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Automotive clutch friction is an important mechanism in the car. His story begins with the adhesion of the XIX century, when for the first time to transfer torque from the engine to the transmission using a belt drive. In modern cars are widely used friction clutch whose torque is transmitted from the leading part in the slave part by the frictional force acting on the contact surface these parts. The main task of coupling is the transfer of engine torque on the chain. Hence, it must withstand the force exceeds the maximum torque. The main requirements for bonding are: * smooth accession to the weight of the vehicle engine, the power interruption * flow between the engine and transmission during a stop, * unlocking the power flow during gear changes, vibration damping * * overload protection. Strength is an element of the drive system, which is due to the friction most strongly feels the vibration, the forces compression, the centrifugal force and high temperatures. The dimensions and weight of the clutch to be slight.

The main components of the coupling point is: * a flywheel, clutch disc * * Shopping Cart clutch release bearing *. Flywheel. Is a massive disk is designed to transmit torque through the clutch from the engine to the transmission. Read more from technology investor to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Clutch. Her job is to transmission of the pressure plate, clutch disc over, the engine torque to input shaft gear.

Clutch disc. Designed to absorb vibration of the engine and thereby reduce the noise from the box transmission, requiring complex torsional vibration dampers. The smoothness of the start of motion is improved through the use of flat springs pads. Friction should provide a high degree of durability. Release Bearing. Serves as a transfer device between the clutch and drive system. Situated in the center of the rotation axis diaphragm spring, is fitted with a self-centering. To activate the clutch and may have a considerable length without loss of rigidity. * Automatic drive – it has no clutch pedal, which allows you to bring the work of a manual transmission to automatic. The design of the drive requires a large amount of electronics. The main reason for failure is the adhesion failure of the drive, and in particular the release bearing. One of the major conditions of the bearing it is proper lubrication. Lack of lubricant or wrong choice inevitably leads to premature wear of bearings and shorten its life. Grease determines Bearing life is no less than that of its parts. Especially the role of lubrication in the following cases: * When the voltage of the release bearing friction, * with increasing the frequency of rotation bearing * during intermittent operation, * at high loads, such as temperature – the most significant factor in the durability of the lubricant. The main criterion for selecting a lubricant for the bearing of a high load capacity.


On Web sites, commercial companies, this requirement has become the norm. To deepen your understanding Expa is the source. It is also gratifying when the creators of the site will have different options for travel by car subway or bus. Well, like this: Directions: Bus – routes 5, 12 from the bus stop "bus station" to stop "the seventh mile, then walking toward the nearest forest to stop the" ten kilometers " 9) show that you are Expert in your field. Imagine that a visitor to compare offers the same product from several companies. With other similar circumstances who will he choose? – Surely someone who is an authority, an expert in this area. How to show yourself an expert (in the West say – "guru") is devoted to the good book "How to become a guru for 60 days, which was written by Robert Bly (Moscow, eksmo Publishing, 2005).

In our case we can propose : – The article published on the website for those types of goods or services offered by your company. You can provide the relevant section "Articles," "On our goods," etc. Would be nice if at least some of These articles will be written by employees. Just remember that publishing an article from another site, you need to specify the author and the active link to the site – the source – to prepare and place on the site tips Use your products and services. It is desirable that these tips were also written specifically your staff. You can offer to have a special section of the site "Expert Advice".

Web Site Microsoft

To do this, restart your computer and continually press a key on the keyboard 'F8'. After a few seconds you will be asked to choose boot Windows. Select 'Safe Mode with Networking'. Next, get rid of the virus, one of the methods described above. Algorithm: 1. Boot in safe mode.

2. Remove using a key from one of saytovv Kaspersky Lab or Dr. Web. 3. Reboot the computer. 4. Check your computer for viruses. 4 Ways.

