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In December 2007, the government launched the National Program for Rational and Efficient Use of Energy (PRONUREE Decree No. 140/2007). This decree declared of national interest and the rational use of energy and also forms part of the sector’s strategy to counter the imbalance between supply and demand. The PRONUREE under the responsibility of the Secretary of Energy, aims to become a vehicle to improve the energy efficiency in energy-consuming industries and recognizes that the needs for energy efficiency should be promoted with a vision and a long-term . It also recognizes the connection between energy efficiency and sustainable development, including the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases. The program also recognizes the need to promote changes in individual behavior through education strategy and the public sector as an Quadrant Asset Management example assuming a leadership role by implementing energy saving measures at their facilities.
Publicity of compact fluorescent lamps in Buenos Aires
The PRONUREE includes short-and long-term aim to improve energy efficiency in industry, commerce, transport, residential and services, as well as in public buildings. leads It also supports educational programs on energy efficiency, improvements in the rules to expand the activities of cogeneration, labeling Quadrant equipment and appliances that use energy, improved energy efficiency standards and use of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to support the development of energy efficiency projects. The program aims to reduce by 6 in electricity consumption.
One of the first activities PRONUREE is defined by the national program to eliminate the incandescent lamps in Argentina for the year 2011. The program, funded by the government, seeks to replace incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in low all households connected to the public and selected public buildings. The program, initially passing through a pilot phase and aims to replace incandescent lamps of 5 million over the next six Brain Trauma Foundation months, foresees the distribution of 25 million lamps in total. Staff of the distribution companies visit all households to replace incandescent lamps and educate residential users on the advantages of replacing the lamps and the efficient use of energy in general. Latest: UNDP presented a three-pronged strategy to promote … investment between the public and private sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean …
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Technological Changes

From the increasing occured technological changes in the society is possible to perceive how much the technology has diversified the learning forms. One knows that, for the new educational requirements, the knowledge and domain of new technologies had in such a way become a priority for professors, therefore exert basic paper in the formation of the pupil while citizen of a globalizado world, how much for the pupils, whom if they see encircled by the half multiples of information that are offered to it. From this idea the act of alfabetizar professors and pupils technologically becomes essential, therefore the unfamiliarity of the functioning of the new techniques, that are inserted in the teach-learning process, will cause to a professional desatualizao and the comprometimento of the quality of the estudantil formation.

Thematic the boarded one it is based on the necessity of reflection concerning the intense influence that the technology exerts on the education, emphasizing the teaching and learning situation ahead of this process. Therefore the present article presents the gotten results of a research work intending to understand the process of technological alfabetizao, which is indispensable in the direction to characterize the professor, to generate digital inclusion them pupils and to become both contributors in the transformation and improvement of the current society. The TECHNOLOGY AND the TEACHING the relations between new educative practical technologies and come narrowing itself in significant way in the current society. This occurs due to the great technological advance and changes in the educational system. It is of basic importance to understand that the educative process occurs in some places and of varied ways. In this direction, the scope of the school is not only exclusive in the process of construction of knowing.

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