South Hemisphere

Although the alternatives for the tourism in Mendoza are diverse and abundant, the natural profile of the region cuyana is what it attracts his tourists more. The enormous mountainous chains and the turbulent and mighty rivers make of this province an irresistible option. One of attractive the more famous and popular ones is the Aconcagua Hill, already transformed into a symbol of the region of Whose. Monte Aconcagua, located a 69 59 ” of west longitude and 32 39″ of South latitude, with his 6,962 meters of altitude above sea level, it is the highest summit of the South Hemisphere. It is, in addition one to ” Seven Cumbres” , a circuit of mountain that takes in himself the challenge to arrive at the top of the highest tips of each continent.

This mount also is called Akon-Kauak, that in language quechua means ” Sentry of Piedra”. The expedition to the Aconcagua has several routes for the ascent. Most usual it is the northwest, considered technically simple, since it does not imply to climb on rock nor to use equipment of I oxygenate. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to forget that one is a summit of 6,000 meters, and the climatic instability that factor carries. Another form of used access less is the route Glacier of the Poles, that is of regulating difficulty, reason why requires knowledge of scaling in ice.

This way offers an excellent opportunity of training to prepare itself for more complex summits. Surely, the main challenge in the Aconcagua is the ascent to the South wall. His view is surprising, but also it is very dangerous and difficult, since it owns 3,000 meters of height. Being one of stone the greater walls of the world, its ascent was not completed until year 1954. In order to be successful in the ascent to the Aconcagua, it is requisite obligatory to count on an excellent physical training conditions, a capacity of suitable acclimatization and a logistic service planned and efficient good. On the other hand, it is adapted to realise this type of expeditions during the summer in the region of Whose, that is to say, between the month of December and the one of March. The expeditions to the Aconcagua unfold the best scenes for the tourism in Mendoza. From the moment of arrival each one of the tourists nail their eyes in the majesty of the highest tip of South America, without being able to separate them until the game.

Jose Carlos Garci

Palimpsesto is the hand-written parchment whose first writing has been erased to write again in him. And it says To be accustomed to that to the past watch of a country and his present, it would have to be to have citizen; because without this integral vision, the one of the city that first was inhabited by, and soon by other different ones, what we see in a phenomenon like the one of the emigration is simple and level an increasing and uncontrollable invasion, and not what it really is: the new reality of Spain . The migratory flows between Spain and Latin America in the last one hundred years have returned to the origin: a multitude that moves to the other side of the sea and after years, another multitude that returns to begin with to the point. I usually say that the immigrants are educated people who give back the visit to us that we have done to them previously. The new immigrants are not an invasion but the new inhabitants of Spain and we would have had to anticipate and to organize the emigration from that one continent to solve the problems that consider and that must begin pro to recognize the necessity that in Europe we have of those immigrants given the uncertainty of our demography.

Now we decided to grant the nationality to those grandsons of Spaniards, born in Latin America, asks for that it; a right initiative, maintains To be accustomed to, but that seems based, more than in desire to make justice, in the scare that from 11-M they bring about the less compatible emigrations to the form of Spanish life . Perhaps the illustrious writer exaggerates but I believe that already it is hour to recognize with Cicern, that my mother country is where I can live well and not move to us in atavisms of terruos, bleeds and obsolete nationalisms, given the revolution of the communications. We are clear citizens of the world and are forced to be urgent to our agent chief executives who review international the legal system so that he is righter and shared in common. By this mutual ignorance as funny episodes can be caused as the one of president Chvez and the King, two institutions of another time that cannot more than to face and to enter collision. Of there, the affirmation that we indicated to whom it is happened to take to him to the King from Spain to a Latin American summit, to that continent whose imaginary it lives disturbed by the ghosts on the colony? . Certain that it is a demolishing argument that reaches to the absurd one to maintain the asamblearios institution or populismos monarchic or of quarter but that serves to author for this admirable finishing touch: the children and the grandsons of the Ecuadorian emigrants, to mention a numerous contingent, will be as Spanish as the Quijote and in years they will begin to govern municipalities and cities, and before we pruned to verify that indeed ” the nations are not another thing that acts of fe” , the president of Spain will be neither Andalusian, nor Galician, nor Basque, nor Catalan; will be Ecuadorian. In any case, he will be Spanish and citizen of the European Union.

European Union

Certainly, also there are some who call to to democratise the EU doing that this one it reformulates allowing greater participation of its citizens. Many of those who voted by NOT to the treaty do not reject Europe but they would want that a government of this one and several of their laws popularly are decided. The contradictions of the EU Of another side, the new laws against the undocumented people mine to the European democracy and will affect the new democracies of the emergent countries. On the one hand a luck of million of is created nonpleasing people who must be removed from the societies in which they live and in that have relations and relatives and who can massively be jailed or deportees. For normal of European that new hunting of wizards is something that will foment the intolerance, racism and the xenophobia, that its system of citizen liberties will debilitate, that will give to more recruits to The Qaeda and that will cost a fortune to them in implementing new irregular concentration or basic training areas of . Also it will affect several poor countries that will be private of important remittances that to them their citizens send who work in the EU and that will force to have to receive tens or hundreds of thousands of repatriates being altered the labor market. All this will destabilize to democracies like those of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and other nations that at least have half million compatriots his in Europe.

