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Among the privileges granted to the worker, stands out: a longer time to devote to the family, avoid long hours of travel, time flexibility, possibility of combining with household chores, new job opportunities, increasing productivity. From the standpoint of the company, which in exchange for the notebook and an Internet connection, significantly decreases your infrastructure, generates a lower power consumption, reduce internal conflicts and has the possibility of expanding without structural expenditure. On the relationship between occupation and technique, Sonia Boiarov, Chairperson of the Commission of teleservices in the society of information and knowledge (ICT) argues that thanks to the new technology enhances the use of space and time. A minimum budget is required to initiate a venture and if not prosper, the largest investment corresponds to the time. While in times of crisis, for companies, the dismissal or the pay cut, cease to be the variable to adjust costs. An analysis of Robert Half International, indicates that telework and flexible hours are the third incentive – superseded by bonuses and extra vacation days – for the staff behind the wage and social benefits.

Among the companies that are testing this system includes YPF and Telecom Argentina. In these days, Cisco and the Ministry of labour, employment and Social Security, began a pilot program with the aim of promoting teleworking as a new form of labor organization. Here we see the true reflection of trends globally telework or work from home is a reality, the benefits that we have are innumerable and if this trend, the technology that we have with a computer with Internet connection, the scope that provides us with Internet add you to the benefits of a network marketing business, we find as says Robert Kiyosaki with the business perfect a network marketing. Dear friend in case that you’ve never developed a network of marketing contact us and you’ll be advising that if you want to you start in this wonderful world of new professionals. In case of being in any network marketing we would like to meet you, write us greetings carefully Alberto Destefanis. Register: Alberto Destefanis Network Marketing Advisor.