Windows 7

Overview of Windows 7 (Vienna) on a laptop Asus F9E posed a test version of Windows 7 (Vienna). Specifications Laptop: dual-core processor intel core 2 duo 2 GHz, 2 gb ram, video card built h3100 intel. When you install requires 11 gigabytes. But even if a little less, too, is established, the truth speaks about possible future is not stability. everything works very quickly! Loaded, however, for a minute that such characteristics of a computer, too much! Install the operating system about 40 minutes. But at the same section, where there was an older version of windows, did not want to get up. Either stand up and removes the previous system. Respectively, was placed on another partition ("D").

When Thus, when Vienna is loaded, drive "C" is not visible. For Vienna "D" was a "C". When xp is loaded – 'C' appears again. Unlike Vista, very few asked any useless crap. For example: 'you have pressed it, install it? " But if you ram is less than 2 Gb – something to do in this system is nothing! Only the interface itself takes 600 megabytes on my shell! Standard games are good! Were launched chess: beautiful graphics, several modes of difficulty, you can computer to play or another. True again the game still requires 200 megabytes of ram for itself. It turns a standard Windows + game = 800 megabytes! This is not Windows xp with a sapper! With some programs until the problem, but we hope that it will only be considered in the Demo version! And with the advent of service pack, will run faster.

Nero – cd recording program is not installed. No 7, or 8. But the internet connection is great! Was taken as the Nokia 6681 without all programs very quickly went to the Internet via bluetooth. As for drivers for the laptop, so almost everything is determined, without any drives. Only one controller with a question mark, and usb 2.0 will need to deliver. And the last thing we a pleasant surprise: a very quick job applications! Kaspersky 2009 opens instantly! Conclusion: The revision is certainly needed. We will be on it hopefully. Then maybe a year or two on our computers when you turn on proudly will be displayed: windows 7! Our overall rating: 4.5 out of 5. So if you want to buy a cheap computer, but with the support of a good performance windows 7, do not forget to ask the amount of ram your pc. In Otherwise – Windows 7 will not work properly!