Ion Technology Iron

New equipment and the proper hair care save the hairstyle itself in frequent use worms Leiselheim, September 20, 2010 – wild curls, soft waves or silky smoothness: every woman of the nature on the jumps can help with hair dryer, curling iron and straightener. However, the use of flat irons, curling irons and hair dryer needs to be learned. Otherwise threaten blunt and dull hair. It is split, dry or in the worst case even abgerannte strands in purchase. The manufacturer of the equipment thus ion technology and special coatings that are designed to protect the hair.

Very quickly and gently drying the hair with the help of ion technology. The ions cause that the water molecules are less divided. The Barber of Jens Dagne, where often a celebrity says to himself, known far beyond the borders of his home city of worms has made good experiences with such blow. “Early 2005 the company has me Jaguar send an ion hairdryer to test.” I was excited about this revolution while blow-drying and then have the entire Salon converted. The ion hair dryers bring a super beautiful shine and much shorter drying times with it, because the cuticle is sealed faster. Basically it is advisable always to all Heissbehandlungen ‘ an appropriate pre-Shutz-product ‘ (E.g.

hot pressed spray from KMS California) to give in the hair. The same thing happens when using a straightening iron or the curling iron. “Always, if mechanically be styled hair for a long time should be on a suitable basic hair care ‘ be taken into account.” Before the first use of a straightening iron women should be advised by her hairdresser. “Especially for the sections on the back of the head, the danger is very great, that will burn the hair a beginner with the smoothing iron”, warns Jens Dagne. The hydrogen bonds of the molecules in the hair will be opened by the heat of iron and can be connected elsewhere again.