Hydropercussion energy (corresponding to the mutual humanity and Nature of Energy). Intellectual property is protected by Russian patents. From the author. Part 1 today, 24 May 1965. I was on tuition – refresher Chemists scouts to participate in the areas of nuclear tests: Kazakhstan, Turgay region. Results of the study, more and more plagued my state of mind that nuclear power will sooner or later bring us around the world and not just great benefit, but an inordinate grief … The painful daily thoughts finally come to the necessity of finding ways to create methods and devices of alternative energy.

For the reliance on thermal power it does not take into account the fact that she, more than, those will bring a greater barbarism on planet earth. Therefore, the idea fascinated me, gleaming in the long years of selfless, creative and physical labor, in the hope that the shroud uncertainty kept the great wealth that pertain to the needs of humanity. But in order to find ways and choose the best of them – have a lot and very much to know – and not hearsay. And at the age of 30 years to learn and begin to seriously persistently engage in a creative search for alternative energy. In this case it was necessary to operate and maintain a family of five. It was necessary, first, to find a way of extending the working time in astronomical terrestrial days. And I found him, this reduction of the human diet sleep, that is not 8 hours and up to 5-6 hours per day. And now (in 2010), with confidence I can say that this chosen path was optimal, because it only allowed me to approach positive results that far and a great goal. Having retrained Chemists scouts to work in the areas of nuclear weapons tests in 1965 in Kazakhstan, due to the results seen otchuyu nuclear "plague." I was goal – to find ways and create technical devices are an alternative to the barbaric power engineering and nuclear plague of the twentieth century.