First Edition

New magazine for gamers with large screen and HiFi claims: first edition ‘ Player magazine for game vision and smart fidelity’ appears Duisburg, 05.08.2010 the latest magazine from Europe’s largest specialist publisher for consumer electronics appears shortly before gamescom the 06.08.2010. The banks published the first magazine for gamers who have a superior claim to the playback quality of image and sound in video games with the first edition of the player. Player”shows his readers as they get the best picture and the best possible sound from their console and your Smartphone. The magazine tests game suitable for television, speakers and docking stations that are iPhone, iPod and co into a proper mini systems. Also under scrutiny are the latest media players and Smartphones and matching accessories such as custom headphones. Service issues, game reviews, and the notion of the best current apps round off the concept of the book content. Player”contributes to the progressive Improvement of video games into account. Not only the game engines and aspects such as the realistic implementation of physical principles are developed significantly.

Sound design and especially the graphics are subject to continuous progress. So these representations opulent can have their proper effect, it requires adequate equipment. Thus the video games grow up right. This is what we show the reader. “So more or less big-screen and HiFi for gamers”, explains the Executive Editor Jochen Schmitt.

A hardcore gamer has pushed this to the top. Player”attended a perfectly decorated private gaming room. Also especially the race Chair for racing games in the first edition has done to the editors. This simulates realistic situations and gives the player to sit feel in the cockpit of a race car. Thanks to servo motors Gets the driver routes substrates like curbs and acceleration and centrifugal forces to significantly. The theme is just creepy fun. Does a lot on the market and we will “keep our astonished enthusiasm that is contagious even”, says Jochen Schmitt.

New Control System For X-box

Facial expressions and gestures replace controller it sounds like science fiction, to control the computer without input devices. It is a little reminiscent of telepathy. Microsoft’s ambitious project natal”gives the impression, that was the goal of the developer. The news portal reported the new control. Currently classic, players use the X-box with the controller. In the context of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, Microsoft introduced a completely new type of control now. In the future, user should control the unit through facial expressions, gestures and language.

As the technology editors of explained, record special cameras and microphones movements and noises. Then they are converted into signals, which understands the console. Passwords are obsolete in this way, because the owner recognized voice and appearance of the X-box. A depth sensor, as well as a special processor are needed for the complicated technology along with an RGB camera and a multi range microphone. The manufacturer wants to waive cable as well. All of the information should instead be transmitted via radio. Despite its sophisticated technology and high expenses in the development cost will respect for the high-tech control rumored within the framework.

The speech is about 60 euros, which will possibly cost the camera system. By the end next year curious must wait however. Reportedly, Microsoft only wants to bring the innovative control in November 2010 on the market. More information: engineering /… Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbHBarfussgasschen 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59