For the case when Windows does not boot in safe mode. In a situation where you want to remove the banner from your desktop, and the operating system does not boot either in regular or in safe mode, your best bet would be either the second home computer, or computer neighbor. If any, do everything as in the first or second method, "also is not quite bad if you have a LiveCD, boot from which you can scan your computer for viruses. Clinton Family does not necessarily agree. Almost all anti-virus software with the latest updates cure your computer from the banner on the desktop. Algorithm: 1. Enter unlock using another computer, or downloaded from the LiveCD download the LiveCD from Dr.Web, download the LiveCD from Kaspersky Lab 2. Check your computer for viruses. 5 Method of removing the banner. For windows XP. 1. After the computer starts, press the button with a keyboard shortcut icon windows + U 2. Select the screen keyboard and press the "Start". 3. Click "Help" – "About" 4. In the window below, select the "Web Site Microsoft 5. In the Address Rewrite 6. Pop-up window to save the file, save it to your desktop. 7. In a browser, click the top "File" – "Open" – "Overview". 8. The left, click "Desktop". At the very bottom "Files of type" – "All files" 9. Find the product downloaded program and run it. 10. Select a full scan. For Windows 7. After pressing Win + U clicked the link for "Help in the settings" – "Privacy Statement". Next, proceed to Step 5. Welcome to our website for computer help where there is active discussion of this issue and many others.

Camilo Principle

The interesting one is that the Camilo principle is refused in believing cartomantes and until jeers of Rita that made use of its services. Frequently foursquare has said that publicly. However, the anonymous letters and the ticket that it received from Vilela had left unsafe the point not to think two times to need the declaration of the cartomante? personage of great importance in the tram? of that being they everything would be well, nothing of badly would happen. Of this form, the desire is alienator in such way, that Camilo having belief in cartomantes is not apanhado for a moment of crendice and believes that goes to give all certainty. However, although the affirmation of the cartomante, the inevitable one happens: Rita is deceased and Camilo is the next one to be died for the friend, thus can be said that the guilt of Camilo after the violent act of Vilela is redeemed. Therefore, Rira and Camilo are stimulated by a desejante force and are condemned to die. 3? The desire as revenge in the personage vilela As we saw in the narrative, the objective of Rita and Camilo was to prevent that Vilela discovered the adultery one, however this objective is not reached, a time that it discovers the treason he punishes and it with the death of the loving ones, becoming the possible villain of the narrative. But after all, Vilela is taken why type of desire? We can think about the same desire lived deeply for loving Rita Camilo? For the psychoanalysis, the desire and the pulso are our differential in relation to the animal irrationals that are of pure instinct.

We human beings are moved by the desire, this, of purely psychic order. The citizen lives in state of constant excitement at a moment of pleasure and displeasure. In this in case that, Vilela is a desejante being, that the displeasure with more intensity lives, a time that is stimulated for that it judges to bring the satisfaction, since already it possibly distrusts of the treason, therefore Rita is imprisoned to the love of Camilo the point of more not thinking about the husband ' ' now the action of the person, the stubborn eyes of Rita, that looked many times of it, it consulted that them before making to marido' ' (239).

Digital Forum

The expert lawyer in intellectual property went to a conference, during which he created, with the collaboration of users of Twitter, twenty pages of connections. Naveen Selvadurai helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It assured that it was demonstrated the inefficiency of the law, since pages of connections to unloadings at more speed of the one can be created than they are closed. The term ' #tablasinde' he was ' trending topic' world-wide. The objective: to demonstrate to film directors " the uselessness of law Sinde ". Brave David lawyer, specialized in intellectual property has revolutionized Twitter and Internet with an experiment to which he called #tablasinde and that culminated with his char it in a conference in III the Audio-visual Digital Forum of the Festival of San Sebastin. Everything began east Thursday in the morning, when the lawyer asked through Twitter that their followers were kind to the term #tablasinde and one hour, the four of afternoon. Immediately the sense of expectancy caused that the term ran like the powder. Shortly before the hour, Brave David revealed the object of the experiment: It was going to participate in a conference of a cinema festival and wanted to demonstrate in front of the people of the industry that the law Sinde is not effective, that " not only she is not illegal, but he is intil".

How to do it? At the beginning of the conference, while their table companions spoke and he hoped his turn to take part, the lawyer created ten documents of Google Docs of free access, in which there was a table so that the users wrote in her the titles and the connections of the films that they preferred. , Ten pages of connections, really right what the Law Sinde persecutes, that allows to make agile the closing of this type of Webs. The users of Twitter turned upside down immediately with the initiative, so that in few minutes the documents created by Brave David are colapsaban.