The European Union in himself shows its contradictions. This fought during decades to make wear down to Soviet authoritarianism showing the advantages of a parliamentary democracy. Nevertheless, this today has 7 Chiefs of State who never have been elect by anybody (monarchs). On the other hand, the aim of the relative socialist igualitarismo in the East has lead to that it is crumbled to the system of social benefits in the West and to that grows the social polarization between European rich poor men and.

Maickel Malamed

So that we tend a to mold our emotional expression to the canons socially accepted. As Maickel Malamed says: Part of the emotional handling has to do with molds the man thinks, the woman feels, the men do not cry, the sadness is bad, the fear is of cowards loses the emotion in a moral question and the morality is in the action, not in the feeling. But we were deceived when trying to put the emotions in a mold, and to label them like good or bad, positive or negative. The emotions are, simply, natural expressions of which express an internal reality, a necessity. They constitute a fixed component of our program of behavior. They are not optional. They are not possible simply to be disconnected. The emotion is energy that expresses a necessity.

The emotions inform to us into our needs, and in the expression of the emotions we took contact with our needs; but when I avoid to feel, when I repress my emotions when I let of listen to its voice -, I stop making contact with enemy with my needs, consequently I stop satisfying them. The emotions represent an information system and evaluation that informs to us into our reality, giving us an affective load. Of this form each emotion acts as, and all is right to be. The emotions offer the direction us that we required to act in each situation. The emotions give a right reference us than it happens to us in a while certain, and the suitable energy to act in each situation. Thus for example the rage informs to us that somebody has transferred our limits, the pain says to us that it has appeared a wound, the fear communicates our necessity to us of security, the pleasure helps us to take brings back to consciousness into which our needs are satisfied, the sadness whispers to us of the value of the lost thing, the frustration it express to us that we have needs nontaken care of objectives nonreached -, the impotence speaks to us of the lack of potential for the change, the confusion expresses to us that we are processing contradictory information.

National System Curriculum

In the present presidential term the denominated Integral Reformation of the Education has started up average Superior, with a model that it tries the equalization of the curricula in all the country by means of the National System of the Baccalaureate. The System leans in four pillars: 1. Construction of Common Curricular Marco. 2. Definition and recognition of potions of the supply of the Education Average Superior. 3.

Professionalisation of the educative services. 4. Complementary National certification. Even though the model of the reform tries to form to the young one for the learning throughout the life by means of the acquisition of educative competitions the curriculum falls in the trap of the encyclopaedism since it centers the learning in the curriculum and not in the student. when establishing loaded training programs of information that the professor must obtain by means of learnings by exhibition or discovery in reduced time spaces, forcing to professors and students to a competition where what matters in fulfilling the program and not it acquisition of significant learnings. But that in addition no vigilant the joint with the basic education, concretely with the secondary one. The hope of a structural change only is in the professionalisation of the practice of the educational one; a new professional practice of teaching that the professor leads to question the object of the enciclopedistas contents, while it struggles by the formation of a student able to solve as much existential problems as academic, before to worry about a debit profile that exclusively takes care of to form to enter to education superior. Perhaps it is hour to invest the pyramid for the design of a pertinent and excellent curriculum for the Mexican young people of the 21st century. Mirentras in the curricular model of the baccalaureate persists the idea that the important thing is to teach with encyclopedic criterion and the significant learning is relegated will continue journeying in the education like a ghost del that all speak but nobody can see.

Correct Installation Work

The main secret of the success entrepreneurs is that it enchants to them what they do. You like what beams? Because if it enchants what beams to you, always you will be more productive and more effective than if beams something that you do not like. It only asks a professional soccer player if the days of rain tele prefers to remain in house seeing or play a party. Certainly it will choose always its sport. It is always easy to do something that you like.

One of the responsibilities that we have in the life and which we had to consider is to find something that really you would like to do. Something reason why you have a natural talent and it enchants to you to do. The millionaires who have become to themselves, are those who have found the subject that they liked and that it allowed to develop his natural talent them. If you discover something in which you are creative, he allows to develop all your potential and benefits to do, you will have much cattle. For the entrepreneurs who have prevailed, the work does not represent work to them, simply are dedicated to its passion. They do not think about that they are going to work, does not cost to rise to them by the mornings, nor they think for years, that soon they are going to change of work. If you work in which you like, you will stay focused in which beams and the time will happen very quickly, totally you will be absorbed. To work in that you like and that it represents the natural expression of your special abilities and your talent.

When you like to do something and you enjoy and so beams, it seems that the ideas and the energy with great force flow. And that helps you to even make the things better. Why not to ask the following thing.