Miguel Dominguez

If you do, you’ll be working continuously until dawn and / or lose money. Report of the industry and keep up to date on the latest research in the writing industry. Read the research on usability, readability, and escaneabilidad and subscribe to newsletters. Read about search engine optimization or tries to subscribe to a newsletter. Tries to keep track of every day, the language is changing (which words use, what you should avoid, what rules are being overlooked in your spoken language, which seems to make a positive impression on people, etc.) Know the difference between writing for the web address writing for print compared with writing for 9 search engines) research materials. Either that the website writing or copywriting, to do a good job, what you need is to know much about your subject work. This means that you must have the specific knowledge about the product from your client or service, as well as (a more generic) dominate the knowledge. Customers have a tendency to not provide enough information. Make sure that the in-depth interviews. And then you make them know that you will probably have to ask more questions. Even then, you may find doing some independent research. Internet is your salvation, but always executes any information from your client before you publish it. When you’re doing a job, it is find out the amount of detail that you can facilitate customer. You can even ask you estimate how much you will be offering. This is a good technique, since you make them think about your needs and, at the same time gives you an idea of how long will spend researching.