Flower Prints And Layers

The flowers have always been an inspiration for men, since these beautiful creations of nature have a great beauty, that make them full of beautiful natural elements that simply can not help admiring, and the beautiful colors that can inspire and express various feelings such as love with a rose, purity with any flower petals are white, among many other feelings, also have a natural fragrance that captivates with its delicate aromas, in fact the beauty of the flowers is something magical can easily wrap whom he admires these beautiful creations of nature, so people trying to create something that was the beauty of the flowers, which likewise had the meaning of flowers, he devised a form of art that can be very nice and are the sheets of flowers, which are a beautiful work of art that has the representation of beautiful flowers that may be accompanied by landscapes, the blades can also be the representation of flowers of a beautiful bouquet of flowers, among many other beautiful ways that can translate into the layers of flowers. The sheets of flowers can be made in different materials, whether the creation of the layers is made on canvas, acrylic, aluminum, high-quality paper, among others, but they are mentioned that are the most appropriate and best performing in the implementation of the layers of flowers on the performance of the blades can be done manually or by means of printing.

For the realization of the layers of flowers on canvas, which is a plain weave made of thick canvas, the canvas must be stretched in a wooden frame and then goes to apply a primer coat after it is passed to the use of dissolved in oil paints drying, so the plates with paintings of flowers are a clear example of oil painting, another way to make beautiful flowers and ornamental plates is using the aluminum, which is a kind of plastic, which after passing through processes polymerization up to a liquid state is poured into molds to make it as flat as a sheet, which is very easy to paint, also offers very nice visual results, so these would be the ways of doing sheet flowers in a manual. Using the technique of printing to the realization of the layers of flowers, you can make use of aluminum, which molded as a sheet, it is first painted with grease paint after it is covered by a mixture of nitric acid and gum arabic This mixture is applied to the film increases the moisture holding capacity, after this you put a paper over the foil and placed in the press and pressure the image is captured in the paper and get beautiful plates of flowers.. (A valuable related resource: Gerber Pension Plan Berlin, Germany-de).