spr. spr zero cycle developed by the contractor with involvement in the need for appropriate design of specialized organizations on the basis of approved project high-rise buildings, pic, technological regulations for works of the zero-cycle of materials engineering and geological survey and other source documents. As part of bpd should be developed: stroygenplany for certain types of work; stages of production work (based on the guidance of production schedules), timetable and the reciprocal construction machinery in the performance of certain types of work; construction formwork attachment points fencing of excavation and concreting blocks, rigging and special devices to perform certain types of work, safety measures, technological maps certain types of works. .


Today, the construction of wooden houses is gaining momentum. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Thiel. This is due to the tendency of people to the natural environment and the desire to use high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. The house is built not on 10 and not even for 20 years. Conceiving the construction of the house, everyone takes care not only about the beautiful appearance of the future homes, but also about its reliability. Indeed, many want to see the house has served more than one generation, and construction was excellent investment. The most popular material for construction is now glued laminated wood, which appeared more than 30 years ago and for a short period of time has gained popularity, both in Europe and in Russia.

Glued laminated timber is manufactured by special technology that allows a building material having a low percentage of humidity (about 9-11). Glued laminated timber is not exposed to deformation and, hence, a house built from laminated timber, do not lose time from their original form. In addition, laminated veneer lumber will not crack, which guarantees the reliability of future walls. Glued laminated timber has all the advantages inherent in solid wood: it creates a special Energy and climate in the home, provides a constant exchange of air in the room supports the optimal level of humidity that makes it possible not to resort to the use of special technical equipment to create microclimate. The wall thickness of beam is comparable to the half meter of brick masonry. This suggests that the house of laminated veneer lumber will have increased heat and sound insulation. In this laminated board does not have the drawbacks inherent massive whole logs. Glued laminated timber is dried thoroughly and place a special process that makes it resistant to fire and protects against harmful microorganisms, which are often the cause of decay and destruction of timber.

Construction Issues

Construction of a fairly large area of activity. Building material for construction is almost a headache for every person on the planet. How, then organize everything so that the ceiling was a beautiful, safe sex, and selected high-quality linoleum? With regard to the linoleum, then that range, which offers today's market of construction materials, is quite big. Depending on your destination, linoleum is divided into: residential, commercial and semi-commercial. Household linoleum in particular is designed to cover the floors in the living room, done in different colors and is an excellent flooring and decoration of the house. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Clinton Family. Commercial linoleum represents the surface used in most cases, administrative buildings, which is a huge flow of people and therefore floor must have a high level of durability, For this reason it is produced on a somewhat different technology than other species. This vinyl due to the technology of its production, not only can long withstand heavy load on it, but also possesses excellent chemical resistance. For rooms with a large load on the floor, public and semi-commercial office buildings designed linoleum.

In the name of the linoleum is hidden area of its application. The technology of manufacture something similar to the technology of commercial linoleum: increased strength, the influence of the chemical elements and other physical factors, but is slightly different, which manifests itself in his lifetime and cost. For those structures, where daily are a huge number of people being all sorts of training, and in those rooms, where high numbers of microorganisms is best to use leveling floors. These modern coatings easy to clean, resistant to solvents, water and high loads, in addition, have excellent fire performance. Poured floors will serve for many years, paid off, and create a room is not only a reliable floor covering, but also make it extremely beautiful. Suspended ceilings – the perfect solution for repairing the ceiling. Today's companies – manufacturers of suspended ceilings provide not only quality and originality of your ceiling, but also excellent sound insulation and heat savings.

Kinds of false ceilings made today a large number. For good absorption with increased water resistance and flexibility of use Ceilings 'Armstrong', but in order to add architectural and artistic image of the interior is best to give your choice false ceiling plasterboard. Just made another rack and cluster suspended ceilings. Suspended ceilings found in most public buildings, industrial facilities and in medical diagnostic facilities. But, regardless of their variety, all the ceilings is the embodiment of your desire in life.

Acoustic Polycarbonate

– Light weight (from 1,5 to 3,5 kg/m2) is 10 times less than glass and 3 times less than the acrylic. Weight polycarbonate is 16 times less than the weight of ordinary glass similar thickness, 6 times – acrylic glass. – High impact strength. In cities with strong winds, such sheets are used to cover buildings and protect them from flying objects. Polycarbonate panels possess high shockproof performance in a wide temperature range from -40 to + 120 c, exceeding the impact resistance of any kind of plastic, and in comparison with glass, this 200-fold difference. Material differs remarkable protection against hail, careless handling or deliberate damage. – Fire – slow burns and low emission of toxic gases, ignition temperature 570 degrees C, and exposed to open flame melts, forming harmless flakes. – Operating temperature range – from -40 to +120 degrees Celsius – Acoustic properties – noise reduction up to 18-22 dB.

