Jose Navarro

Currently the word God is being relegated increasingly into the background, even occasionally use it can be interpreted as a provocation. However everywhere hear about catastrophes that beset this world and how many people are behaving with their peers. The Earth with its animals and plants, suffers under the fraud which is made by putting all the false label of Christian, also by the selfishness of the exploiters. Everyone has their arguments to exploit the land, to torture and kill animals and destroy nature. And all this with security has nothing to do neither with God or with Jesus. And suddenly comes a person who is allowed to hold the affirmation: God lives in us. The number of people leaving the Church increases.

Again and again you hear talk about excesses of the priestly caste, of falsehoods, lies and countless perversions. Many are disappointed of their institution, which until now had been believed and where sought God. Others Meanwhile say: God does not exist! What if There, where are you?. The superiors of the Church are not worthy of credit and the parties discussed about the common good, but if you notice everything we discover that it is only stock dividends. While citizens is charging us with more taxes. While the Government of many countries continue to hold the Stirrup of the priestly caste, i.e., the Church, to subsidize the situation unchanged, because the State holding bracket and at the same time the rider who leads the horse, considered not necessary to change their behavior to God and his fellow men.

In addition, churches and cathedrals are restored with billions, which ultimately must provide the State, i.e., US citizens. And this, despite that in the Bibles of the priests, the priestly caste refers to where and who sells his faithful as the absolute truth, reads: God, who created the world and everything in it, the Lord of heaven and Earth, does not live in temples made by human hand. But what said Jesus of Nazareth? All who take the sword will die under the sword. And this world shows how we are: wars, murders, killings, hunger, suffering, diseases, epidemics, never-ending martyrdom of animals; and then the question arises: do you send us Dios both pain and suffering? However it is not the good God who sends us the evil that comes to us, we rather who collect what you’ve sown through our thoughts, words and acts, negative, dark, envious and filled with enmity and hatred, because everything is energy and no energy is lost.