Market Lowcost GSM

Enter the market low-cost GSM / GPS alarm GSM Modules GSM / GPRS terminals GLONASS GPS Bluetooth GSM Alarm Company PetroInTrade, Department of the wireless market presents a unique new GSM alarm system. Further details can be found at Bill Clinton, an internet resource. A distinctive feature of this low price and fnogofunktsionalnost. Gsm / GPS alarm system allows complete control of the car, The Wire salon. Displays the current coordinates to the PDA or desktop PC. Distance jamming engine, interior photography mode.

At penetration into your car GSM alarm system sends a direct challenge to the phone owner and duplicates disturbing SMS. Such as opening the door … Low power consumption … GSM alarm system is in sleep mode, so it is considered virtually impossible at the moment, is under active development of software for transportation companies. The same unit can be installed in an apartment in the house or on a summer … You can use the phone to flood the bath) for example …

and so on. Smart Home systems. Working with firefighters gerkonievymi sensors …. Information obtained from the company PetroInTrade Also in the company PetroInTrade You can buy GSM modules and terminals, GPS modules GLONASS Bluetooth modules and Zigbee GPS navigators, and more …. GPS Modules

Bluetooth Protocol

Bluetooth technology is used today in all new models of mobile gadgets – smartphones, mobile phones and laptops. But few ordinary mobile users thinks about security issues data to your gadget, and on issues of security holes that protocol. Because of its huge prevalence protocol Bluetoth long the focus of certain circles of hackers who are constantly analyzed and found to technology different vulnerabilities. Vulnerability in Bluetoth can be critical or noncritical. Not a critical vulnerability in the protocol means that there is an error, but the mobile phone but not in danger of breaking. So far, because practical solutions for various security vulnerabilities are constantly growing.

Critical vulnerability allows an attacker to gain control over your mobile phone. This means that an attacker could copy all contact information, read the SMS on your phone or send a SMS to the number. Nothing useful to the owner of a mobile in it. Why did the protocol Bluetooth is so vulnerable? Obviously because the developers protocol – Scandinavians. People are slightly tormozhnutye and law-abiding, they do not take into account how inquisitive mind from other nations and did not expect that their technology immediately falls under the sharp knife of hackers. Protocol Bluetoth originally had a mass vulnerabilities, and with time the danger of this protocol is only growing.

Members even have classified the attack on Bluetoth – devices – bluesnarfing, bluetracking and bluebugging. Bluebuging, let intercepts control over the mobile phone and remote dial in him the number. It is clear that the consequences of such possibilities are limited only by imagination hacker – simply by listening to the call (if a hacker got your number) to call for a paid number.


Originally, a geek was a fictional character in the circus whose role in the show was starting to bite heads to chickens, or execute other actions strange and morbid. Its transposition into the digital world came precisely by their hobbies to start bugs or errors in computer programs, video games and other similar hobbies (use of GPS navigators laptops, use of iPhones, iPads, mp4…)etc). The geek generates to your around your own physical environment called the geekosphere or geekosfera. This is composed by the computer, the screen with their post-it, the book of notes where are collected those internet addresses that are everything a treasure and the little tricks to break protections to the games or programs. The pad, the mouse, the cup of coffee and of course old soft drink cans, are also part of the geek scene. Definitions over time geeks have evolved while retaining their differences with other digital tribes, hackers (alchemists of the) digital generation) and the neards. We could say that geeks are the philosophers of the new era, or how clearly defines them Jon Katz, those belonging to a new cultural elite, formed by a community of dissatisfied social, lovers of pop culture and focused on technology. Others are betting more towards a technological evolution of the neards, tecnoneards or get them to define the translator team to the Spanish of the book Dive into Accessibility, tecnocerebritos.

