Region Rejection

Despite rain that broke about Coyhaique on the morning of Saturday, more than 500 people and fifty vehicles toured passes the 3 in the afternoon the streets of the capital of the Region of Aysen, with a single detention: the offices of HidroAysen. The idea was to join the demonstrations and cultural activities which were held in Copiapo, Valparaiso, Santiago, Concepcion, Temuco, Valdivia, Panguipulli, Puerto Montt and Puerto Aysen in rejection to hydroelectric projects in the Region of Aysen and the associated high voltage line from Friday and through Saturday. Adding, hundreds were Chileans who took to the streets to have their say. Under police escort, and after two and a half hours of mobilization, Coyhaique demonstrators converged in the gymnasium of the Lycee Juan Pablo II, where they performed regional artists that adhere to such fights socio-environmental, and carried out activities for children such as pintacaritas and other games. The March, which had the motto now + that never Patagonia defend it all contemplated the participation of Coyhaique people but also of localities such as Puerto Aysen, Cochrane and Villa O’Higgins, among other towns, who reaffirmed their commitment to avoid Rivers Baker, Easter and Raven, as the former, are repressive and the territory crossed by thousands of high tension towers. The activity was organized by the movement citizen Patagonia without dams that integrates more than one dozen regional organizations that are opposed to these projects, a few days getting to know the latest Ipsos survey that recorded that September this year the rejection to hydroelectric projects in Chile reached a 57.8%, its historical level higher. Even, a survey of the Andres Bello University and the view, released this Monday, confirms 79% of rejection to hydroelectric projects in Aysen among 800 respondents, as appropriated the national press.

Nuclear Energy In Fisso

Nuclear energy in fisso In its cycle of life, the nuclear energy still is expensive, not comprovadamente insurance and not necessarily clean. Jose Goldemberg the nuclear energy is only the half one to surpass the catastrophe of the global heating and to create a life way that preserves Gaia. James Lovelock the return of the debate around the safe from use nuclear energy after unchained the accident in the Japanese plant of Fukushima in 11 of March of 2011, goes to change the form of the world to face this type of energy. He makes 25 years that the last great accident occurred? in Chernobyl, the Ukraine (the former-Ussr). As since then it did not have no serious nuclear accident, it seems that the fear passed and would have the new outbreak of this industry, estagnada since the decade of 1980.

The International Agency of Energy? AIE had a projection that 360 the nuclear plants would add gigawatts to the capacity of global energy generation until the year of 2035, but after Fukushima this value suffered one cut from 50%. It has currently for return of 450 nuclear reactors spread by the planet, with useful life measured of operation of 25 years, and 34 countries constructing new plants, between which Brazil. They produce about 15% of the total of world-wide electric energy and are concentrated in U.S.A., France, Japan and countries of the former Soviet Union. It had stagnation and until decrescimento in the Ocidente, but in Asia and Europe East the atomic expansion continues. The necessities of bigger security had excessively increased the costs of construction of plants, that had passed of U$ 400 million in the decade of 1970 for U$ 4 billion in the decade of 1990. To use the fisso or the controlled nuclear rupture as source of heat to turn electric turbines after caused enormous euphoria World War II, with the construction of hundreds of plant until occurring the accident of Three Mile Island, in 1979 in U.S.A.


Any activity by simple as it may seem, you’ll need enough energy to start, make and complete the task that you’ve proposed. Imagine that your energy is produced and deposited in a large container which you are extracting every time that you need it and also need to maintain a minimum level to continue functioning properly. Some activities, situations and people linked to your life will consume some of your energy, unless it is transformed into something productive, is as if that container began to leak, which will force you to make one greater effort to replenish it. Surely at this point you’ll be remembering the times that you’ve surprised thinking something like that person I exhausted or this has me exhausted this work overwhelms me etc, and is not about the amount of work or activity, but the additional energy that you need to force you to accept things that are not to your liking, while other times dedicaras hours and hours of work to a very pleasant activitythat despite the time you will not feel exhausted. What tolerate must learn to identify these activities, situations and people that steal your energy and perform actions that allow to avoid its influence. Some things that you probably tolerate and leave for some time: Uncomfortable calls that you do but you leave for later. Necessary conversations with people who cause you fear, which you avoid while you’re waiting some miracle to solve the problem without having to talk to them.

Fix something that doesn’t work in your House, like a light bulb, a dispenser of SOAP or rope to hang a picture. Filing or processing any document, obtain a peace and except, a certificate, or replace a lost document. Any bank transaction, pay the receipt of services, claiming a checkbook, deliver a letter informing change of address or updating your data.


The presentation layer: One of the aspects of the site to be be taken to consider a promotion strategy is the presentation layer. The presentation layer developed in the wrong way you can tear the Web site. Navigation should be simple, clearly labeled buttons and links, the user should always be able to return to the home from all pages, a site map can be useful for visitors and robots. The presentation will also be part of your strategy, but remember you always depending on the balance between what your visitors are and what you need to be indexed in search engines. Promotion and Optimization: Once your site is already published only just starting if you do not promote in search engines and potential customers your chances of success are slim. Today, success depends directly on the promotion, some ideas are: to google adword campaigns, banner, direct mail advertising, links, etc. and of course always have the possibility of hiring professionals to do all the work for you. The same happens with the process optimization, Web sites as I have said above should always be prepared for search engines as these are going to be an endless supply of visits which can be converted to buyers within the optimization, we find two cases where we believe the site from the beginning where we can manipulate the content and guide you to the search we need and if the site already created in this case is known as conversion optimization we seek to analyze the site based on what already have and make the necessary changes so that these visitors are turning into potential buyers, remember that you only have six seconds to convince your visitors that traverse the site..

The Reinforcement

– Will be developed mainly during the initial phase of learning. BASIC GUIDELINES – The guide walked soberly approaches without any extra movements or verbal pronunciation in the direction of point location (where the dog is usually found), must stop where it considers that the dog has passed the minimum support enough. – No technique is applied if any demand for support after the dog or return the same to the guide, in order to avoid possible harmful conditions. SIZING TECHNIQUE FOR STRENGTHENING CONTROL TRIPLE OBJECTIVE – To increase the positive effect of reinforcement – Encourage the signaling pattern whenever needed – Check the positive achievement of success by the dog in the work of searching, preserving and promoting their motivational level against this activity. CIRCUMSTANCES OF IMPLEMENTATION During the initial education and training, especially during the development of search chains. BASIC GUIDELINES The instructor stands at a strategic point for observing it with minimal interruption, the dog's behavior to develop the search and act accordingly.

Monitor transceiver by three key variables: – helper has to reinforce concrete. – Time to start the reinforcement. – How to make the reinforcement (intensity, duration …) shall first be assessed a whole range of key factors: – intended learning goals with the development of exercise. – Signs carried by the dog (fluency, perseverance, receiver …) – State or motivational energy observed in the specimen. – Possible states of confusion or inhibition in the dog. Indeed, the instructor should capture and analyze on the fly those reflected by the significant nuances copy during the act of searching or signaling, in order to control a real effectiveness the three variables mentioned above.