Peter Hartmann People

Under the intense rain that fell that day about Puerto Aysen more than one hundred people gathered Friday afternoon in paseo Mahuen in the town to express their rejection to the construction of multiple dams in Patagonia, particularly that of the hydroelectric River Raven energy Austral (of the Swiss mining company Xstrata), in the process of environmental assessment until Monday 23. The activity was carried out as a way of relieving the delivery of observations to this initiative, formality is folded to which the inhabitants of inhabitants of Aysen, together with dozens of national, regional and international organizations. An autoconvocado group of ayseninos joined a delegation of some 30 people coming from Coyhaique, all those who marched through the main streets to converge on the city square where he prepared an artistic presentation that included poetry performed by representatives of the community mapuche-williche Guaquel-Mariman, and hip hop in charge of neighbor MC, MC Apacho and Verbal inheritance, among other exponents I hope that every day we are many more and give example to people who are hidden in their homes, waiting to see what happens, in case some billetito dropped them. Those people we have to convince them that we must defend our land, defend what we have. Our land was forgotten for a long time and now large transnationals have their eyes here, to destroy it, not to lift up, to leave what they have left in other places, the dead land. They also recounted his experience Sergio Diaz of the grouping national youth Tehuelches, Peter Hartmann of coalition citizen Aysen Reserva de life, framework Diaz of the grouping of defenders of the spirit of the Patagonia of Cochrane, Francin Herrera of the Antukulef grouping of Chile Chico, as well as loyal Daniela and Hugo Diaz, by organizations of Puerto Aysen..