The White Night In Madrid

Here it comes again! The most magical night of the year is called La Noche en Blanco y is the biggest cultural celebration of Madrid. On 13 September, overnight, the streets of the city boil with the hustle of thousands of people and hundreds of proposals no doubt will transform the capital. La Noche en Blanco has become a reference point between the most famous cultural events, as well as one of the most celebrated festivals. Following the success of the two previous editions, this third edition is faced with the challenge of maintaining high artistic taken so far, surprised the people of Madrid and visitors and make them feel as an essential part of cultural life in the city. If we take a quick look at the program, all doubts were dispelled: Madrid is one of the more social and dynamic cities in Europe.

In one night, you can collect the best artistic projects worldwide. Geniuses of the likes of Pedro Almodovar, Chema Madoz, Eugenio Ampudia or Rodrigo Garcia, whose work are closely linked to the city, have created special pieces for this issue, based on the leitmotif of illusion, deception of the senses, magic, and the notion of 'nothing is what it seems?. And if there is a person who has succeeded in changing the way the world sees the reality of Spain in general and Madrid in particular, that person is Pedro Almodovar. This year, pays tribute to a creative act, with the participation Almodovar himself and Alberto Iglesias – using his scores – as well as two artists chosen by the director, who will perform the most famous songs of his films. But the agenda of the White Night goes much further. There will be about 150 events spread throughout the city. The avant-garde artists of the moment and facades grace the streets of the capital. La Puerta de Alcala recover its original function will be the entrance and exit of the city. El Palacio de la Cibeles will become the romantic scene where thousands of Madrid stifle their most passionate kisses, while the imposing building in Gran Via Telefonica will be transformed by Lang and Baumann. Chema Madoz bathe the Plaza Spain with the precious light of two moons, while two of the most representative sources of the city, Neptune and Colon, will be populated by giant rubber ducks designed by dEmo.

AOL Instant

/ EP the number of users of such services will triple in five years. Applications like WhatsApp are getting a major boost by the growing number of smart phones and the lowering of data packets. The development of high-speed mobile networks is also helping. A new study says that the number of users that will use instant messaging through mobile will surpass 1.3 billion by 2016, i.e., the number of users will triple in five years. This figure will be boosted by the arrival of new services, such as iMessage of Apple, and the continued growth of existing services such as AIM from AOL, Blackberry Messenger, Microsoft Windows Live, Skype, Messenger or the multi-platform WhatsApp.

The Mobile Messaging study whitepaper, by Juniper Research communications industry analyst company, ensures that the release of these free mobile instant messaging services has been facilitated by the growing number of smart phones, the low cost of data packets and the development of high-speed mobile networks. However, the report points out that although the users of these services will continue to grow, im not able to compete with SMS as a primary means of communication from text in mobile phones. The author of the study, Daniel Ashdown ensures that the traditional SMS has a clear advantage over instant messaging services. With an SMS, I know that I can reach almost any phone in the world, if I have your number, while that with instant messaging services, the market is fragmented by the different services that cannot communicate with each other, says Ashdown. The traditional SMS will generate profits exceeding 70,000 billion dollars (48.622 million euros) for the year 2016. However, despite these findings, SMS revenues suffered in 2010 some of the biggest cuts in its history. In addition, the penetration of smart phones is increasing, the number of instant messaging applications continues to grow and expand, and social networks also tend to replace short text in contexts such as congratulations for birthdays or Christmas messages. On the other hand, the report points out that e-mail on mobile devices will also see growth as users gain more smart phones. Where Yes is expected to an extinction is in the case of the already little used MMS, that will disappear slowly because, according to the study, there will be much easy ways to share multimedia content. Source of the news: mobile instant messaging is triggered, SMS at risk?

Acoustic Polycarbonate

– Light weight (from 1,5 to 3,5 kg/m2) is 10 times less than glass and 3 times less than the acrylic. Weight polycarbonate is 16 times less than the weight of ordinary glass similar thickness, 6 times – acrylic glass. – High impact strength. In cities with strong winds, such sheets are used to cover buildings and protect them from flying objects. Polycarbonate panels possess high shockproof performance in a wide temperature range from -40 to + 120 c, exceeding the impact resistance of any kind of plastic, and in comparison with glass, this 200-fold difference. Material differs remarkable protection against hail, careless handling or deliberate damage. – Fire – slow burns and low emission of toxic gases, ignition temperature 570 degrees C, and exposed to open flame melts, forming harmless flakes. – Operating temperature range – from -40 to +120 degrees Celsius – Acoustic properties – noise reduction up to 18-22 dB.

– Resistance to chemicals – used in any aggressive environment, partially dissolves in the complex ethers. – Durability. Polycarbonate is on the outer surface layer of high-absorption of ultraviolet rays, which prevents their penetration into the leaf. Protection from uv rays prolongs the life of the material and protects against yellowing and weakening of the guaranteed service life – 10-12 years. 2.

Monolithic polycarbonate. Monolithic polycarbonate is a solid polycarbonate sheets with thickness of 4, 5, 6 mm. With it you can solve almost any problem related to veneer or glazing of building and other facilities. Monolithic polycarbonate is rarely used in the horizontal overlap (very expensive to do so), but is an ideal material for the manufacture of elements of the curvilinear shape by hot forming. The method is based on the gradual increase of temperature in a special furnace with air circulation, where the polycarbonate sheets. Then Hot Sheet is transferred to the stamp. This technology provides a constant thickness of the resulting element curved shape. Such elements have extremely high impact strength. In the process of forming these elements become the ribs, making them suitable for self-supporting floors and removes the need to use the metal frame. This is a different dome with a round, square or rectangular base, Broaching unit skylights with unlimited length, and separate sections of huge domes, reaching 8 – 10 m in diameter, which are easily transported and assembled. Monolithic polycarbonate differs from cell increased resistance characteristics and durability. Several of applicability of solid polycarbonate comprises industrial applications in architecture, construction, transport and security. Dimensions solid polycarbonate sheet: thickness – from 2 to 12 mm, width – 2050 mm Length – 100 to 13000mm. Color solid polycarbonate sheets: Clear, Bronze, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White, Milk, Black Leaf monolithic (solid) Polycarbonate is the strongest of all transparent materials, existing in the world market, and manufactured on an industrial scale Actual life sheet is about 15 years, with the manufacturer a 10-year quality guarantee on the sheet, subject to the rules of operation. Weight of solid polycarbonate is much less than the weight of glass similar strength, and large sizes and the possibility of cold bending significantly broaden the scope, in comparison with ordinary glass – which determines the superiority of polycarbonate glazing over silica.

Amazing Glass Mosaic

Today, people want to create the most attractive and yet unique decor. Design capabilities are growing with each passing day, why are evaluated and all the new styles and themes, even created new materials for construction, as well as completes the range of conventional materials. And still a classic thing is always the most value and luxurious, classic has the right to call what has been tried and found that most people, worthy of the classic worthy of finishing material is inspiring glass mosaic. One among the oldest of finishing materials is the connection between thin fine arts and art of building and creation of interiors is a unique glass mosaic is. Is it not surprising that today there is a possibility, to make real art in your interior? Do not just decorate your home with paintings and decorative objects furnish it, but to go less beaten path, for example, decorating the floors, furniture and walls of the magnificent glass mosaic, as it was in ancient times in the richest and most luxurious villas and palaces.

Nowadays, a unique glass mosaic inspired by the designers to create various magnificent interiors, as ancient or classical themes, and new and not beaten. Significant design features associated with an inspiring glass mosaic has explained that the color palette of beautiful glass mosaic is very diverse, and its technical properties can not but rejoice. Practical inspiring glass mosaic completely whimsical, it is heat resistant, durable, shock-proof, and generally resistant to various negative factors, besides it magnificently beautiful. As a finishing material inspiring glass mosaic is now fashionable to decorate not only at home but would look great in pools and saunas. For example, from the pool today with a unique glass mosaics can be fashionable artwork, laying out the original beautiful patterns or a real drawing or painting, they will magically sparkle under the clear blue water. Beautiful shiny pieces of luxury glass mosaic themselves dressy, and spit out of them a pattern or design is very beautiful glitters in the sun, filling the interior of a magical warmth. In the residential area of the original glass mosaic can lay the floor and walls, or afford a bright accents some parts of the apartment, which is very popular today. More amazing glass mosaics decorate the house and furniture accessories, Dellano their luxurious and original, and sometimes lets look at the familiar old objects completely different eyes. Uniquely inspiring glass mosaic has absorbed the best old traditions, and now, inspired by modern technology and a wide range, so today, preference preference elegant glass mosaics can be sure that you have not lost and that your choice will turn on the ancient and modern chic unique and elite and bright.

Flat Floor Gives Beauty

Flat floor adds beauty to any room – this is the strength and you. To align the need to: 1. Leveling compound. 2. Ground. 3. Trowel.

Roller with a bucket and mixer (elektromeshalka). Technology of the work: be careful with the carrier surface to a patch filled with equalizer, not cracked. Next, begin to scrape away the plaster, and floors clean of excess cement. Dents in the floor more than 1 cm should be repaired and cleaned what floor (vacuum). For check the bearing surface on the porosity, it is necessary to pour water on the cleaned floor (third-quarter cup). If the water is completely absorbed in one minute, then it means you have to wake your coat about sex.

Apply primer recommend a paint roller (like paint), and then dry it. To prepare the mortar take a bucket of water (dilute solution in a bucket full of water). To obtain a homogeneous mass to the final Stir it with a stirrer (electromechanical). After the solution takes the form of a liquid and a homogeneous (without clots), it should be left in the bucket for a few minutes. After that, take a bucket and pour the solution on the far wall in room. The solution was diluted with a trowel. During the leveling trowel be careful on the surface there was no foreign particles, lumps, clots. The thickness of the first layer should be no more than 1cm. Then, in the same way impose a second layer, but only after the first was almost cured, but not quite dry. Again, start priming. Thick layer of leveling composition of the solution is not used often and is really only for very uneven floors. Plank floor leveling order to properly lay linoleum, you should remove all the irregularities inherent in the wooden floor. In this paper, we describe all the stages of this work. Tools and materials needed for of work. 1. Sheets of plywood (size and thickness of discretion). 2. Rolled insulation (mineral material). 3. Electric drill, screwdriver. 4. Fiberboard. Technology alignment plank floor: 1) When selecting plywood Refer the following rule: the bigger bumps on your floor, the thicker the material to be applied. 2) It is also recommended for additional insulation to lay roll insulation of mineral materials. 3) Adjust the plywood sheeting under the entire floor surface, and cut off the excess. 4) Assess the stability of plywood (walk through it), and if there are places where the plywood sags, then place them under pieces of fiberboard. It is recommended to mark problem areas in the event of their improvements. 5) The joints between the plywood laid to zapenit or zasilikonit. 6) Next, fasten the plywood to the floor, using a drill. Drive the screws we recommend a distance of 50-60cm. Tighten mounting to the end unnecessary! So tighten the screws to inherit the problem areas, it can bring to the subsidence of veneer sheets. 7) Before attaching the fixture, check again the strength of the floor and the joints of veneer sheets. 8) If everything smoothly and carefully, proceed to the final fixing screws.

White Label Glass

If in the pane and the truth would be a vacuum, the pressure would have pressed his glasses inside, and they would just burst. The space between the panes of insulating glass filled with argon or air dried and then create slight negative pressure to create a seal, but it's not a vacuum in the conventional sense. 7. Plastic windows is better to buy from those who offer a great discount. We do not recommend you to believe it.

Big discounts begin when each spring on the market of plastic windows appears a huge number of one-day firms. They appear in the sales season and late season fade. They have one goal – a short time to get maximum profit. To achieve the goal they begin to offer the consumer low prices, compared with the larger and reputable competitors, workers, moreover, in this area for years. Chasing a low price, you can forget about that, if sold cheap means to save something. And they save in the first place, the complete window. For example, the aluminum parts accessories can be replaced by a similar plastic.

