If you are looking for challenges and want to test your thinking strategic and logical, then the war of tentacles. Purple threat is for you. The sequel to the war of tentacles, this new flash game is much more challenging and exciting. Forget the easy and simple games for children! In this amazing strategy online game trataras do everything possible to overcome all the difficulties, that this game has many. The microbes constantly try to conquer the powerful forms of life. But everything that you have never before faced was a business of little mountain. Now, the threat is very serious as never before.

Purpuros microbes are much smarter than all the alien microbes. They are attacking you all the time and it seems that there is no hope but quick thinking with brilliant logical and tactical skills will help you to fight against them. In this game flash free online you must attack the enemies with your tentacles microbes, but here you should always Remember that purpuros microbes are incredibly evil and dangerous. By first, their powerful attacks can azarar you, but then you must gather forces and show what they’re capable of being. Extends your tentacles up to cells enemy and move the spores and conquest to the alien microbes! After each hard-earned level, you will have rounds more and harder in the cells fighting enemy. Pay attention the game is not easy. Stop the invasion and complete all levels of this amazing strategy game. Get ready to defend! Conquer all the microbes purple aliens and demonstrates that enemy can withstand any attack! This free online game will be very appreciated by lovers of games of strategy. want to try? Let’s see if you’re good! And remember, without mercy!

New Email Mobile

We can communicate through code as youngsters in chat, do remain anonymous behind the screen of a computer and under a pseudo name, but not forever. Sooner or later we have to rid ourselves of the masks and accommodate others in our hearts, not in our meeting rooms. Today, the youth do not need extensive letters, placed in envelopes with stamps. These have been replaced by the screen and keyboard, or cell phone. From an early age, children learn to use IM like Yahoo, MSN, ICQ or Skype software. They are freely available to existing applications, quick and easy.

The Internet allows them to penetrate the barriers of time and space, allowing them access to any part of the planet, though confined to their personal computers or mobile phones. This makes them indeed pragmatic, but distant, people like the technology they use. However do are online communications which alienate us, or our alienation is the? that motivates us to develop this type of communication? What will happen with a generation that knows no other way to interact is not through cable or wireless technology? Everything is connected as a child, I never dreamed that devices that we saw in science fiction came to be tools for daily use at an early age. Small, if we wanted to play with friends, we used an ancient tool called feet. We walked to their homes to talk to them. By formalism, they generally were the mothers of my friends with whom I should talk first. Today, we can send messages to our friends instantly using mobile phones.

And of course, there is no need of asking anyone for permission to do so. Young people primarily speak with your friends by SMS, by replacing the words with acronyms, and feelings by emoticons. It would seem that even relations have become virtual something for our children.

Cement Mills In Cement Plant

To cement mill is an installation used to grind the clinker component of concrete. Clinker is a hard, nodular material produced by sintering aluminosilicate and limestone in a cement kiln. There are several cement mill types which are able to grind clinker of which the ball mill is the most common. Ball mills consist of cylinders partially filled with large numbers of steel balls which employ their rolling action to crush the raw material when each cylinder is rotated. High pressure roller mills are occasionally used to grind clinker although their use has not yet gained broad acceptance. Generally, cement plants often choose dynamic pressure lubricating method, which is major I will discuss in this article. At first, we should choose proper lubricating oil as well as additives, so that improve milling machine lubricating condition. The work features of cement mill bearing are large overload and linear velocity, suffering from impact and vibrating; the size of bearing bush and hollow shaft is also big, the improvement of shape, size, accuracy and smooth degree are HA by manufacturing conditions.

Therefore, main bearings do not guarantee total liquid lubrication, but in boundary lubrication conditions. Excellent boundary lubrication (depending on the performance and strength of boundary film) can significantly reduce the coefficient of friction, reduces bearing wear. Specialized in producing all kinds of dry ball mill, cone ball mill, energy-saving ball mill, prices and other processing equipment, energy saving, energy saving, saving ground. cement ball mill pulverizing system is a multi-variable time delay, multivariable coupling and time-varying characteristics of the charged object, rotary kiln the control system of the past three independent conventional PID control system, it is difficult to consider system the specific characteristics of the powder system, such as to eliminate the mutual interference between the circuit and to overcome delay time variability of the object. Cement ball mill is widely used in thermal power plants at home and abroad, brick making machine but there are still some urgent problems in use, such as the entire milling process difficult to achieve automatic control, but can not run in the best economic output state. Hydraulic cone crusher: