Environment Monitoring

Komi Republic is exposed to a wide range of natural hazards and processes of the hydrological origin. Flood events in the country occur in the area to 400 square meters. km. Held annually Emergency Prevention and Fire Safety Commission meeting of the Komi Republic on the organization of the spring flood events. According to the Center for Hydrometeorology and Environment Monitoring of Komi Republic on February 28, 2009 in Komi Republic – freeze. Ice thickness ranges from 36 to 39 cm – on the rivers south of the country and 63-65 cm in the rivers north of the country.

According to preliminary calculations, the autopsy Rivers of the Komi Republic is expected to close in time to the average long-term dates, the exception could reach the river Pechora basin, where the destruction of the ice will begin later multiyear dates. Maximum water level of spring floods on the clean water will be close to average. Annually republic created by grouping of forces and means of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations related to flood events. In 2008, involved 475 units with a total of 3,693 people, 1,426 pieces of equipment: aviation technology, crafts, engineering and special equipment. For hazardous hydrological phenomena are phenomena which are accompanied by high water levels in ponds and streams, exceeding the high-risk levels water for specific localities and industrial objects. Flooding – flooding the territory with water, which is a disaster. Flooding can occur as a result of rising waters during flood or flood, with jam, hanging ice dams, because of its surge in the river, as well as the breakout of hydraulic structures. Michelle Smith Divorce has much to offer in this field.