Energy and Light

Installation of meters and "smart" automatic can permanently solve the problem of tainted eurorepair from neighbors below, and make the house much safer for the hosts. Modern energy-saving technologies in an ordinary light bulb. Under the state program implementation energy efficiency are increasingly on the eye catches advertising of energy-saving lamps. It could be the standard long tube that like to install in office buildings, and small energy-saving bulbs is quite familiar form. Their relatively high cost, in practice, turns profits: one energy efficient to 20 watts for a claimed enough for more than half a year of constant operation.

By the way do not forget that its light output is approximately equal light output stovattnoy ordinary incandescent bulbs, thus saving lamps "eat" from the family budget to 5 times less money. Such an advantage allows the use of energy-saving lamps in tiny tubes with many plastics. The use of incandescent lamp creates the risk that the lamp fails cartridge or even the wire. If the lamp predraznachena to illuminate the work surface – table or basket with embroidery, bold use energy-saving technologies: in the process they do not flicker, and means less strain on your eyes. For In order to light the lamp created a cozy atmosphere, and not turned a room in a hospital, you need to take a closer look at the data package. On the box of light bulbs must contain code, which includes three figures, it means cri and color temperature lamps.

For natural light in the apartment or house is worth paying attention to the light bulb with a value code of 800 to 900. Intelligent energy saving inside and outside the home. The area around the apartment buildings can also be equipped with energy-saving: they must be dealt with only in those time intervals when it is necessary to move the remaining time of powerful searchlights knowingly consume insane amount of energy. Installed modern control system is able to provide savings of electricity and forced to work light when the sensor will signal the motion: the car or walking man force lights illuminate the territory at full capacity, and after they left the system again will reduce coverage. The same applies to the territory under the canopy entrance. Those elements of the system, catching movement, able to control approximation of the passer-by and include the maximum stress. In the night time will be sufficient only slightly to highlight the territory: functioning in a half-power floodlights will save a lot of kilowatts, for approximately 2 to 6 nights lighting in this place in general extravagance. Energy saving technologies must solve another problem: the light landings and overflights at the moment – very expensive. This space should be lit continuously, despite the fact that the high rooms of course people would prefer to ride on the elevator. Lighting the entryway to the rules of security: if elevator shaft will be locked and the cabin will located below or above, there are accidents. That is why the literate version will also install motion sensors here or sound. Intelligent energy-saving technologies include light only when approximation of the tenant, the remainder of the fixtures or do not work at all or are working in full-force.