Rhonda Jones

Web pages and blogs abound in cyberspace today. It is difficult to distinguish the differences that exist between the two since they look and operate in a similar manner. Because of this, it is not surprising that many people do not know the differences between a blog and a website however, each has its own peculiarities and functions. What really makes the difference between a blog and a web site? Structure web sites are more complex structurally, in comparison with blogs, more technical knowledge for its realization are required compared to blogs. A web page provides greater flexibility to modify its appearance as it is generated. A blog is very easy to create because its design is limited to templates unless you hire someone for the modification of them of the same.

Build a web site requires greater skill and knowledge in codes HTML, AJAX, PHP, Java, among others. The good news is that there are many businesses hosting provide to their customers with sites and professional templates. Formality web sites are more formal than blogs, regularly a web page relates to the business, it is created to publicize products, companies or services. On a site the target audience are customers or potential buyers, while blogs it is more personalized. However, in recent years, users, you are realizing, that blogs are a gold machine.

In the blogs personality, likes, dislikes are shown through words. The majority of the blogs have been developed around a specific theme or a theme that is chosen by the Blogger. In contrast the websites are in general more focused, refers to a single specific topic and are primarily aimed at sales or positioning of a brand. Features technically, blogs are a subtype of a web site, a blog contains the same characteristics on all their pages, i.e., when you make a change on one page, it will show all the pages. Maintenance blogs are easier to maintain, one of the main reasons is that the templates are uniform throughout its structure. In contrast to the majority of web sites are making many individual changes, in order to give the desired appearance. In general, web sites are created for companies that intend to sell and invite prospects and new customers, while blogs are for ordinary people who intend to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas, with the sole purpose of interact with their readers through comments and feedback. You can make money with the two, blogs are becoming more popular to generate an income. A web site promotes professionalism and a business environment that encouraged the confidence of your potential prospects. Tania Altamirano with information from Rhonda Jones.