Conventional Plaster

Willingness to work for plastering the front and quality requirements for the surfaces to be plastering General requirements and requirements necessary construction readiness Front for plastering inside the building requirements by the surfaces to be plastering, as well as additional requirements in the manufacture of plastering work in the winter are on. Prior to the stucco surface, designed for plastering, should be verified. The tolerances, quality indicators surfaces to be plastering, are given in Table. Plastering work shall be permitted only after a time, precluding the possibility of damage due to precipitation of plaster construction, namely: – The walls and pillars, made of inlaid material in cement mortar, masonry trowel on the end of the floor, and folded on lime and complex solutions – for the construction of the next floor – one-story walls and upper floors of tall buildings are allowed to grout after their erection irrespective of the type used solution – Wood (bruschatye) walls can be re-grout only after their and not earlier than 1 year after the erection of a building – wood frame and panel walls, assembled from standard parts and dry mounted on a rigid base, grout is allowed after the end of the assembly building. In carrying out plastering work is necessary to carry out processes in this sequence: – Preparation surfaces for plastering; – installation of lighthouses where necessary – manual or mechanical application of the solution – leveling layers gallop – pulling rods and cutting corners – and grout surfaces, trimming slopes and zaglushin. .