A little on this theme of our informative responsibility were the words of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who launched the challenge to multiply a hungry crowd of texts in the Spanish language in his speech at the inaugural session of the meeting or of the Colombian singer Carlos Vives that aside from his participation suggests that to sound more to Magdalena Shakira that Mississippi pointing you that you must not lose sight its origin and its Latin essence. Vives participated in the event the Hispanic song society globalized in the company of the likes of Fito Paez and Tania Libertad among others and where the primary role in cultural transmission that has music and their strengths and limitations within the current music market was analyzed from the perspective of the artists themselves. To close and encompassing the perspectives that emerged from this meeting is worth using, again, words of Carlos Vives, already passed the one hundred years of solitude, in our music, we have 100 years of happiness, for the future to finish I want to leave here, in anecdotal or curious but certainly worrying data plan, a detail that appears in the review that the meeting makes the La Nacion newspaper in its online edition, in particular of the statement made by the director of the Royal Spanish AcademyVictor Garcia de la Concha, who emphasized the importance that people has returned to write through text messages, and it doesn’t matter to do with abbreviations, because emails or text messages are a new opportunity of instant communication and I emphasize it here because I think excessively permissive this assertion coming from who comes because what is the preservation and dissemination of our beautiful language, not the creation of a wacky newspeak words omitted or mutilated for the sake of speed or ease Orwellian-style of the communication with that eye.. .