CONAV Insurance

Possible VSH coverage at many investment advisers and brokers still unknown, increasing risk potential such as when dealing with Internet, cheap ‘ VSH-On top’-solution from Schwaigern immediately usable, 7.01.2014. Brokers of insurance and financial services products, as well as honorary consultants have a legally prescribed property and liability insurance (VSH). The CONAV consulting considers GmbH & co. KG, specialist broker for insurance products financial services intermediaries, most assured of the VSH insured is not sufficient. Only newer VSH solutions take into account risks, which are created by the changing professional environment. Also, they contain no detrimental clauses like the previous contracts. The new VSH-best net rate is usually much more powerful”, says CONAV CEO Ralf Werner Barth.

Brokers and consultants can optimize their current contracts right now by placing on their existing VSH contracts with a difference-in-condition coverage. New for example, risks arising from the wide use of the Internet are insured: the usage and processing on distribution platforms or possibly erroneous fare calculators. Even though viruses cause damage to customers or business partners, or if collected by carelessness in maintaining privacy claim against the insured. Even the failure to comply with the right of competition in online advertising in the so-called social results media repeatedly claim positions. More meaningful aspects are the equity coverage, where also the adverse effects for the company are insured, as due to problem of employees.

Permanent obtaining of subsequent liability of the VSH preliminary, which should be absolutely assured for the intermediary has an existential importance. If consultants and brokers want to carry not even the sometimes high cost for the defense and balance of this new risk potential, then they can, however, now by a small surcharge on top”to their existing Assure VSH contract. Such a collective solution is available, for example, through membership in the Association for the protection of investment and insurance intermediaries (RAJARAM). About the CONAV Consulting GmbH & co. KG: the CONAV is the company of the insurance industry, financial services as well as agents and consultants as CoNavigator in entrepreneurial, strategic, securing technical and sales issues facing the. The CONAV on nettobasierte protection for commercial as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) focus as an insurance broker. It provides analysis to the risk management and practical solutions for executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and companies.