Chinese Energy

Cordyceps improves the communication system in the body, one of which – the link between burning food and the formation of ATP. The efficiency of ATP synthesis is higher when taking Cordyceps – which means communication is strengthened. In patients with human efficiency of the process increases, and in healthy can even come close to 100% using Cordyceps. Formed as additional ATP, and this additional energy. It will be a patient man on the healing, the regeneration of cells and tissues to toxins, anti-microbial, etc.

And an athlete? Additional energy can go on physical work – endurance and strength training to become higher. And, of course, to recover after a workout, this energy is, on the healing of injuries. If the athlete recovers quickly – he can no longer practice. And even within a single workout can run, say, twice as much. This product is not harmful, because the excess energy has not hurt anyone. By doping it can not be classified because athletic performance, will grow only if the exercise. It is impossible to achieve world records, lying on the couch and drinking a liter of Cordyceps (although you'll feel better.) In sport, the result remains direct and natural result of training.

And just Cordyceps helps you to train longer and harder, lets not overdo it and stay healthy. And this is a harmonious combination of stress and recovery caught Ma Yunren. One can only hope, along with Dr. Shang Leyunem, president of China Association phytotherapeutist that for the rest of the world will not pass unnoticed 'Chinese lesson': 'I hope that the effect of stunning success of the Chinese national team will be that the public's attention will focus on herbal medicine and alternative approaches to treatment and health. " And others echoed him: "It is surprising that until now scientists and sports experts from around the world are not trampled a path to the Chinese, who apparently made the biggest leap in the history of the physical performance of man. These achievements are beyond the capacity of dope. "