National Development

If not territorial all Spanish is considered not to build new roads in the coming years as verified in some major provinces, but invest in repair and recovery of existing routes, especially in improving infrastructure operation laa; in audits of roads and developments in management and traffic information. I brought this information to serve as a reflection, and see the great importance that the issue in recent times for the governments of most of the world. To broaden your perception, visit Kaiser Family Foundation. Dominican Republic is not immune from these ills of transport and traffic. And pedestrian users of the roads. However, media initiatives fail to transcend time and positively in improving indicators of accidents that have been recording for decades, which is what we’ve done so far. These induces are becoming ever more dramatic because they have a correlation with the growth of vehicle fleet, primarily on motorcycles, and social inequality, the high level of pedestrian death statistics and increased tappets. Today there is an institutional movement in the world that promotes safety stimulate circulation slab committing States to develop and implement public policies involving society, and that the tragedies that occur on roads and limit affect their budgets and spending otherwise giving public entities institutional regulations that encourage movement and road construction.

The latter, by the way in our country for subsequent years is expected construction investment obscurantist a nuclear the road network, which will undoubtedly transform the current state of development of the nation. If we find that other countries are addressing themselves to correct what has created a security problem on a large scale, not make the same mistakes and then correct them spend to prevent accidents. The road infrastructure is a risk factor for accidents traffic and therefore it is now an essential element of Road Safety. This new concept for addressing the epidemic of road deaths is not a particular concern of mine, and promote worldwide personalities such as President Oscar Arias Sanchez, his majesty Prince Michael of Kent and multilateral agencies.