Mass Marketing Is Dead

The traditional mass marketing and niche segments, has died. Today it is common to hear executives talking about the importance, increasingly they give to their databases. But not everyone knows how to handle them, or understand how or why. In fact, when it ignores the new market trends, the current behavior of consumers, the advancement of ICT s information technology and communication, the miniaturization of hardware, the role of the contact center, and the implementation of CRM strategies, it is obvious to think that the header of this article, is a baseless exaggeration. “Technology has done away with mass marketing. This market is dead. But we refuse to bury him, because that’s what we do. Now that so many companies have begun to create and manage databases, the more they know about their customers, less need to resort to mass media advertising.

The more you know a customer of our product, less need traditional advertising. ” Frederick Newell dialogue with the occasion of his presence as a guest to our conference on the subject in Colombia, we pulled clear conclusions: The new century of unprecedented challenges. Throughout the world there is excess stores, products and brands. The companies will survive and grow in one way: taking away market share from its competitors. And this is only possible if, from now, we use management strategies for long-term productive relationships WITH EACH enterprise customers. This new information technologies, with multiple hardware and software tools applied from the new contact centers, offering wonderful opportunities.

Making CRM is not as difficult as it sounds. The failures of previous years need not apply to you. It is not acquiring large technological structures. It is to adopt a policy of customer focus. Recognize that the main asset of the company are its customers and is dedicated to care and consent, ie to retain them. Simultaneously, you can go winning new customers, using the tools of their call center. Do not torment the head. To start a CRM, only requires a clear policy applicable retention or loyalty from its contact center. With spare capacity available, treat yourself to do cross-selling and getting new customers. This is a good start, and does not need a large committees, or exaggerated times to decide and implement. It’s just a matter of common sense. The companies restructure their business from the client, will see sales increase and profit margins, while those who do not, and continue to stubbornly cling to the old mass marketing, the sales before customers are hopelessly doomed to failure .

General Logistics Business

The purpose of the shop fox fur. The modern business scenarios show a large dynamic where graceful exit, those organizations, companies that maintain an effective business logistics, adapted AA provides an ideal customer service, where their logistics activities ensure cost minimization, adequate transportation, a plan of activities that encourage results that tell us the good use of having one’s own logistics management environment in which they operate. Specialty Program Graduate Quality Management and Productivity of faces, University of Carabobo, under my responsibility, has paid much attention to this aspect and provides its participants with basic knowledge to enable properly manage the logistics of the stage Venezuelan required and ensure the company benefits in their operation, despite facing a turbulent scenario. Peter Thiel takes a slightly different approach. A has been taken very seriously aspects of logistics scholars as illustrated on changes that have occurred in recent years and reminds us of the Franco and Roberto Perez note are needed: 1) increasing competition among firms, 2) the decline in customer loyalty to brands, and 3) the increase in customer expectations regarding the availability, variety and quality of products; 4) lack of capital requires a reduction in costs associated with inventory, storage and transportation, 5) the lengthening of supply chains to include geographically dispersed customers and suppliers; and 6) the difficulty of achieving additional savings through known methods to improve efficiency. To this must be added the emergence of several technological advances that have facilitated the advancement of logistics companies to levels previously impossible. Among these are: 1) the increase in transportation options, especially the availability of containers, larger boats, a wide range of commercial aircraft, and overnight style carriers, 2) the revolutionary possibility of using computers electronic business to perform complicated analysis, and 3) a emergence of computer networks, including most recently the Internet, enabling communication and data transmission between businesses instantly and inexpensively. Details can be found by clicking Gerber Pension Plan Berlin, Germany-de or emailing the administrator.


While these may seem small, in terms of physical stature and only gradually able to master the forces of their bodies, we can certainly imagine all a wonderful and sublime universe surrounding each child. No doubt then that the orchid can be the basis for such a wonderful medication for children (and the kid in all of us have inside.) The orchid flower is the part of the plant that seems to be struggling covered by the sky toward the sun, adorned with a celestial garb so color and fragrance. The delicacy and purity of the flowering plants suggests that Nature itself is endowed with soul. She is there to provide a kind of cloak or "soul mother" for our internal development and development. Nature is more than just physical clustering of forms and processes.