Vintage glass or glass substitute for White Label. In addition, one-day often do not fulfill their warranty obligations, saving on salaries of additional staff. Using the services of these companies, you face buying low-quality products, as well as spend a lot of time, money and nerves to correct deficiencies. To avoid becoming a client of one-day just follow a healthy vigilance to large discounts. 8. Plastic windows are very expensive. At first glance this may seem true, but it costs a bit to think about. Remember how much you spend on seasonally painting wooden windows, as well as their insulation. Remember, what you come to the astronomical electricity bills, consumed by heaters and fireplaces in large quantities. In any case, the replacement of windows, the process is not very cheap. But you are going to put the same because the window is not for a couple of years, and therefore the money spent on plastic windows, pay off.

ThinPrint Is Pioneering New Print Technologies

NextGen V-layer offers high potential for savings and significantly greater flexibility, personal printing enables safe, code-protected printouts Berlin/Copenhagen, October 2010 – ThinPrint, leading provider of cloud printing solutions, whose basic technology is integrated into almost all VMware products, introduces two new printing technologies at VMworld in Copenhagen. Offering views of the next generation of V-layer technology with a bundle of innovations, the expert for virtual printing its new development presents personal printing. The next generation of V-layer developed by ThinPrint’s technology, which will be part of the next .print engine, coming with a whole bunch of innovations to optimize printing: the new SpeedCacheTM technology will further reduce the network load and again increase the printing speed. The new feature ThinShare lowers the cost of hardware and bandwidth, because it compresses print data a standard Windows printer sharing from the application to the Print server. Print-to-cloud makes the pressure connection to the cloud.

From any application may be printed in the cloud and retrieved the print job when you want with any devices, including Mac, PC, tablet or Smartphone, and printed on the paper as necessary. So, it is also possible to print via iPad or iPhone directly from the VDI environment. In addition the new .print version will enable also the sending of faxes with NextGen V-layer TM via the print dialog without having a separate fax server is operated. With virtual copy, documents in multiple copies in different places and in different qualities can be printed or generated on demand in digital form with the mouse. It also supports NextGen V-layer TM and hence the new .print engine advanced printing options such as punching and stapling. Second innovation in addition to NextGen V-layer TM is ThinPrints personal printing. The solution already available in its first version protects confidential information, since the expression always occurs when the user authenticates to the printer.

Ion Technology Iron

New equipment and the proper hair care save the hairstyle itself in frequent use worms Leiselheim, September 20, 2010 – wild curls, soft waves or silky smoothness: every woman of the nature on the jumps can help with hair dryer, curling iron and straightener. However, the use of flat irons, curling irons and hair dryer needs to be learned. Otherwise threaten blunt and dull hair. It is split, dry or in the worst case even abgerannte strands in purchase. The manufacturer of the equipment thus ion technology and special coatings that are designed to protect the hair.

Very quickly and gently drying the hair with the help of ion technology. The ions cause that the water molecules are less divided. The Barber of Jens Dagne, where often a celebrity says to himself, known far beyond the borders of his home city of worms has made good experiences with such blow. “Early 2005 the company has me Jaguar send an ion hairdryer to test.” I was excited about this revolution while blow-drying and then have the entire Salon converted. The ion hair dryers bring a super beautiful shine and much shorter drying times with it, because the cuticle is sealed faster. Basically it is advisable always to all Heissbehandlungen ‘ an appropriate pre-Shutz-product ‘ (E.g.

hot pressed spray from KMS California) to give in the hair. The same thing happens when using a straightening iron or the curling iron. “Always, if mechanically be styled hair for a long time should be on a suitable basic hair care ‘ be taken into account.” Before the first use of a straightening iron women should be advised by her hairdresser. “Especially for the sections on the back of the head, the danger is very great, that will burn the hair a beginner with the smoothing iron”, warns Jens Dagne. The hydrogen bonds of the molecules in the hair will be opened by the heat of iron and can be connected elsewhere again.