– Resistance to chemicals – used in any aggressive environment, partially dissolves in the complex ethers. – Durability. Polycarbonate is on the outer surface layer of high-absorption of ultraviolet rays, which prevents their penetration into the leaf. Protection from uv rays prolongs the life of the material and protects against yellowing and weakening of the guaranteed service life – 10-12 years. 2.

Monolithic polycarbonate. Monolithic polycarbonate is a solid polycarbonate sheets with thickness of 4, 5, 6 mm. With it you can solve almost any problem related to veneer or glazing of building and other facilities. Monolithic polycarbonate is rarely used in the horizontal overlap (very expensive to do so), but is an ideal material for the manufacture of elements of the curvilinear shape by hot forming. The method is based on the gradual increase of temperature in a special furnace with air circulation, where the polycarbonate sheets. Then Hot Sheet is transferred to the stamp. This technology provides a constant thickness of the resulting element curved shape. Such elements have extremely high impact strength. In the process of forming these elements become the ribs, making them suitable for self-supporting floors and removes the need to use the metal frame. This is a different dome with a round, square or rectangular base, Broaching unit skylights with unlimited length, and separate sections of huge domes, reaching 8 – 10 m in diameter, which are easily transported and assembled. Monolithic polycarbonate differs from cell increased resistance characteristics and durability. Several of applicability of solid polycarbonate comprises industrial applications in architecture, construction, transport and security. Dimensions solid polycarbonate sheet: thickness – from 2 to 12 mm, width – 2050 mm Length – 100 to 13000mm. Color solid polycarbonate sheets: Clear, Bronze, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White, Milk, Black Leaf monolithic (solid) Polycarbonate is the strongest of all transparent materials, existing in the world market, and manufactured on an industrial scale Actual life sheet is about 15 years, with the manufacturer a 10-year quality guarantee on the sheet, subject to the rules of operation. Weight of solid polycarbonate is much less than the weight of glass similar strength, and large sizes and the possibility of cold bending significantly broaden the scope, in comparison with ordinary glass – which determines the superiority of polycarbonate glazing over silica.

Metal Rods

Industriality Metal structures are manufactured in factories, equipped with special equipment, and Monte is done with the use of high technology. All this eliminates or reduces to a minimum manual labor. With regard to the maintainability of steel structures is most easily addressed the issue of strengthening, modernization and reconstruction. With the help of welding can be easily attached to the elements of the existing frame new technological equipment, with the need to strengthen those elements that also made strongly enough. Conservation of metal stock. Metal structures as a result of physical aging and maralnogo withdrawn from service, and then returned to the industry sector in the form scrap metal. The disadvantages of metal structures is their susceptibility to corrosion and a relatively small fire. Corrosion – destruction of metal by chemical or electrochemical action with vneyshey environment.

Steel, is not protected from contact with moisture, combined with aggressive gases, salts, dust, rust (oxidized), which leads to its gradual destruction. Aluminum and its alloys have some relatively high resistance to corrosion, due to the formation on the surface of a solid oxide film. Many alloys are not resistant to electrochemical corrosion. Good resistance to corrosion of cast iron. To improve corrosion resistance of metal on their surface coatings are applied as thin films of aluminum, zinc, enamel, paint, etc. When designing structures avoid crevices and cavities, which can accumulate moisture and dust. Sometimes using steels with improved corrosion whose composition includes special alloying elements. Fire-resistance design is characterized by the degree of fire safety.

Metal Rods have a relatively low fire resistance. At high temperatures (for steel – 600 C for aluminum alloys – 300 C) metal structure loses its bearing capacity. Increased fire resistance of steel structures of buildings, a fire hazard ratio (residential and public buildings, warehouses, flammable or highly flammable materials), is accomplished by eliminating direct contact with open designs fire. For this purpose include suspended ceilings, ognstoykie cladding, coating by special structures. Using special coatings in the form of coatings, can significantly increase the fire resistance. With proper design and operation of the respective deficiencies noted are not dangerous to perform their design functions, but also lead to an increase in initial and operating costs.

