European Union

Certainly, also there are some who call to to democratise the EU doing that this one it reformulates allowing greater participation of its citizens. Many of those who voted by NOT to the treaty do not reject Europe but they would want that a government of this one and several of their laws popularly are decided. The contradictions of the EU Of another side, the new laws against the undocumented people mine to the European democracy and will affect the new democracies of the emergent countries. On the one hand a luck of million of is created nonpleasing people who must be removed from the societies in which they live and in that have relations and relatives and who can massively be jailed or deportees. For normal of European that new hunting of wizards is something that will foment the intolerance, racism and the xenophobia, that its system of citizen liberties will debilitate, that will give to more recruits to The Qaeda and that will cost a fortune to them in implementing new irregular concentration or basic training areas of . Also it will affect several poor countries that will be private of important remittances that to them their citizens send who work in the EU and that will force to have to receive tens or hundreds of thousands of repatriates being altered the labor market. All this will destabilize to democracies like those of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and other nations that at least have half million compatriots his in Europe.

The European Union in himself shows its contradictions. This fought during decades to make wear down to Soviet authoritarianism showing the advantages of a parliamentary democracy. Nevertheless, this today has 7 Chiefs of State who never have been elect by anybody (monarchs). On the other hand, the aim of the relative socialist igualitarismo in the East has lead to that it is crumbled to the system of social benefits in the West and to that grows the social polarization between European rich poor men and.