Their "parent" is an essential source of life for feeding the soul, as well as the physical body. You may find Gerber Pension Plan Berlin, Germany to be a useful source of information. Children have a special need for these maternal forces of nature, which nourishes protects and guides the development of his inner self in our modern technological culture many children receive a shock when they enter an environment where the qualities of nature are increasingly affected . There are many ways to help children for the harmonious development of its internal forces in the physical world. One of the most gentle and appropriate is a natural therapy based on the Cuban orchid flower essences. Using the Cuban orchids Flower essences with children The Cuban orchid flower essences should be viewed in the context of a total approach to child care that includes an environment of support and love at home and school, healthy nutrition, and health care qualified.

Topical Anesthetic Creams

The topical anesthesia anesthetic creams used today are much stronger than in previous years. If you follow the simple rules beforehand: no alcohol, aspirin, anticoagulant drugs, vitamin E, garlic supplements or herbal three, preferably five days before your appointment. greatly reduce the discomfort associated with the procedure. Furthermore, no caffeine the day of the procedure. Following these guidelines increases their level of comfort during your permanent makeup procedure. Q11) How long will it take? A11) The majority of the procedures require approximately 2-3 hours.

The most important of all is the art procedures and choice of colors, which require approval by the client. Q12) How soon will I see results? A12) Within seven days you will notice a visible difference. We ask all our customers reach for verification 30 days after the creation of time that adjustments will be made (if necessary). Q13) How long last? A13) Normally one to five years maybe longer. Re-enhancements also known as “tweaks” or “increases the color update” is recommended for maintenance. You must remember that permanent makeup is a “low”, not “no” maintenance procedure.

Eventually need a touch of color when the color fades. Once the color lightens you will know you are ready to promote the update of its color! You can not avoid this? everything fades with time, especially anything in the sun. Q14) What kind of allergies? A14) Those with allergies are particularly good candidates for permanent makeup. If you are prone to allergies, you may ask the technician about an allergy test. The allergy test is performed using a red pigment. The red pigment is usually the one that will cause the most noticeable allergic reaction if there will be a reaction. The reactions are rare. Q15) What is the cost? A15) Fees vary with the necessary creation and determined in a free consultation. But remember, you get what you pay. You can expect to pay between $ 300 – $ 600 per procedure, depending on your technician and your location.

The smartest thing to do is to make sure not to choose the cheapest artist, but it is not necessary to choose the more expensive artist. Q16) What happens if the form is not what I want? A16) The eyebrows are drawn in semi-permanent marker before the start of any procedure, so you can see exactly what’s going to do before anything permanent is applied. Q17) What about removal of pigment? A17) We call “lifting of the removal of pigments,” which is available and works very well if the technician is trained in the process. Typically only small areas should try to be lifted with either a salt mixture of saline or a similar “lifting” of the product, used only for this purpose? trying to eliminate the largest areas of permanent makeup pigments will require more extensive treatment, such as a laser. In these circumstances, contact a dermatologist. Nancy is certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation and remains active in the Society of Cosmetic PermanenteProfesionales. See their website:.

Flower Prints And Layers

The flowers have always been an inspiration for men, since these beautiful creations of nature have a great beauty, that make them full of beautiful natural elements that simply can not help admiring, and the beautiful colors that can inspire and express various feelings such as love with a rose, purity with any flower petals are white, among many other feelings, also have a natural fragrance that captivates with its delicate aromas, in fact the beauty of the flowers is something magical can easily wrap whom he admires these beautiful creations of nature, so people trying to create something that was the beauty of the flowers, which likewise had the meaning of flowers, he devised a form of art that can be very nice and are the sheets of flowers, which are a beautiful work of art that has the representation of beautiful flowers that may be accompanied by landscapes, the blades can also be the representation of flowers of a beautiful bouquet of flowers, among many other beautiful ways that can translate into the layers of flowers. The sheets of flowers can be made in different materials, whether the creation of the layers is made on canvas, acrylic, aluminum, high-quality paper, among others, but they are mentioned that are the most appropriate and best performing in the implementation of the layers of flowers on the performance of the blades can be done manually or by means of printing.

