Adviser Marketing

We are in relating to the behavior of the people, all the ages, all the professions and activities Let us compare them with what history presents in them and will go frightening in them with the verified inversion. In the truth nobody more if of the account of what the history presents in them, this that would have to serve of reference, but that unhappyly one meets in diametrical opposing position to the values of today. Currently the empire of having is valid and not it of the being, and to any cost! It is enough to us to read manchetes of the periodicals to see that the amoralism became behavior rule, since that this leads ' ' polpudos' ' results, unfortunately this reality is not verified only in ' ' land tupiniquim' ' , but for all part of the planet the scandals if occur, especially in the superior steps of the politics, mainly next to that they withhold temporarily the power. Old the alcunhado politician of &#039 execrava itself; ' trombadinha' ' that one known by ' ' to charge 10% of propina' ' , but the ciphers had now reached the top of the Everest. It is to cause deep sadness, and discouragement! The man never reached the scientific and technological level currently verified, however these conquests had finished for making with that it forgot more important and perennial it, the moral advance: Educations of luminares of all the times that in them had brought its respect, love, peace messages, in teaching to desire the same to our brother before the Creation that we would like for we ourselves. We forget that in society, the man can live without the culture, but not subsiste to the moral lack. It will be the inappellable decreement of its destruction, at last, of its bankruptcy! As much we conquer, tool rack valuable to still more consubstanciar our bigger progress with the observance of the moral, but we are not in apercebendo of this They proliferate and acol here the calls ' ' teologias of prosperidade' ' to give sustentculo for many espertalhes that use of all the technology to explore the incautos that give heard to them. It is the cult to ' ' year-old calf of ouro' ' of the modernity, turbinado for the advance of science and the technology dolo of the age of the communication and the information Which information, or deformation? We urgently need to stop to reevaluate the way where we are in embrenhando, it urges that let us interrupt if necessary, the advances in the areas of the knowledge human being not to retrocede still more in what it demands our attention and he is the imperious one since always, especially at the moment: It reconquers it of moral values that guide the behavior of the humanity for the effective consolidation of its conquests, of its progress and evolution since the present life thus also for all the eternity. *Loureno Nistic Sanches Adviser Marketing B.C. Nielsen School Researcher, Cronista and Articulista 20 of December of 2012