iPhone 5

New model of phone that will bring Apple, Iphone 5, you will alert of a possible earthquake. Only will have this new feature phones that go on sale in Japan before the tsunami and earthquake which desolo the country last March 11. This earthquake of 8.9 degrees on the Richter scale left the country in a tremendous chaos from what apple technical support has seen this need to notify possible earthquakes was key to the population and had to introduce this technology in the future brand mobile phones. Thus Japanese users who purchase this phone will be notified of possible earthquakes or tremors in the subsoil to take necessary preventive measures. The earthquake alarm is activated by an alarm at standard pitch, which is also activated but the user the phone in silence, and thanks to this the user can prevent a possible earthquake up to two minutes before the earthquake. Warning iOS Iphone 5 5 system will detect the signs that show that an earthquake is approaching, calculating the epicenter and the distance and warns the user two minutes earlier. People such as Giving Pledge would likely agree. Japan is the country with largest number of earthquakes.

Region Rejection

Despite rain that broke about Coyhaique on the morning of Saturday, more than 500 people and fifty vehicles toured passes the 3 in the afternoon the streets of the capital of the Region of Aysen, with a single detention: the offices of HidroAysen. The idea was to join the demonstrations and cultural activities which were held in Copiapo, Valparaiso, Santiago, Concepcion, Temuco, Valdivia, Panguipulli, Puerto Montt and Puerto Aysen in rejection to hydroelectric projects in the Region of Aysen and the associated high voltage line from Friday and through Saturday. Adding, hundreds were Chileans who took to the streets to have their say. Under police escort, and after two and a half hours of mobilization, Coyhaique demonstrators converged in the gymnasium of the Lycee Juan Pablo II, where they performed regional artists that adhere to such fights socio-environmental, and carried out activities for children such as pintacaritas and other games. The March, which had the motto now + that never Patagonia defend it all contemplated the participation of Coyhaique people but also of localities such as Puerto Aysen, Cochrane and Villa O’Higgins, among other towns, who reaffirmed their commitment to avoid Rivers Baker, Easter and Raven, as the former, are repressive and the territory crossed by thousands of high tension towers. The activity was organized by the movement citizen Patagonia without dams that integrates more than one dozen regional organizations that are opposed to these projects, a few days getting to know the latest Ipsos survey that recorded that September this year the rejection to hydroelectric projects in Chile reached a 57.8%, its historical level higher. Even, a survey of the Andres Bello University and the view, released this Monday, confirms 79% of rejection to hydroelectric projects in Aysen among 800 respondents, as appropriated the national press.