Originally, a geek was a fictional character in the circus whose role in the show was starting to bite heads to chickens, or execute other actions strange and morbid. Its transposition into the digital world came precisely by their hobbies to start bugs or errors in computer programs, video games and other similar hobbies (use of GPS navigators laptops, use of iPhones, iPads, mp4…)etc). The geek generates to your around your own physical environment called the geekosphere or geekosfera. This is composed by the computer, the screen with their post-it, the book of notes where are collected those internet addresses that are everything a treasure and the little tricks to break protections to the games or programs. The pad, the mouse, the cup of coffee and of course old soft drink cans, are also part of the geek scene. Definitions over time geeks have evolved while retaining their differences with other digital tribes, hackers (alchemists of the) digital generation) and the neards. We could say that geeks are the philosophers of the new era, or how clearly defines them Jon Katz, those belonging to a new cultural elite, formed by a community of dissatisfied social, lovers of pop culture and focused on technology. Others are betting more towards a technological evolution of the neards, tecnoneards or get them to define the translator team to the Spanish of the book Dive into Accessibility, tecnocerebritos.

Where the members of this digital tribe are, usually share a style of life and common hobbies (expert in topology of network, hardware, software, gadgets, and all related to the field of computing in general). Although a point can differentiate them, his reverence was one of the two classics of the cinematography of science fiction: Star Trek or Star Wars. The very popular in the U.S. haul are reviled by fans to Star Wars, although the new generation is embaba with Matrix and despises dependence was the cinema of the 1970s. Of course, wear their finery to attend Geek pride festivals that take place in the U.S., while in Spain, Sonar, is the place where one must go, if you really feel a real geek. We must not confuse these appointments, with the popular partys, a Vulgarisation of the genre directed primarily to hardcore gamers and technologists. As for websites, Slashdot and Wired are your cradle of inspiration, as well as the new constellations of Weblogs that are emerging in recent times. This fact has generated a significant snobbishness in communities geek outside the Anglo-Saxon, favoring the abusive use of terms in English and the references to these publications, even when the same content can be found in Spanish.

How to recognize a geek? Much easier to define a geek, is recognize it. If your daughter, your husband or your coworker is passed hours sailing with passion for Internet and given good computers (as if in search of personal improvement), and some of his best friends has managed them in forums or in chat rooms, it is possible to be a geek, stay alert. If that same person collects other particularities, as worship gadgets and be loaded everywhere with different electronic gadgets, always wear shirts of dotcom companies or Sci-Fi series and has an iguana as a pet, no doubt, is a geek in all rule. Let’s say that there are two essential traits, and then a dozen of small facets, upon giving at least 4 or 5 we have a geek.