Types Of Saunas

A sauna is a warm room or a small house intended to induce sweating and allow the relaxation. The Sauna is sometimes used for therapeutic purposes also. The Sauna have existed for hundreds of years, and there are different types of saunas, including smoke, storage of heat, continuous fire and the infrared heat saunas. The sauna originates from Finland, which are an important part of local culture in the past and at present. The most traditional form of the sauna is a smoke sauna. Smoke saunas have lost their popularity in the advent of new technologies, but revived in the 1980s. Its disadvantages include the difficulty of its use, in comparison with new types of saunas, a long wait while the sauna heats up and it takes lot of needed timber for their adequacy. A smoke sauna contains a lot of stones and has no chimney.

Fire lights up under the rocks, and when he dies, the rocks keep some heat. Water is poured on the rocks to create steam. While the temperature in the smoke sauna is not as hot as many other modern saunas, it has high humidity, which helps induce sweating. A more modern variant of the smoke sauna is the sauna heat storage, which includes some important innovations. Storage sauna has a fireplace, which reduces the smoke, and a stone compartment covered, which stores heat. These saunas are warmer than traditional saunas, but at the same time to produce a good humidity. The heat source can be electric rather than the use of fire.

Another type of sauna that requires constant maintenance is continuous fire sauna. This type of sauna has a box for fire, covered by stones, and a fireplace. A continuous fire sauna heat is comparable to that of a sauna of heat storage, but it is only takes about an hour to warm up. Despite this advantage, continuous fire saunas are difficult and potentially dangerous to use since the fire must be kept stable, what can cause a fire. Some saunas for other similar use heat from a power source instead of fire, also there are those from solar heating of carbon; These are secure enough to be used in the home. One of the new types of sauna is the infrared heat sauna. This type of sauna is not working by heating the air, but if calentienta objects in the room. Infrared heat works as the light from the Sun to penetrate into the body with heat. Some people believe that infrared heat sauna offers greater than traditional saunas health benefits, is more many users found in the ability to spend more time in a sauna infrared heat than in a traditional sauna, what allows them to sweat more.