Mary Jane

It was scared seeing a blond girl of dark eyeglasses with average so great hair the smooth, clear skin, incrivelmente red lips and one piercing in the ear. – You are the Peter? – it smiled. Peter looked at for the window of its room and perceived that it was raining. It found odd the fact of it to be using dark eyeglasses, but it invited it to enter. – Yes You are – Mary Jane. Saw I you in the reception of the hotel and me he seemed familiar, then I decided to know it sweats name.

Peter was confused. That type of maniac made this? But it seemed a normal person. – Good, Mary Jane I do not know you. excuse. It laughed and botou the hair behind the ear. – He is strange, said something me that I was pra to come here to speak with you Peter was very confused still, but to this it left it girl curious. It had a positive energy, it seemed happy. – Mary, because you not strap these dark eyeglasses? It is raining, and we are inside of the hotel.

– Not. it is that I have certain – it looked at pra low – an anomaly in the eye, let us say thus. – I do not import myself, I am not to judge – Peter bent the mouth in a smile and took off the eyeglasses of the face of it. It withdrew, scared. That age much conhecidncia, was strange. The eyes of it were of different colors, as of the Amy. However of it they were brown dark and the other age a esverdeado honey. Mary Jane lowered the head, disappointed. – I found that you age not to judge Peter was myth scared to say some thing. It was there that it perceived that the smile of it also remembered to the one of the Amy.