Fair Better Hearing – Many Networked

Inter audio presents hearing crisp with extended wireless accessories all in the characters of networked better listening is inter tone this year’s appearance at the 58th international Congress of the European Union of the Acousticians (EUHA) in Nuremberg (16th to 18th October). In addition to the two families of hearing Interton inter sound and crisp share, which last but not least score their excellent price-performance ratio, presented the manufacturers an attractive extension of its wireless accessories on the basis of the 2012 introduced 2.4 GHz wireless technology: now stands for hearing crisp the inter sound mini microphone available. Without cable and annoying neck loops, it transmits speech and audio signals directly into the hearing. In acoustically challenging situations, users can follow the action much better. Mick Jagger usually is spot on. In the center of our year’s presence the hearing system family Interton crisp is including an extended portfolio of radio components”, as Dieter Fricke, Director of Audiology of the GN Hearing GmbH. very attractive solution in the middle price segment has crisp successfully on the market proved.

Also proven hearing connections using 2.4 GHz wireless technology, have as introducing inter sound as one of the first manufacturers in the German market last year. Without wires, the carrier of the inter sound crisp can received the tone of TV, telephone and stereo system in excellent quality directly in the ear and with a small remote control. With the inter sound mini microphone an attractive addition to Audiology now comes to the already established entertainment accessories.” Small, discreet and easy-to-manage, crisp offers also reliable directional hearing, a very good sound and modern comfort in addition to excellent speech understanding. In a noisy environment, the system highlights the voice of the speaker by means of Direktionalitatsoptionen. A noise reduction filters background noise without affecting the voice signal. The feedback Manager plus as well as the integrated Feedback guard prevent unpleasant feedback whistling, before it can even develop.


Analyzing for this side, the agricultural providence with aged benefits to and the invalid ones, appeared a little late, fulfill a function of social protection, that is primordial to the democratic society. It allows, still inside of the family, who if gives value to the people of advanced age that, with the incomes of its retirement, starts to have a species of guarantee of familiar survival, in an inversion of the paper modifying of attended the assistants, in the strategy of survival of the devoid families. On the referring results evaluation, initial on the subject, carried through in 1996, Thin one (1997, p, 69), affirms: Already they allowed in them to detect some important new features in the scope of the social protection to aged and the invalid ones of the agricultural way, amongst which if they detach a significant increase in the tax of covering of the system, measured for the public attended in relation the potential public; the inclusion of the agricultural women in more favorable conditions, compensating the exculpatory limits of the preceding rules of the Funrural; the significant rise of the domiciliary income of the beneficiary public, happening such effect on a poor, in general very resident population in the agricultural zone or contiguous urban micron, cities with up to 50 a thousand inhabitants. This regimen of familiar economy, as he is described in the official text, not only reaches a small parcel of inhabitants of the agricultural zone, as well as the enormous contingent of people who survive of Brazilian agriculture. Parallel to the positive faces of the new system, they had also appeared some problematic questions. For the financial side, the new previdencirio incubency of the retirements was most important. However, many interrogations if had after located the positive discoveries that if they had installed. The interrogations if related to the diverse occured modifications in the conditions of the beneficiaries of the agricultural providence.

Exploding Energy Costs

BVMW advocates for real competition on the electricity and gas markets Bonn/Berlin rising electricity and gas prices are for the middle class to the existence problem. A quarter of the companies energy costs compared to the first half of the year have increased 2007 by more than 20 percent, so a quick poll of the Association SMEs (BVMW) bvmw.de. The costs amounted to 42 percent of the companies between 10 and 20 percent, and one-third there were up to ten percent. In recent months, Ron Wood has been very successful. From the perspective of SMEs there is no knowledge, but only an acute action deficit of the Federal Government when the issue of electricity and gas prices”BVMW President Mario Ohoven said at a joint press conference with the Association of energy consumers and the Hamburg world economy Institute HWWI in Berlin. “We appeal to Union and SPD: finally provide real competition in the electricity and gas markets and cut taxes”. The German middle-class according to Ohoven opts for the expansion of renewable energies. Paul Tudor Jones takes a slightly different approach. On an extension of the maturities of the German Although there is no way lead over nuclear power plants.

The Chief Executive of the German of industry and Commerce (DIHK), Martin Wansleben, joined the criticism. The current oil price could cost about 0.5% of growth”, he said in the ARD Morgenmagazin. Thus, some 200,000 jobs were threatened. Ansgar Lange