Industrial Essential

A variety of different industries trust the reliability of the sleeves for pinch valves by AKO today. The cuffs, which are at the heart of pinch valves, were continuously adapted to the current conditions of the industry. The robustness of materials is due that the valve seals are currently demanding the fact. You must remain stable even in continuous operation and a long service life. The cuffs cover different types of fabric. So also abrasive, so sharp-edged carrier and end materials are securely locked, the cuff is extremely elastic. Furthermore, the sleeve material must show up resistant to high or low temperatures.

Finally, it provided special conditions of hygiene in the food industry. The nominal diameters for the cuffs are in the range between DN010 and DN500. The special feature: the cuffs have still a high rebound resilience even in continuous operation. Because you are Standard opening tabs in. Also the manufacturing processes are so carefully as the research work of the company. In addition to the conventional injection procedures as well as the manual winding process for the standard cuffs, there are also hand assembling forms. You come to the usage if you want special designs. The better the cuff on his range is adjusted, the lifetime and the lifetime is higher.

Tissue deposits, which are important especially for high cycle frequencies provide the necessary stability. The advantage: The quality of elastomers and this amplification are responsible for ensuring that production failures due to material fatigue do not occur rarely or no. However is part of the cuff to a pinch valve wear parts that must be replaced every now and then. Also in this case, AKO pays attention to an efficiency of its products. Thanks to detailed maintenance and installation instructions on the Web page products/cuffs for quetschventile.html one convenient on-site change the cuffs. They are attached so that they are easily accessible and you can see it even without the aid of special tools. AKO has developed in recent years a densely woven sales network and ensures a timely implementation of customer orders thanks to high inventory levels. Thus the company from Trebur near the main metropolis helps Frankfurt a long-term customer loyalty.