University Sector

It is necessary to avoid that the public universities become passive and aggravate the educative quality to which they are forced to preserve, to disclose, for it, is due to contribute to them with all the resources that are needed to reach the educative excellence. The same government will have to evaluate which is the present roll of the universities in the present, how they must integrate themselves in their programs, to have answers to questions: The university is responding to the demands that exist in the market? This creating the level of professionals and investigators who the society and the market demand? Or an amount of professionals is taking place who the market does not absorb. Jean Stapleton is likely to agree. One is due to be conscientious, that the university, besides training citizens and professionals for the work market also must train people who help to understand the problems of the country the Public universities must concentrate themselves in their rights to their operativity doing to see to him more the government who his participation would be beneficial for this, if really it is fulfilled the requests that are required to be more operative, like is to provide estimated to him according to the economic reality of the present, budgets that the same universities must present/display and the government to have a command team preparation to see their justification and the way of how the income are handled that are provided to him. We are conscientious besides the roll that the universities must carry out and avoid bad interpretations in the handling of their budget, to very take into account opinions like, that the budget of the public universities is contributed, in more from a 95%, by the State, in agreement with the budgetary formulation that each of these institutions does and the methodology annually designed, to such aims, by the Office of Planning of the University Sector.