The strategy, however, makes action scenes and has in it counts for its development the certainties, uncertainties and probabilities that surround the situation, that conditions the context. These scenes of behavior or action are dynamic and allow modifications, adaptations and repercussions in the same way of the action. It is by these reasons that, where we have surroundings of instability and uncertainty, the strategic thought is made than indispensable more. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from marlon brando. It is in these situations where the strategy always must prevail before the program. 2.

TO EDUCATE FOR THE ENJOYMENT To educate in the enjoyment means to generate enthusiasm, in each and every one of the activities. Then, an educative process maintained by the enthusiasm, means that all the members of the school feel alive, share their creativity, generate answers original, are amused play, enjoy. To educate for the enjoyment means to mobilize the energies in a shared playful adventure; to feel and to make feel, participate giving the best thing of himself and receiving the best thing of the other. All this implies a joyful atmosphere necessarily, as much in the material resources as in the human encounter. The wealth of the senses, the imagination and the collective creation enters here. If we have been born to enjoy we have all the right to learn to enjoy. This goes directly against false models of the enjoyment, like the massive scale spread ones by the publicity.

There are other forms, as the answers to the question: when you enjoy the life? If the present school does not teach to enjoy, the sense of an education alternative is would educate for the enjoyment. The enjoyment is an injured departure point and of, an incentive to live and the key on the same life. 3. TO EDUCATE FOR THE MEANING AND THE EXPRESSION An education with sense educates protagonists, beings for who each and every one of the activities, each and every one of the concepts, each and every one of the projects, mean something for their life.