Amazing Glass Mosaic

Today, people want to create the most attractive and yet unique decor. Design capabilities are growing with each passing day, why are evaluated and all the new styles and themes, even created new materials for construction, as well as completes the range of conventional materials. And still a classic thing is always the most value and luxurious, classic has the right to call what has been tried and found that most people, worthy of the classic worthy of finishing material is inspiring glass mosaic. One among the oldest of finishing materials is the connection between thin fine arts and art of building and creation of interiors is a unique glass mosaic is. Is it not surprising that today there is a possibility, to make real art in your interior? Do not just decorate your home with paintings and decorative objects furnish it, but to go less beaten path, for example, decorating the floors, furniture and walls of the magnificent glass mosaic, as it was in ancient times in the richest and most luxurious villas and palaces.

Nowadays, a unique glass mosaic inspired by the designers to create various magnificent interiors, as ancient or classical themes, and new and not beaten. Significant design features associated with an inspiring glass mosaic has explained that the color palette of beautiful glass mosaic is very diverse, and its technical properties can not but rejoice. Practical inspiring glass mosaic completely whimsical, it is heat resistant, durable, shock-proof, and generally resistant to various negative factors, besides it magnificently beautiful. As a finishing material inspiring glass mosaic is now fashionable to decorate not only at home but would look great in pools and saunas. For example, from the pool today with a unique glass mosaics can be fashionable artwork, laying out the original beautiful patterns or a real drawing or painting, they will magically sparkle under the clear blue water. Beautiful shiny pieces of luxury glass mosaic themselves dressy, and spit out of them a pattern or design is very beautiful glitters in the sun, filling the interior of a magical warmth. In the residential area of the original glass mosaic can lay the floor and walls, or afford a bright accents some parts of the apartment, which is very popular today. More amazing glass mosaics decorate the house and furniture accessories, Dellano their luxurious and original, and sometimes lets look at the familiar old objects completely different eyes. Uniquely inspiring glass mosaic has absorbed the best old traditions, and now, inspired by modern technology and a wide range, so today, preference preference elegant glass mosaics can be sure that you have not lost and that your choice will turn on the ancient and modern chic unique and elite and bright.


1. With the lever or valves? Single lever faucets have become familiar to us. Now adjust the water temperature is now much easier, and you can even turn it on with his elbow. Dvuhventilnye mixers are now a mandatory attribute of the design of bathrooms "antique". 2. A steady stream of water. The instability of the water flow is primarily due to the use of poor quality cartridges.

Therefore, you should pay attention to quality modules with long service life. For example, the world's leading manufacturer of sanitary fittings, the company uses a cartridge grohe own manufacture, made of wear-resistant ceramics with a special lubricant, which allows for precise adjustment of water flow. 3. Setting the water temperature. thermostat appeared on the market recently.

They are able to automatically maintain water temperature at a given level. The most important characteristic of these devices is the reaction rate oscillations of pressure. For example, the use of thermostats in the design with innovative technology grohe TurboStat allows them to tuned in just 0.3 seconds – one of today's best performance. 4. Features mounting. Faucets today are available as a conventional design (ie, designed for mounting directly on bath or sink, as well as on the wall) and built-in. At last the whole mechanism and hoses are placed in a special junction box, "hidden" in the wall and the outside are just the spout and controls. Such a decision allows more efficient use of space and facilities to carry out a variety of design ideas. 5. Design. It is important to match the mixer interior space and formed a single ensemble with bathtub or sink. And it is not only form but also the color of the product. Is very relevant today a combination of white sanitaryware with elements of yellow metal. A mixer with a chrome surface suitable for interior design in virtually any style. 6. Convenient combination. If the size of the bathroom is small, it is more practical to buy a combined bath and shower. Otherwise, you can install separate devices. If you select a built-shower mixer, the controls can be placed anywhere in the room. It is worth paying attention to the shower hose – it is the fastest-wear at the folds and at the junction of the mixer. Therefore, you must select products with a length of hose not less than two meters better than the metal coil.

Smart Houses

Sooner or later, everyone comes to the conclusion that it would be nice to build your cottage. A couple of the family nest where the young and happy children will be ripped off wild apples in the garden and the long winter evenings to listen to your tales by the fireside. Cottage – not a bad thing. But like every thing requires serious investment in the establishment phase, and subsequent periodic infusions for the maintenance and improvement. Additional information at Peter Thiel supports this article. Cottages, as well as people who do not like each other.

Cottage may called log halabuda last century, with later add-ons, which burn and feel sorry for, and complete construction of the forces do not have any. Another cottage will look like an exact copy of a Bavarian castle of xvi century, or even to remind ufo. Then a matter of taste, imagination and budget. What will be your home – it's only you, but to draft a cottage should be approached extremely carefully. Pre-generated thorough house design will save you time and money on the stages of construction, and will guarantee a long and happy stay in the future. At the design stage, should be integrated into the house as the available quantity of modern engineering solutions, not forgetting the traditional systems and networks, as emergency. Modern technology is not always durable, and loves to break down.