For the realization of the layers of flowers on canvas, which is a plain weave made of thick canvas, the canvas must be stretched in a wooden frame and then goes to apply a primer coat after it is passed to the use of dissolved in oil paints drying, so the plates with paintings of flowers are a clear example of oil painting, another way to make beautiful flowers and ornamental plates is using the aluminum, which is a kind of plastic, which after passing through processes polymerization up to a liquid state is poured into molds to make it as flat as a sheet, which is very easy to paint, also offers very nice visual results, so these would be the ways of doing sheet flowers in a manual. Using the technique of printing to the realization of the layers of flowers, you can make use of aluminum, which molded as a sheet, it is first painted with grease paint after it is covered by a mixture of nitric acid and gum arabic This mixture is applied to the film increases the moisture holding capacity, after this you put a paper over the foil and placed in the press and pressure the image is captured in the paper and get beautiful plates of flowers.. (A valuable related resource: Gerber Pension Plan Berlin, Germany-de).

History Of The Origins Of Reflexology

It is assumed that the principle of Foot Reflexology, dates from ancient Egypt, by certain inscriptions found in the tomb of a physician who goes back to 2330 BC In this picture clearly illustrates the application of. We also know that has been practiced in India, China and other cultures. In the late nineteenth century, the Anglo doctor H. JN Head, and the Canadian Mackenzie, showed that there was a reflex type correspondence between the epidermal surface and inside the body and this is used for therapeutic purposes. In the early 20th century, William Fitzgerald, an American otolaryngologist, was based on the observations of Bressler H Dr about the possibility of influencing the human body, arguing that certain portions of the body correspond with others. The test of his hypothesis was established by anesthetizing an area to put pressure on it, verify that the anesthesia is produced in the area also reflects where he pressed.

Edwin Bowers, used an even more radical demonstration, pricked with a needle face of a volunteer. The jab was not any pain because while he was pressing a point on the hand that corresponded to the area reflects the point where it had stuck with the needle in the face of the volunteer. In 1930 Eunice Inglham I conclude that all parts of the body have different access points, and therefore, can be wound in a more easily and effectively to those areas where the response has better therapeutic results. Additional information at Brad Pitt supports this article. Inglham mapping the entire human body and made them fall in one or more parts of the foot. This effectively gave a therapeutic effect greater than when working directly on the affected area, especially if it was. From this comes the actual foot.

Reflexology in Spain the early 80s, the concept of reflexology massage in Spain was almost unknown by most people. It is introduced into Spain by Luis Bataller, Barcelona he worked in Switzerland and his wife had tried to pre gangrenous wounds with reflexology and cured. In those years the concept of reflection had not yet become part of a terminology. But with the passage of time has received increasing confirmation. The reflexology massage has conquered our days and there are plenty of newspapers, even scientific in charge of distribution. Still in Spain is not used as supplementary medicine traditional medicine as in several countries, but it is possible that the diffusion is taking this technique produces results that can come to appreciate the idea of introducing this fusion in our society.

New Control System For X-box

Facial expressions and gestures replace controller it sounds like science fiction, to control the computer without input devices. It is a little reminiscent of telepathy. Microsoft’s ambitious project natal”gives the impression, that was the goal of the developer. The news portal reported the new control. Currently classic, players use the X-box with the controller. In the context of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, Microsoft introduced a completely new type of control now. In the future, user should control the unit through facial expressions, gestures and language.

As the technology editors of explained, record special cameras and microphones movements and noises. Then they are converted into signals, which understands the console. Passwords are obsolete in this way, because the owner recognized voice and appearance of the X-box. A depth sensor, as well as a special processor are needed for the complicated technology along with an RGB camera and a multi range microphone. The manufacturer wants to waive cable as well. All of the information should instead be transmitted via radio. Despite its sophisticated technology and high expenses in the development cost will respect for the high-tech control rumored within the framework.