Where the members of this digital tribe are, usually share a style of life and common hobbies (expert in topology of network, hardware, software, gadgets, and all related to the field of computing in general). Although a point can differentiate them, his reverence was one of the two classics of the cinematography of science fiction: Star Trek or Star Wars. The very popular in the U.S. haul are reviled by fans to Star Wars, although the new generation is embaba with Matrix and despises dependence was the cinema of the 1970s. Of course, wear their finery to attend Geek pride festivals that take place in the U.S., while in Spain, Sonar, is the place where one must go, if you really feel a real geek. We must not confuse these appointments, with the popular partys, a Vulgarisation of the genre directed primarily to hardcore gamers and technologists. As for websites, Slashdot and Wired are your cradle of inspiration, as well as the new constellations of Weblogs that are emerging in recent times. This fact has generated a significant snobbishness in communities geek outside the Anglo-Saxon, favoring the abusive use of terms in English and the references to these publications, even when the same content can be found in Spanish.

How to recognize a geek? Much easier to define a geek, is recognize it. If your daughter, your husband or your coworker is passed hours sailing with passion for Internet and given good computers (as if in search of personal improvement), and some of his best friends has managed them in forums or in chat rooms, it is possible to be a geek, stay alert. If that same person collects other particularities, as worship gadgets and be loaded everywhere with different electronic gadgets, always wear shirts of dotcom companies or Sci-Fi series and has an iguana as a pet, no doubt, is a geek in all rule. Let’s say that there are two essential traits, and then a dozen of small facets, upon giving at least 4 or 5 we have a geek.

Oceaneering International AG Pilot

This handle, that we call umbilical, it possesss in its interior staple fibres optics that lead the telemetry. It has also in its interior the handles of harnesses, coaxial handles etc. Currently, the ROVs most modern, possess staple fibres optics that are responsible in such a way for the transmission of data as well as for the video of the installed cameras. When arriving in the depth of work the pilot who was responsible for the launching will receive the order from the pilot in the control to stop the tow-car. Generally we stop in a depth where the ROV is enters the 20 fifty meters of the marine stream bed.

When receiving the order from the control of operations to direct itself to the workstation, the pilot will command the opening of the constraints of the system of management of the umbilical of the ROV so that it can pilot it until the destination. We have, therefore, two umbilicais in the ROV system. The first one that he is rolled up in the tow-car, in deck of the ship or platform. As that he is rolled up in the management system, next to the ROV in the deep one of the sea. At this moment the pilot if guides for the sonar to locate the target that not yet is visible for the cameras of This vehicle possesss 100 3000 Hps of harnesses and can reach m of depth of work. System of launching of the ROV Hydra 310 notices that this system alone uses tether, does not have tow-car with umbilical of steel wire.

Mini ROV ‘ ‘ AC ROV’ ‘ model SP50 produced in Portugal for the ROV World Lda. Capacity up to 75 depth m Note that all the system fits in one maleta. ROV Work Class magnum manufactured by the Oceaneering in U.S.A. This vehicle possesss 75 the 3000 HP of harnesses and can go depth m. LANDMARKS VALRIO COAST HISS Presentation of the author: Supervisor of ROV, acting in this branch more than the twenty years. I worked thirteen years in Brazil for the Acergy company and am the eight> years in the exterior working for my current company: Oceaneering International AG.Tambm I am Lawyer the four years making specialization in Corporation law in the IBMEC-RJ.

Tips Repairers Cell Phones

Most people are hard at least a day to live without your cell phone, which is the focus of a personal digital world. It is not difficult to guess that the damage to a mobile phone in every life form unpleasant communicative vacuum and time-consuming daily deficit required to hand a simple application (alarm clock, organizer, converter, etc.). Of course, if the code based on the consumer for warranty repairs you must be given a replacement of a broken device, but not all such organizations are working following the letter of the law. In this article are some tips to help you quickly, efficiently and without unnecessary Financial zatrat repair your machine. It is worth noting that the fault list of mobile phones is not so great and lends itself to a certain classification. For example, some time ago the most pressing problem for users was not some specific Functional fault, but the lock is installed on the operator, which is not possible to operate the unit in the networks of competitors. To date change firmware (software) is the most popular reason to visit the repair shop mobile phones. When choosing a studio should pay attention to the rules and price list of her works performed.

Next – a small list of basic services, which can be said that the workshop professional approach to the implementation of clients' orders: 1. The minimum performance time – the smaller the better, up to several days, and 2. Mandatory 6 month warranty for the subsequent repair, if needed.