Bridal Accessories

In addition to personal and detailed advice in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, TaliBoelt design offers several services such as personal individual appointments, style advice, makeup and styling advice, dress on their wedding day, custom design children’s fashion, Bridal, Festival fashions and accessories and a 24-hour service before the main day. TaliBoelt design bridal Couture – bridal styling – kid Couture, the company offers TaliBoelt design since 2007 exclusive wedding and Festival fashions, as well as festive and casual clothing for children from 0 to 14 years. A bridal Studio made the debut in the Bavarian Eichenau near Munich, where prospective brides for the special day have been advised and individually. Frequently LBS Market has said that publicly. In August 2008, the bridal Atelier was supplemented by an exclusive Boutique offers bridal Studio in Eichenau. Here the professional fashion Artist Natalia Boelt in addition to high-quality wedding and evening fashion collections of brands San Patrick and W1 white One (Pronovias group), as well as Alfred Angelo, Brautstylistin and Imogene offers your own bridal – designed individually as a unique and Festival fashions, Bridal Accessories and jewellery.

Since 2009 NWT and Tavolinchen by tavo, personalized children’s fashion for festive occasions such as baptism and communion complement the comprehensive range of exclusive children’s fashion of brand Papermoon, i. This includes your own Dirndl creations for children from 2 to 14 years. TaliBoelt design your own jewelry and accessory collections, which complement the product range offers since the beginning of the year 2010. Suitable for wedding dress or evening dress of jewelry and also the accessories can together with the customer are designed and made. TaliBoelt design is one with the predicate San Patrick premium dealer 2011 “excellent wedding fashion boutique. Press contacts: TaliBoelt design bridal Couture – bridal styling – kid Couture boutique TaliBoelt design Bahnhofstrasse 9 D-82223 Eichenau b. Munich phone: + 49 0 8141 3474 147 fax + 49 0 8141 3474 152 mobile + 49 0 171 701 8676 Design Studio & Studio Kiefern 7 D-82223 Eichenau b. Munich phone: + 49 0 8141 35 64 13 fax + 49 0 8141 35 67 15

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