Systems Ceiling

Ceiling Systems are convenient and comfortable for the organization of lighting. In areas where you need an even distribution of light sources are widely used point or scanning lamps. For the placing first in the panels or cassettes are cut some holes, and the second perfectly placed in the cell suspension system, without requiring additional work. In organizing the lighting in a store or shopping mall should remember about another dignity ceilings. Many models have an excellent retro-reflective capacity that enables us to obtain the desired effect without any extra energy. Owners of retail outlets undoubtedly appreciate such an advantage, because each month for electricity to pay a lot of money, especially if the goods are situated on a large area. Service communications that are hidden in zapotolochnom space, not particular difficulty.

Thoughtful fixing ceilings provide easy access to all elements of the system and, if necessary, you can easily repair or replacement of fixtures and air conditioning equipment. The premises, where every day there are tens or even hundreds of people facing higher health requirements. They should be performed daily wet cleaning of floor and wall and ceiling coatings. Suspended ceilings are made of steel or aluminum, admit a regular washing with soap solution or special non-abrasive compositions. This allows us to keep clean and maintain a healthy atmosphere in trading floors. Suspended ceilings in shops – a simple way to great-looking room in the shortest time, with the installation of all necessary elements can be performed even after the walls and floor.

This allows faster to commission a new building or facility to quickly recoup the costs of its construction. The use of qualitative models ceilings give the assurance that they will serve for decades without losing its appeal, without requiring repair or replacement. However, if for some reason, will require replacement of individual panels, it can be done in just a few hours, without removing the harness and other items ceiling coverings. Ability to quickly update the ceiling is very important in public buildings and facilities, which include shops. After all, the longer the repair, the longer the idle space, and the owner outlet loses profit. Thus, the use of false ceilings in the stores offer a number of obvious advantages: the aesthetics, environmental friendliness, durability, quick installation, the replacement of individual elements. However, talking about all these advantages can only be used when the design model from experienced manufacturers of suspended ceilings, guaranteeing the quality of their products. One of them is more than 20 years, offering consumers a variety of models of suspended ceilings, and ceiling lamps of several types. Modern production technologies allow the company to produce models of any complexity to create a single-level or tiered ceiling coverings. Appearing on the Russian market in 90 years of the last century, the company has provided innovative models of suspended ceilings, and still trading Geipel recognized brand synonymous with the highest quality worldwide.

A Method Of Fastening

Together with the change of construction technology is also developing technology holders. With the advent of new technologies and new materials come new solutions in this area. Currently we have different types of fixtures, according to the degree of specialization depending on the type of substrate and the required strength of the connection. Below is given the basic information regarding the art fixtures, installation and selection rules dowels and anchors. Drilling and preparation of the holes. In order to prepare the hole, not only to choose the type of drill with the appropriate diameter.

One of the main problems is the choice of method of drilling. There are four main Drilling method: rotary, percussion, hammer (molotkoboynoe), others using professional equipment. The basis of selection is the type of foundation. Rotationally shock or molotoboynoe drilling needed use in dense and porous materials with a dense structure. Rotary drilling is carried out in hollow materials and plates, so as not to spoil the structure of the material and does not lead to an increase in the diameter openings. Parameters of erection. To perform the proper installation and receive the appropriate quality retention is necessary to consider the following guidelines and recommendations.

1. Should pay attention to whether structurally this plug (Anchor) this head. 2. In designs of hollow elements (perforated bricks, hollow blocks, etc.) spacing of anchors shall be secured at least one of the partitions, or should use the anchor with a profile link. 3. Should choose the length of the dowel (anchors) in accordance with the thickness of the attachment object. 4. The hole should have an appropriate depth, a few mm more than the length anchoring, and be cleared of debris. 5. To determine the depth of embedment should be taken into account bearing layers or non-cohesive base (thickness of plaster or insulation layer) and adjust the length anchors (anchors). You should avoid mounting anchors too close to the edge of the base, since at high loads can occur destruction of the attachment or detachment of the material edge. 6. Do not exceed recommended tightening forces dowel – to use a torque wrench. 7. To find the correct mounting in plasterboard walls, use only plugs designed for these materials. Caution. You should always carefully select the dowel or anchor for a given building material. Poor selection can cause defective assembly and low strength performed by fixing. You should always carefully cleaned from the hole debris.