Mass Marketing Is Dead

The traditional mass marketing and niche segments, has died. Today it is common to hear executives talking about the importance, increasingly they give to their databases. But not everyone knows how to handle them, or understand how or why. In fact, when it ignores the new market trends, the current behavior of consumers, the advancement of ICT s information technology and communication, the miniaturization of hardware, the role of the contact center, and the implementation of CRM strategies, it is obvious to think that the header of this article, is a baseless exaggeration. “Technology has done away with mass marketing. This market is dead. But we refuse to bury him, because that’s what we do. Now that so many companies have begun to create and manage databases, the more they know about their customers, less need to resort to mass media advertising.

The more you know a customer of our product, less need traditional advertising. ” Frederick Newell dialogue with the occasion of his presence as a guest to our conference on the subject in Colombia, we pulled clear conclusions: The new century of unprecedented challenges. Throughout the world there is excess stores, products and brands. The companies will survive and grow in one way: taking away market share from its competitors. And this is only possible if, from now, we use management strategies for long-term productive relationships WITH EACH enterprise customers. This new information technologies, with multiple hardware and software tools applied from the new contact centers, offering wonderful opportunities.

Making CRM is not as difficult as it sounds. The failures of previous years need not apply to you. It is not acquiring large technological structures. It is to adopt a policy of customer focus. Recognize that the main asset of the company are its customers and is dedicated to care and consent, ie to retain them. Simultaneously, you can go winning new customers, using the tools of their call center. Do not torment the head. To start a CRM, only requires a clear policy applicable retention or loyalty from its contact center. With spare capacity available, treat yourself to do cross-selling and getting new customers. This is a good start, and does not need a large committees, or exaggerated times to decide and implement. It’s just a matter of common sense. The companies restructure their business from the client, will see sales increase and profit margins, while those who do not, and continue to stubbornly cling to the old mass marketing, the sales before customers are hopelessly doomed to failure .