New Frequency Display PCE

With the new frequency display PCE-N30O are machines and equipment always under control some measuring tasks can dissolve the easiest in the industry with a frequency indicator. The frequency is considered in the digital measurement technology very easy to measure size, because only the vibrations or pulses must be counted in a given time. The counted vibrations can be reflected for example about the new frequency display PCE-N30O. While usually a current or voltage signal is used for the measurement of a temperature or a pressure, a frequency measurement is E.g. for flow measurement with a paddle-wheel. The new programmable frequency display PCE-N 30O is versatile for the industry. In addition to the count function, this modern frequency display allows also the speed and frequency measurement period and run timing. Thus process timing and many other applications might appear on machines and plants piece counting, frequency measurements, measurements of speed, directly and optimize smooth progress. The display is configured via front mounted buttons, which can be protected if necessary, even with a password. The led can take on one of three different colors for each reading. Also the current time can appear due to the internal real time clock. The frequency meter and counter of display PCE-N30O, scale free which ensures a universal usage. In addition, the frequency display is at the front water and dustproof with IP 65 protection class and can be used in tough industrial environments. Special situations, such as a limit value is exceeded or border below, can, perceived as very quickly and easily, through the new frequency display PCE N30O PCE Germany GmbH, to avoid complications. More information under:…

Development Of RD-dispenser ViscoTec

Maintenance significantly optimized! ViscoTec has further developed the RD-dispenser series to a new generation with significant improvements for cleaning and maintenance of the systems. The metering pumps is based on the principle of eccentric screw and are depending on the size capable of dispensing smallest dosages in the l-range up to bigger ml amounts in high accuracy. To reduce time-consuming and costly maintenance expenses and to ensure high system availability, the seal package was integrated into a new design completely in the separate housing. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Hillary Clinton. Therefore the sealing area must no longer exposed at a cleaning (E.g. for a product exchange or regular maintenance). It results in a longer life of the sealing parts so that in the long term the maintenance costs can be reduced. This innovation also reduces the maintenance and set-up time of dosing systems and enables more frequent product changes.

It will reduce not only the time spent (Personnel costs, plant shutdowns), but also the cost of materials solvents needed for cleaning and also the disposal cost of these materials. So is producing smaller batch sizes economically viable and investment resources to be better used. The new TS EC-dispenser (EC-EasyClean) have the same sizes as the previous versions and can be integrated into almost all axles and robotic systems due to their compact size and installed directly at the dispensing station. These dosing systems without any additional control effort directly into existing installations can be integrated together with the combined propulsion and control system ViscoPro. Thanks to their free valve technology, the dispenser with high precision and high service life and own work with their purely volumetric principle especially for the dosage of viscous shear – sensitive, and filled materials. About the ViscoTec pump u. Dosiertechnik GmbH ViscoTec pump u.

Dosiertechnik GmbH has worldwide nearly 100 Employees and in Toging metering systems and components that are used for example for the application of glue tracks in fully automated Assembly processes and covers in a wide sector of the aviation industry up to micro-electronics manufactures off. In addition, dosing systems, fillers and barrel emptying units are manufactured for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Minimal Energy Use Costeffectively Test

Compact solutions for testing the batteries with superior energy efficiency energy storage battery cells, modules and packs must be comprehensive pre-market characterized and verified. Scienlab offers compact solutions for testing the batteries with superior energy efficiency, compact construction and high operating ergonomics. At the international trade fair in battery + storage by Sept. 30 to 02.10.2013 in Stuttgart, the new technologies presented the audience. The new test systems for energy storage, developed by Scienlab, work energy-efficient. You are with a high efficiency reverse capable. The efficiency of these systems could be increased by a factor of 20. Peter Thiel can provide more clarity in the matter. Roger Uhlenbrock, Managing Director at Scienlab, explains the savings: when our customers use the Scienlab laboratory for one year continuously, the energy costs for a typical application with 100 channels are something more than 1,500 euros.

Energy costs, the systems of other providers, however, the There are well over 50,000 euros.” Scienlab developed every test on the energy savings, exactly according to customer needs. So, flexible solutions of individual single-user solutions arise up to turnkey laboratories. This is possible because the entire hardware and software at Scienlab developed in-house and is optimized. This ensures that all functions are ideally matched and guarantee a high level of convenience to the users”, so Roger Uhlenbrock. In addition to the comfortable contacting of the batteries include the effective laboratory control and monitoring. For this purpose, Scienlab II developed the software EnergyStorageDiscover.