The speech is about 60 euros, which will possibly cost the camera system. By the end next year curious must wait however. Reportedly, Microsoft only wants to bring the innovative control in November 2010 on the market. More information: engineering /… Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbHBarfussgasschen 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59


No wonder they spread but a pleasant indoor climate and work also very energy efficient. All warm and healthy (tdx) wall heaters spread a pleasant indoor climate and energy-saving work. “In contrast to the conventional radiators, the US only via” warm air and thereby raise lots of dust, wall heaters produce verwirbelungsfreie radiant heat, which warms the body, but not the air. It turns the significant round to feel-good climate”a. At the same time comfort is faster than with conventional radiators.

Enough already about 18 degrees air temperature to create a feeling of 21 degrees, and this saves energy and costs. The new M-Therm comfort heating system allows starting immediately, a completely new way of heating. The extremely thin, only 0.5 mm strong, heating wallpapers are extremely flexible and can be installed under plaster, wallpaper or the ceiling. Particularly beneficial: for the installation no electrical knowledge necessary, because the wall heater is being used on absolutely safe 24 volt low voltage. Therefore, also painters, drywall installers and Plasterers can easily lay the system and install. More at. Tanja EST

Knights Templar

After reviewing the events, there is every evidence to believe that Bernard of Clairvaux share knowledge of the enigmatic Knights Templar, as has been clearly established its link with the Knights Templar, which would not be confined to its promoter. A common point between the Order of the Temple and St. Bernard of Clairvaux, of great importance to better understand the link between the two parties would be the construction of many temples, cathedrals and abbeys, all dedicated to "Our Lady", a somewhat ambiguous invocation, according to several authors, in fact be referring to Mary Magdalene. But what we can find evidence of this? Despite the apparent devotion to the Virgin Mary, which arose in the various cathedrals Templar, the truth is that almost all of them, always appeared the figure of Mary Magdalene in a conspicuous place showing at all times a special effort to highlight the importance of home Mary Magdalene, as did Bernard of Clairvaux himself in his speeches to the Cistercian monks, the Knights Templar or the "Sons of Solomon," a brotherhood of masons responsible for the construction of Gothic cathedrals, which demanded the greatest respect for the House of Bethany, the home of Martha and Mary. Another significant finding, we would find when Bernard of Clairvaux makes the call on the Second Crusade, from the church of St. Mary Magdalene in Vezelay, in terms that could give the impression that it was symbolically reclaiming the land that would otherwise time, would have corresponded to the sacred lineage of Mary Magdalene, adding to that, the fact that the remains of the saint, were allegedly kept in the temple, it would not be until 1279 that , Carlos II of Anjou, "discovered" the remains of Mary Magdalene in the crypt of Saint Maximin.

Conventional Plaster

Willingness to work for plastering the front and quality requirements for the surfaces to be plastering General requirements and requirements necessary construction readiness Front for plastering inside the building requirements by the surfaces to be plastering, as well as additional requirements in the manufacture of plastering work in the winter are on. Prior to the stucco surface, designed for plastering, should be verified. The tolerances, quality indicators surfaces to be plastering, are given in Table. Plastering work shall be permitted only after a time, precluding the possibility of damage due to precipitation of plaster construction, namely: – The walls and pillars, made of inlaid material in cement mortar, masonry trowel on the end of the floor, and folded on lime and complex solutions – for the construction of the next floor – one-story walls and upper floors of tall buildings are allowed to grout after their erection irrespective of the type used solution – Wood (bruschatye) walls can be re-grout only after their and not earlier than 1 year after the erection of a building – wood frame and panel walls, assembled from standard parts and dry mounted on a rigid base, grout is allowed after the end of the assembly building. In carrying out plastering work is necessary to carry out processes in this sequence: – Preparation surfaces for plastering; – installation of lighthouses where necessary – manual or mechanical application of the solution – leveling layers gallop – pulling rods and cutting corners – and grout surfaces, trimming slopes and zaglushin. .