House Demand

The specialist I seek everywhere locate my property, heritage, to ask for embargo on them, but not got rather than roles and more roles, because for safety, I never have nothing to my name, vehicles, land or House, since is that in Peru, people are looking for opportunity to make demands in the belief that will get you paying thousands of dollarsthey donate to orphans in Peru, according to them. Well as a leader of an urbanization who said in front of his friends: papeluchero, because the said it was a lawyer, something false, since it wasn’t, I demand for 1 million of dollars for having insulted, publicly destroyed his honor and good name. It is so sued by two people in two different places, win the second, that never failed to prove I had reproached him, despite offered witnesses to, in number three. Judge term citandolo my applicant with warning bring it with the police because at the end, never was presented for the first hearing, or any, i.e.: abandon their demand. Feared that if the declare unfounded, the sentenciarian to the pay process with coasts and costs. As happened with my complainant Mrs. Martha Roma Sanchez in Iquitos, a species of Freddy Crugger of the DREL.

Wine by wool and came out trasquilada. These two examples you will serve to ud to observe that: 1.-La sra Roma spend money on lawyer, months, pay legal fees, in the belief of that the judiciary, the supporting her, to make me more harm that already me had done with my cohabitant educational center, but everything you went to the reverse, they declared their demand unfounded and spoiled this to pay costs and costs the plaintiff. Process judicial ciivil, pays the loser in Peru, so whether that demand. 2.-Ud may observe the leader lost time, expenditure on legal fees, only to give the taste of having me to my defendant, to intimidate me because estupidamente creia que yo you would ask forgiveness, and that you ofreceria money, so not demande me, thing that made people laugh to choir to my friends and family. My family is composed of lawyers, judges, I study law, currently study, FF I know as they flexed the legal systems, to defend my interests. More than live faced Peruvians must learn to acknowledge mistakes and promote a culture of peace, a culture of dialogue, rather than eternal conflict, that to nothing lead. Social conflicts are very common, are neither good, nor bad, only exist and exist, because the life, the world is like this, there will always be differences between social, business groups, etc. But Extrajudicial conciliation, us have a new opportunity and what is more: materials are Conciliables? They are the subject of conciliation determined or determinable claims that relate to available rights of parties, such as: food, regime of visits, tenure, Division and partition of goods.

Liquidation of the matrimonial society. Obligation to give money. Obligation to do and not do. Evictions for breach of contract. Precarious evacuation. Eviction by contract expiration. Eviction for nonpayment. Compensation. Breach of contracts. Payment of rent. Among others that are freely available from the parties.

Inglaterra Match

It was scheduled for Wednesday at 1900 hours. The match is suspended as a result of the current wave of violence in the city. The friendly match that England football team was going to play on Wednesday against the Netherlands in London has been cancelled as a result of the current wave of violence in the city, announced the Football Association (FA) English. With regret we suspending the international match against Holland in Wembley, scheduled for 1900 hours GMT, as explained by the FA in a statement. Violence that extends throughout the United Kingdom British police deployed this Monday night one-third more agents to the violent riots that have spread to several neighbourhoods of London, where youths set fire to buildings and vehicles for the third consecutive day.

In addition, Birmingham (North of England) Police confirmed that several properties and businesses had suffered attacks and robberies in different areas of the city and several people were arrested. In Liverpool (North West England) people by identifying they have set fire to several vehicles. In addition there were other damage, such as looting. Source of the news: cancelled the friendly Inglaterra-Holanda by riots.

Kazakh Foreign Ministry

Now consider the points of "achievements" of the foreign policy of the republic. At this moment, the main important task of Astana – OSCE chairmanship, towards which resources have been directed not only to the MFA, but the whole of Kazakhstan since 2003. The Western powers used ambitions, I can even say "the idea fixe" Kazakhstan as a resource for the punching of its geopolitical and energy interests. Results of the meeting with Mr. Nazarbayev, Angela Merkel once again confirmed that by hook or by crook, Brussels and Washington will take down with Astana. The president of a sovereign country, as scholar, was forced to listen to German Chancellor terms of one year chairmanship of the OSCE: "This can be thought, if the country will reform." The main thing now – get from the new "older brothers" instructions on the direction and pace of reforms, which will bring an Ak-Orda to the desired goal. Pompous CICA summit also belong to the category of useless inventions. Somehow none but the structures of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry and the Security Council, does not show interest not only to this project was relevant and useful, but even in the participation in it.

Attracting foreign delegations costs in Kazakhstan "Penny". And politically it is too burdensome. In fact, with the participation of each country in advance of the CICA Astana always promises significant political concessions. CICA, unlike the OSCE, SCO, APEC and other organizations, for all 15 years of its existence has never been brought to the discussion a little bit important event of international politics and conflict. At the same time, Kazakhstan continues to spew verbal absurdities such as "my concern over the situation in Honduras. " Widely publicized event in Astana as the Interfaith Forum and the Eurasian Media Forum, in fact, too, are a way to gratify vanity Nursultan Nazarbayev. Not only in the medium experts, but also in the Kazakh authorities proplachennyh foreign media have not met any feedback on the usefulness of these measures or their real contribution to solving any problem, whether in religion or in the field democratization.

South Hemisphere

Although the alternatives for the tourism in Mendoza are diverse and abundant, the natural profile of the region cuyana is what it attracts his tourists more. The enormous mountainous chains and the turbulent and mighty rivers make of this province an irresistible option. One of attractive the more famous and popular ones is the Aconcagua Hill, already transformed into a symbol of the region of Whose. Monte Aconcagua, located a 69 59 ” of west longitude and 32 39″ of South latitude, with his 6,962 meters of altitude above sea level, it is the highest summit of the South Hemisphere. It is, in addition one to ” Seven Cumbres” , a circuit of mountain that takes in himself the challenge to arrive at the top of the highest tips of each continent.

This mount also is called Akon-Kauak, that in language quechua means ” Sentry of Piedra”. The expedition to the Aconcagua has several routes for the ascent. Most usual it is the northwest, considered technically simple, since it does not imply to climb on rock nor to use equipment of I oxygenate. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to forget that one is a summit of 6,000 meters, and the climatic instability that factor carries. Another form of used access less is the route Glacier of the Poles, that is of regulating difficulty, reason why requires knowledge of scaling in ice.

This way offers an excellent opportunity of training to prepare itself for more complex summits. Surely, the main challenge in the Aconcagua is the ascent to the South wall. His view is surprising, but also it is very dangerous and difficult, since it owns 3,000 meters of height. Being one of stone the greater walls of the world, its ascent was not completed until year 1954. In order to be successful in the ascent to the Aconcagua, it is requisite obligatory to count on an excellent physical training conditions, a capacity of suitable acclimatization and a logistic service planned and efficient good. On the other hand, it is adapted to realise this type of expeditions during the summer in the region of Whose, that is to say, between the month of December and the one of March. The expeditions to the Aconcagua unfold the best scenes for the tourism in Mendoza. From the moment of arrival each one of the tourists nail their eyes in the majesty of the highest tip of South America, without being able to separate them until the game.