In addition to the intuitive operation, including data can be directly evaluated and integrated into the further test procedure. During run time, key figures in the system itself are calculated and used as a criterion in the other test procedure. This enables a high level of automation and thus a significant time savings. Possible areas of application of Scienlab Energy storage test systems can be found in research and development, quality assurance and production. The audience at the fair battery + storage, as well as on receives more information to the energy storage test environments.

Tiled Stove Subsequently Build

Console to the subsequent tiled stove – fitted, great invention by young companies a great new invention from Gleisdorf! It is now possible to integrate a console when the building of the House into the ground and thus circumvent any preparation of the floor construction customers. This means it when building a house the oven dish, performance, technology must not yet clear that each system then be realized when this console panels quote of the Styrian economy: solid base for the heating of the future tiled stoves lie in the trend. Exude warmth, are environmentally friendly and a real eye-catcher in every house. However, they are not very cheap and often didn’t fit into the budget of a House Builder. The later installation is difficult. A tiled stove farmer from Eastern Styria has the solution to this problem.

That you only do right all at the second House, is a common wisdom among house builders. Too often it happens that one due to lack of experience or financial bottlenecks when building a House compromise comes in, that you regret later. Also, Gerd Maier knows that. His credit Take your oven builders”, short, DKOB, builds customized innovative stoves in all finishes. “Often you did not have the money to start construction or you don’t know designed oven yet again should be”, he knows. So a stove must rest on a solid foundation. Because of its weight he would destroy the floor.” Therefore, it was possible subsequently to incorporate a tiled stove only with great effort. The flooring and the sound absorbing subflooring must away, any floor heating pipe laid and even screed be ripped up and removed as well as the footprint of concrete.

This is now over. With its own specially developed floor console you can incorporate at any time subsequently a stove without great preparation. This panel consists of base plates made of metal the size of 60 times 60 centimeters. Depending on the geplantemUmfang of the later tile stove, so many of these plates on the raw concrete floor are fixed when building a House as needed for the later furnace. Nine pins per plate are in the height. The bolts are protected with plastic capsules. Then, the screed, the sound insulation and the floor covering in can be installed normally. If the stove is to be installed then, be the flooring, the muffs of the bolt removed and put on the top plate. It forms the base for the stove, which can easily be installed on it. Currently negotiations with renowned construction firms that will accept this concept in their planning and offer the customers. So has a good chance for the company, which was founded in 2010 and now has 13 employees. “Of course it’s also easier with professional support: the Styrian economic promotion SFG in the formation of my company very helped me”, Gerd Maier stressed. The start is so successful and heating with a tiled stove has a future. Your stove maker”anyway.

European No SafeTIC

SafeTIC launch of a new defibrillator with automatic alerting of the rescue forces in Mannheim starts January 2012. With the defibrillator operational connected (DOC) SafeTIC brings a new innovative rescue system on the market. Easy to use, highly efficient in acute emergencies and equipped with a versatile range of functions of the DOC can save lives. Comprehensive services are in the DOC included. SafeTIC presents the product and its rescue capabilities. Every minute counts in an emergency this applies in particular to sudden cardiovascular and heart diseases.

Affected depend on competent medical treatment, which now uses. But mostly, the rescue personnel arrives only after several minutes on the Notfallort; the introduction of emergency measures is thus in some cases too late, to prevent for example irreversible brain damage after a heart attack. How important is an immediate help with attacks, statistics show: is defibrillation within 3 minutes after the occurrence of the symptomatic Herzflimmerns, increases the chance of survival of 2 to 70 per cent. Against this background, SafeTIC developed the product DOC, an innovative emergency device that will save lives. The defibrillator is designed so that it can be operated also by non medically trained personnel. The special feature of the unit is that an immediate alarm of rescue forces (number 112) takes place after opening the lid.