This should be considered. On the other hand, it is nice to know that your smart house got twice as warm, comfortable, cheaper and more economical than the neighbor. The concept of 'Smart House' was born in the 70's of last century, all based on one principle: – maximum savings. In the beginning, the system of 'smart house' control costs of electricity and could automatically turn on and off the light. Today, hundreds of decisions, tied into one system, and allows not only save on electricity, but also to improve your home security and ergonomics. System of 'smart home' united on the principle of 'one button' and fastened into a single network, based on safety, comfort, and unobtrusive, cost and automation. The cost of these projects starts from 10 thousand dollars, and turnkey solutions for example with a built-pyleuborochnoy system can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The very classical building is also very costly enterprise. But going to the construction of the head, you can save on building materials. For example, today there are more than three different environmentally-friendly and inexpensive building materials, from which we can make the exterior walls and floors the house of your dreams: – that porous concrete, and glass bricks, and logs, and even finished composite panels made to suit your floor plan. Selecting modern building materials, you save up to 60% of the value of the classical. Modern cottage must be warm and durable building. It must quickly be erected and to be the least expensive. Its contents should be kept to a minimum, and the level of living comfort to the maximum.

Stretch Ceilings Petersburg

Stretch ceilings – the modern way of dressing, which has many advantages. Their transfer will take time, but the most basic I mention. Stretch ceilings form a perfectly flat, smooth surface. In this case, possible to install a ceiling in an inclined plane, multi-level design, curved surfaces. Stretch ceiling is not crack, do not change color. None of the other ways of finishing the ceiling of a quality can not be achieved.

Orgomny selection of different textures and shades of color will bring to life almost any fantasy. At this time, very popular two-level ceilings, as well as ceilings on which bear different images. Because the canvas stretched ceiling can be applied to any image exactly will retain its original properties, suspended ceilings are just superb stuff for this type of ceiling clearance. But if you have limited budget and you want to portray something original on the ceiling, can the next version. The combination of several colors of some form on the ceiling would betray him The original form. This is easily done by soldering of different color or shape of fabrics. Not necessarily excessively premudrstvovat to deliver unparalleled views of the ceiling, quite a few original touches and it will be you joy for many years.

Drill Press

If not drill in the workshop mechanic lover, you can make with their hands so the machine from scrap materials and components. Because of a technological breakthrough in photofission, obsolete hundreds of thousands enlargers. They are gathering dust in a closet and attics, and many simply did not hand up to throw them, because they look brand new, and often they are associated with pleasant memories. Of course, the magnifying glass can be unscrew, and the wire with socket for light bulbs used as portability. Not in such quantity, but lacking in the same places of storage for items that throw a pity, household whisk – mixers, in which plastic worm gear drive is erased.

Of course, if you set a cap-grinder, throw, normally, not in a hurry, though, and pray for coffee or sugar in the attachment of a new mixer. Of the details outdated enlarger and a half Broken mixer is quite possible to build small, you want an amateur studio, drill. Enlarger is taken from a table-base with a reception at which the vertically moving carriage with a lamp, lens, and etc. And from the mixer – electric motor with a system of change of velocity (speed or smoothly varying). The first thing to wear on the motor shaft chuck for drills with a diameter of about 6 mm. Carved on its own bushing with the Morse taper is problematic, so you can order this item. Everything else can be done in not very equipped workshop.

Pliers, wire cutters, bolts, nuts, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. – there have Designers enthusiasts. Yes, and calipers to measure – not a rarity in their workshops. Screw the motor to the carriage enlarger can be in different ways, depending on their structural features. Can use, or a rectangle of sheet aluminum or Plexiglas, or press the motor yoke of tin (preferably stainless steel tank from Soviet washing machine). Not far from the bar magnifier can be Screw the box with the switch and switch speed mixer, from which one side goes the cable for connection to an electrical outlet, preferably with a grounding wire. The second flexible cable with a length designed for maximum lift carriage, is connected to the motor and presses the ink cartridge clamp. Depending on the electrical mixer, cables needed to 5-6 wires. Setting up a homemade drill the machine is reduced to equalize the vertical axis along which the drill will move up and down. You can further screw beneath the point of lowering the drill small gripe, but in extreme cases – clamp, for which screwed to the table a special corner.