Nanohale AG and Rostechnologies sign Memorandum on the establishment of a joint venture Dortmund, October 25, 2010 – In the framework of international innovation cooperation the Nanohale AG and the Russian State holding Rostechnologies have signed a memorandum on future cooperation. The memorandum of understanding foresees the establishment of a joint venture, in which the Nanohale AG holds 50 percent of the shares. The joint venture establishment undertakes Rostechnologies, the realization of a total of five development projects with a $ 40 million to support initial funding. The memorandum was by the Board of Nanohale AG, Dr. med. Friedrich-Wilhelm Steinweg and Dr. Nicolas Combe, as well as Andrey A. Murdasov, representative of Mr Peter Kanigin, Deputy Managing Director of RT-Biotechprom AG, subsidiary of State holding Rostechnologiii, signed.

Other participants included that the initiators of the project Prof. Dr. Andrey V. Zverev, head of trade and economic offices of the Embassy Russian Federation and Ambassador of the Russian Federation Embassy in the Federal Republic of Germany, and Dr. Bertrand Malmendier, Berlin lawyer and Chairman of the Center for social conservative policy of the party United Russia in the EU, as well as representatives of the District of Arkhangelsk.

The joint venture should be established legally in November with the payment of a first instalment in the amount of $ 500,000. Within the cooperation, the Nanohale AG acts as expert. It aims to make marketable drugs active ingredient-Laden, biodegradable Nanocarriers and nano products effective nasal applicable and thus faster and more compatible with the company’s highly innovative, patent-protected technology. In the future is also tested, inhalational applications to market. We are pleased that we could agree a cooperation with Nanohale AG as an innovation leader in this area already in the early stages of the development of carrier system. Together, we will as soon as possible the marketing authorisation advance”, as Andrey Murdasov of RT-Biotechprom AG.

Mobile User Interface

The mobile voice Conference shows trends and innovations in San Jose. Language technology, especially speech recognition, has become one of the distinguishing characteristics in the area of mobile telephony and markets connected to and services. This development goes so far that language has now become a key element of mobile operating systems, services and also marketing campaigns. A look at the previous development shows that innovations in these fields have great economic potential. The second mobile voice conference, from 24-26 January, 2011 in San Jose, California focuses on exactly these developments and their impact on businesses. Positively affected by this trend are above all the contact center, whose dynamics through the opportunities in services, marketing / advertising, the provision was fundamentally influenced by tools and technologies.

But other areas can benefit from the innovative applications of speech technology. What is feasible, for example, in the entertainment market and advertising here, shows also Detlev Artelt, Managing Director of the Aachen-based consulting firm aixvox at the Conference. Together with the renowned agency Jung von Matt and other partners, they realised last call”the first interactive horror film with voice control. But also in other areas of language finds its way. In a business environment are in particular unified communications solutions on the rise. In his speech the role of speech in unified communication solutions”explained Detlev Artelt on the 25.1.2011 we will affect the language technology communication in companies in the future. The Conference, organized by the applied voice input/output society (AVIOS) and TMA Associates, shows also practical applications with speech recognition, text to speech, speaker authentication and more mobile solutions and applications.

The aixvox GmbH in Aachen for more information about the program and the presentations at about the aixvox GmbH is an internationally active consulting and service company. Our focus is optimizing Customer communication in the areas of unified communications, speech applications, marketing, Public Relations and training. We rebuild telecommunications infrastructures, expanding existing systems, establish marketing strategies, perform image promotional press work and train your staff in the communication with your customers. Furthermore we publish numerous articles and market studies in the field of language automation and the voice compass, the textbook series for modern communication. About the mobile voice search Conference that mobile voice conference is a not-for profit organized by the applied voice input-output society (AVIOS), Organization for industry and business, and Bill Meisel, President of TMA Associates, a business and management consulting and author of speech strategy news. The mobile voice Conference shows the practical, economic and technical impacts of the Pradigmenwechsels by the rising number and further development was triggered by mobile devices. Amazing quiet revolution progressed, the voice automation in many various services and divisions, also transported. The benefits of speech-to-text and text-to-speech voice is made equal the text. These trends the mobile voice conference picks up and gives them a voice. The Conference is a small event with limited number of visitors, without exhibition space.