A built-in speakerphone facilitates a fast treatment of the victim the Assistant spot with voice instructions of the rescue site. Any fears, to doing something wrong and any panic can be taken as the first responders. Also provides the automatic emergency call number 112, sure that the rescue teams without delay can come in. The integrated diagnostic function of DOC automatically determines whether a FIB has occurred; This is the case, the system triggers a power surge and causes the revitalization of the attack victims. The emergency Manager of SafeTIC creates excellent Prerequisites for cardiac arrest victims in an emergency with much-needed first aid supply and no medical professionals and independent of external power supply. SafeTIC ensures the readiness of the DOC with an extensive service package. Among other things, a 24-hour surveillance ensures that faults are automatically detected and corresponding maintenance work carried out promptly. For this, SafeTIC causes the use of trained technicians who replace if necessary also typical wear and tear parts or after successful application readiness status return to the DOC. Companies and institutions which need more information about the SafeTIC-system DOC, find it at. About SafeTIC AG as the only European company SafeTIC AG fingerprint and finger morphology detection systems specializes in. SafeTIC is the European No 1 in the area of enterprise security as a manufacturer of biometric readers and Provider of Europe most installed biometric access controls. Also, SafeTIC is the market leader in biometrics and Visio mobility. The SafeTIC AG is represented in the entire value chain of security systems. In Europe alone has the SafeTic AG about 15,000 customers. The SafeTIC AG is Mannheim. Amateur SafeTIC AG Jennifer Stahl Flossworthstrasse 57 68199 Mannheim Tel.: + 49 (0) 621 842 528 0 fax: + 49 (0) 621 842 528 999 E-Mail: Internet:

Fog System Extinguishing

For preventive fire protection and the assurance of escape routes, fire was fog system extinguishing some years ago as a stepchild of technical innovations. There were the traditional pump and spraying with as much water consumption to counter virtually nothing. In recent years, but spectacular fires were seen: tunnel fires such as on the Mont-Blanc, fires on oilfields, refineries or in collections such as the library of Anna Amalia, have shown that other solutions must be searched for. Peter Thiel often addresses the matter in his writings. Another reason may also be that science or research institutions only a few have engaged in extinguishing or fire extinguishing systems. Complex building technology and sensitive buildings demanded huge fire extinguishing systems, whose logistics quickly reached the limits of what is possible: as quickly as possible and plenty of water.

Devastating damage caused by the use of huge amounts of water, were accepted, main cause of fire is deleted. Consider fire accidents during the firing of chemistry camps or valuable art collections. Even in poultry breeding, when the barns like sparklers burn down, the massive use of water cannot prevent the worst: the total loss of the buildings and the death of the animals by flue gas poisoning. Flue gases are more dangerous than the fire itself in several ways. A choking danger and on the other hand the gases can ignite, resulting in devastating explosions. Speaking from a Flash over or backdraft. Complicated building and equipment, as well as the use of materials which emit much smoke during firing develop a large heat are responsible. The use of extinguishing of the type of fog system provides an answer to these problems. This is nebulized water under high pressure and is the finest water droplets, which indirectly to combat the fire. On the one hand by lowering the ambient temperature and on the other hand by the ousting of the Oxygen to the flame as a food source of the fire.

The Foundation

In the promotion of young scientists, the plaster Schule Foundation due to financing scholarships and doctoral colleges as well as the annual award of the plaster SAFA-, the outstanding final – and study works from the construction sector with a total of 3,000 euros committed awards. The results are evaluated in aspects of sustainability and the community benefits and simultaneous relevance for the construction industry. Short portrait of the Gypsum School Foundation established in 1870 the family Schule Stuttgart gypsum factory in Bad Cannstatt. To know more about this subject visit Peter Thiel. The wealth created by the family Schule gypsum business was basis for the plaster School Foundation in 1965. Foundation purpose set promoting research and development of new building materials and construction processes of environmentally kind, later taken further the objectives of the Foundation. Especially in times of scarce public funds, the Foundation’s their task is to promote the common good in the context of the public interest.

Global challenges such as climate change, nutrition, mobility, or housing require the development of new technologies. The plaster Schule Foundation supports new ways of interdisciplinary research, which is accompanied by a continuous dialogue between theory and practice. The Foundation specifically supports building research in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics IBP and various universities and thus in particular also allows medium-sized companies access to current research results and innovative technologies. Today, new concerns about the focus of the work of the Foundation back: promotion of young talent, promoting the teaching, the financing of individual endowed professorships, the doctoral colleges, scholarships and the plaster Student Award for outstanding young scientists. For about half a year the plaster-Weiss Foundation supports the global ethic Foundation”, a foundation for intercultural and religious research, education, and encounter, the famous Catholic theologian Prof. Hans Kung.